Automatic Egg Collection System Introduction in Poultry Farming Enterprise

Automatic Egg Collection System Introduction

The egg collector is a poultry equipment that can quickly and easily collect eggs from caged layer hens. It is wise to use egg collectors on medium to large poultry farms. The machine has a high degree of automation, which greatly saves labor and time, and reduces the return cost of farmers. Simple operation and gentle egg handling can reduce the egg breakage rate. What’s more, the spread of bacteria is avoided. All these factors lead to satisfactory results for chicken farmers.

LIVI automatic egg collector introduces advanced European technology. Suitable for A-type chicken layer cages and H-type chicken cages. Both portrait and landscape types are available.

A-type chicken layer cages
H type chicken layer cages

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Composition of automatic egg collection system

The basic components of automatic egg collection system are base, the egg upload system, soft and broken egg filtration system, egg collection conveyor belt and driving system, the front end collection system, and power distribution system.

Each of component plays vital importance of the whole automatic egg collection system, for instance, base is the chassis of the entire machine, with high quality material, reasonable settings, and great carrying capacity.

The main purpose of the egg upload system is to upload eggs to the front end collection system.

The main function of the soft and broken egg filtration system is to leak the soft egg into the soft egg tray below, it will prevent broken and dirty eggs from contaminating other finished eggs.

automated poultry egg collection system

The egg collecting conveyor belt is the necessary equipment for driving the whole machine to work.

The driving roller is made of rubber material to increase the friction force to prevent the belt from slipping or deviation.

The surface of the conveyor belt should be patterned to prevent the stagnation phenomenon in the egg transportation project.

The main purpose of the front end egg collection system is to collect the eggs from the upload system, to ensure that the eggs roll properly and do not allow egg retention phenomenon, and power distribution system is the starting point of the entire machine.

automatic egg collection system in laying hen farms

Automated poultry egg collection systems play an important role in large-scale layer farms. The automatic egg collection system produced by poultry equipment manufacturers has a low egg breaking rate in the farm. Due to the non-slip design, the eggs can fall smoothly, and the egg breaking rate can be reduced to 0.3%.

The collected eggs fall on the egg belt and are conveyed to the head of the house or directly to the egg room through the central collection system. And our system is durable and stable. All materials are high quality and durable.

In addition, the equipment can help poultry farmers save costs. Reduce labor intensity and reduce labor costs. Greatly improve the efficiency of poultry farming.

automatic poultry egg collection system in layer chicken farm
automatic poultry egg collection system in layer chicken farm

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Features of Automatic Egg Collection System Components

  • The base rack is made of high quality welded steel of  C-shaped framework, which was designed by engineers with years of structural design experience, with the features of a large carrying capacity, reasonable structure, and the structure can not be deformed easily.
  • Egg uploading system is driven by hollow worm gear reducer with high transmission efficiency to reach the ideal process of low loss rate, long service life, stable running, low noise effect on chickens, and increasing egg production rate.
  • Transmission system of soft and broken egg filtration system adopts chain, sprocket wheel to drive smoothly. This system is mainly based on customers requirements to install and make the soft egg leak to the following soft egg tray.
  • Driving roller is made of high quality rubber, which increases the friction with the conveyor belt to prevent the eggs from slipping and deviation.
  • Conveyor belt is made of high quality materials, with good wear resistance, long service life, the surface of the pattern effectively prevent the phenomenon of egg retention in the process of  transmission.
automatic egg collection system in chicken farming
automatic chicken farming project in Ghana with egg collection system

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What kinds of poultry farm need Automatic egg collection system ?

Type 1. Chicken capacity plan up to 20,000 or beyond it year by year.
Type 2. Government project or state project, very modernize, large-scale or mechanized poultry farm.

Note: if your personal farm is beyond 20,000 birds in two years development, or the land is not very big and standard, you should have a good consideration, it is uneconomical and high investment relatively, meaning average cost of one chicken increasing.

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