Hot-dip Galvanized of Battery Chicken Cages For Sale

Three or four levels of battery chicken cages for sale with the advanced metal process technology of hot-dip galvanized plating process. Adopted by Q235 internatioal standard steel cage, white PVC trough, ball valve automatic drinking water equipment, white PVC water pipes, 3MMu galvanized steel shelf, closed-loop regulator.
Advantage of chicken cage mesh: Q235 internatioal standard steel cage is good elasticity, no distortion, life does not sag. Coupled with the perfect double-layer galvanized, so that the cage is not raw embroidered within a few years, the service life of up to 12 years. Scientific cage design, effectively reduce the chicken in the cage of the degree of fatigue and improve egg production. Reasonable spatial layout, so that chicken in the cage accidental fatality has the rate of 0 percent, the egg damage rate can decrease by 0 percent. High quality cages divided into three-tier and four-level chicken cage for sale.

4-tier chicken cage for sale

 Battery Chicken Cage for Sale Specifications:
Three-level chicken cage: 195 * 230 * 156cm
Four-level chicken cage: 195 * 265 * 170cm

Accessories of Poultry Farming quipment Supplies:

1. White PVC trough new PVC material, compression, heat, no distortion, not broken. Life of 15 years. Withstands pressure resistance: Adults can walk freely above them.
2.3MM U-beam Galvanized Shelf: GB 3MM thick steel plate, U shape design. Can withstand 350 kilograms of pressure. With double galvanized, the service life of 15 years.
3. Ball valve automatic drinking water equipment: 360-degree rotation design, flow, water enough. Not leaks. It is easy to meet the chicken’s drinking water needs. Imported stainless steel ball. The useful life of 14 years. 3 years of damage or leakage, free replacement. (Except for man-made damage)
4. White PVC pipe new PVC material, no deformation, high temperature, not easily damaged. Not with the water
Impurities produce chemical reactions, thus ensuring that chickens can drink clean, healthy water. The useful life of 15 years.
5. Enclosed regulator: fully enclosed design, pressure regulator and filter combination, you can adjust any length of the shed pressure.

Advantages of Battery Chicken Cages for sale :

1. Cages can be used for about 15 years
2. Chicken in the growth process without mortality
3. Eggs will not be damaged or fall out of the cage with the application of egg collection system.
4. It can increase the egg production rate.

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