Poultry farming equipment manufacturers tell you how to reduce harmful gases in chicken cages

The use of chicken cages to raise chickens is becoming more and more widespread. The poultry farming equipment manufacturers  tells you how to reduce the harmful gas in the chicken cages? Many farmers will choose a closed chicken house when constructing chicken farms and chicken coops. It is important to know that this type of chicken house is prone to produce harmful gases because of the closed environment.

When purchasing chicken cage plant equipment. Choose a fan for reasonable ventilation, after all, the closed chicken house windows are very small. Therefore, farmers need to purchase mechanized equipment for ventilation. Reasonable ventilation can remove harmful gases from the chicken house, let fresh air enter the chicken house, and give the chicken a good growth and production environment.




There is also daily environmental sanitation: chickens produce a lot of manure and residual feed, dust and other garbage every day. Farmers need to clean up in time, do not clean up after a lot of accumulation, especially in summer, high temperature and humidity are easy The garbage is spoiled and harmful gas is produced, which will affect the health of chickens.

Controlling the breeding density: the use of chicken cages to raise the chickens itself has a high breeding density, and farmers cannot increase the number of chickens at will. If the breeding density in the chicken house is too high, it will affect the activities of the chickens, heat dissipation, eating and drinking, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow the density required by breeding management, otherwise it will bring many diseases caused by excessive density, and will also lead to poor air quality in the chicken house.


Chicken birds equipment with about 15,000 birds


Farmers can add enzyme preparations to the feed of the chickens when feeding, which can improve protein utilization, reduce the conversion of protein to nitrogen and amines, reduce the nitrogen content in manure, improve the air in the chicken house, and save cost.


The above is the introduction to farmers in the process of raising chickens in chicken cages, and some technical points to reduce harmful gases in the chicken house. I hope that the above description can bring advantages to farmers and create a healthy and comfortable growth and production for the chickens. The environment makes it play a better growth and production performance.