3 successful 45000 birds poultry farming projects in Ghana

Ghana, this West African country, is full of life and opportunities, especially in the field of poultry farming. As the population grows and the demand for high quality poultry products continues to increase. The poultry farming industry has ushered in a golden era in Ghana. However, the industry also faces a series of challenges, such as cost management, breeding efficiency and market competition.

In this context of coexisting challenges and opportunities, automated poultry farming systems have emerged, bringing new vitality to Ghana’s poultry agriculture. Automation not only improves breeding efficiency, but also reduces the burden on farmers. It also helps ensure poultry health and food safety.

Today LIVI poultry equipment manufacturer will take you into the world of automatic poultry farming projects in Ghana. Give you an in-depth look at three of our successful project cases in Ghana. A total of 45,000 poultry are raised in these projects. These cases are not only remarkable but also provide valuable lessons for other farmers. Automated poultry cage systems have huge potential to increase farming efficiency, reduce costs, increase production and improve farm sustainability.

Ghana Tamale 15000 PCS laying hen cage project

LIVI poultry equipment manufacturer introduces the case of chicken farmers from Tamale, Ghana. In 2020, the customer purchased 15,000 pcs laying hen cage project from LIVI poultry equipment manufacturer. In June this year, our company’s professionals went to this farm for a return visit. We have heard so many compliments from our customers.

There are a total of 123 sets laying hen cage systems in Ghana on farms that breed 15,000 birds. We recommended to our customers the use of high-quality four-layer A-type battery chicken cages. The customer built a chicken house of 86*12*3.5m. It can accommodate 123 sets of chicken cages, with a total capacity of 14,760 chickens.

Our 4-tier A-type battery cage is made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized material, which is strong and durable. First of all, the capacity of each chicken cage can reach 120 chickens, which greatly increases the breeding density of the chicken farm. Secondly, the size design of the chicken cage is also very scientific. At the same time, we also pay great attention to giving the chickens enough space to move and reduce the pressure on the chickens as much as possible. The bottom of our laying hen cages is also scientifically designed. The bottom of the chicken cage is tilted at 7 degrees. This design can help the collection of eggs while avoiding contamination and damage to the eggs.

Baby chick farming house for 10000 chickens

Location: The baby chick farming is located in Accra, Ghana.
Scale: The baby chick farming project covers an area of 1,275 square meters.
We employ state-of-the-art automation technology to increase farm efficiency and productivity. These technologies include primarily automatic baby chick cages and automated feeding systems to ensure optimal nutrition for the chicks. Environmental monitoring systems maintain ideal conditions for poultry growth. Automatic manure cleaning equipment to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

Name of building: The baby chick farming consists of one story chicken house.
House Dimensions: The house dimensions are 78* 12 * 3 m.
Roof material: The roof is made of sandwich panels with a thickness of 50mm.
Wall Materials: Walls are covered with curtains to control the climate.
Water tower: A 6-meter-high water tower has been installed to ensure stable water supply to the chickens. It is equipped with four barrels, each with a capacity of 10 cubic meters.
Walkways: There are wooden walkways between automatic baby chick cages for easy access.
Additional poultry equipment: The baby chick farm is equipped with an automatic feeding system to ensure timely and accurate feeding of chicks.
I understand the importance of my role in overseeing the completion of this project and I am committed to ensuring its success. I have arranged for a qualified team to manage the project during my absence and I will be available to deal with any emergencies that may arise while I am away.

20,000 laying hens poultry farming project in Ghana

The 20,000 birds poultry farming project is located in Ghana. Ghana is a West African country with rich agricultural resources and suitable climatic conditions, so the poultry farming industry has good development prospects.

Deployment of automated systems. In order to improve production efficiency and management level, the farm uses advanced automation systems. The automated system covers many aspects, including feeding, waste disposal, temperature control and data monitoring. By using automation technology, manual operations can be reduced and more precise management and monitoring can be provided.

Chicken house deployment for a 20,000 birds poultry farming project in Ghana. During the communication with our professionals, we learned that the customer did not build a chicken coop. So our professional team helped the customer provide a free chicken coop design plan, which was recognized by the customer. The size of the chicken house required for the Nongca Cinderella that can accommodate 20,000 laying hens is 92*15*3.5m. It is recommended to use a high-quality 4-layer stacked chicken cage. One group can breed 120 birds, and a total of 168 sets of laying hen cages are needed

The key to the success of Ghana’s 20,000 birdspoultry farming project lies in the following two points. first. The farm has received professional technical support and guidance from LIVI poultry equipment manufacturer. LIVI poultry equipment manufacturer provided knowledge on breeding technology, installation and maintenance of automation systems for this project.

In addition, Ghana’s poultry farming project of 20,000 laying hens has received sufficient financial support. This is because the poultry farmer is a hard-working and capable person. He has enough funds to purchase poultry cages and construction sites for 20,000 chickens. This provides the necessary guarantee for the smooth development of the farm.

In conclusion

The above is the sharing of successful projects in Ghana by our LIVI poultry equipment manufacturer. We have more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of poultry cage systems. High-quality poultry and layer cage equipment has been successfully used in more than 3,000 farms. If you are interested in poultry farming, please leave a message to contact us and I will contact you within 24 hours.