How to Ensure Good Ventilation in Poultry Farm House?

The job of ventilation is very important in each poultry farm coop, reasonable and effective ventilation can discharge the harmful gas inside the house, so that fresh air enters the chicken coop, which can effectively reduce the disease of your flocks.

The poultry farm equipment of poultry ventilation fan is a vital important machine for poultry farmers. Farmers need to pay attention to the following points in order to ensure the poultry climate control system can be effectively ventilated.

The ventilation fans in poultry climate control system are very vital link to provide suitable environment for your flocks.

  • Ensuring the tightness of the chicken house. If you want to use the fan equipment to achieve the perfect effect, poultry farmers must ensure the tightness of chicken house. Therefore, the farmers should check whether the tightness of the house is reasonable before sealing the fan. In poor hen houses, farmers need to work in closed areas where they are looking for air leaks, especially in front and back doors of chicken houses, dung boards and water curtains.
  • Use the air inlet and curtain to match the ventilation fan well. In order to get the good and even ventilation of poultry farming house, the farmers must ensure that the air inlet of the house and the use of the water curtain are matched with the fan. The air inlet must be opened symmetrically, and the deflector must be installed at the same time, and be careful that the angle of the deflector is parallel to the roof. This is done to allow the fresh air entering the house to reach the middle of the roof of the house, and is fully mixed and evenly distributed. Blow to the flock and avoid direct blows to the flock and affect the health of the flock.

The air deflector can adjust the air speed and air direction, yhus the cold air won't reach the chicken directly.

Finally, farmers should also be aware that the set ventilation environment can create suitable temperature for the flock. When ventilating, farmers need to consider comprehensively according to their age, sex, and environmental conditions. The higher the wind speed of the house, the lower the temperature of the body temperature of the chickens and the greater the gap between the recorded values of the thermometers. Therefore, the farmer cannot judge whether the ventilation of the house is suitable according to the thermometer; if the age of the flock is younger The wind-cooling effect caused by wind speed will be more obvious.