Ideal and Advanced Chicken Poultry Farming Cages Imported From China into World

Advanced and ideal Layer cages, broiler cages, poultry cage system, and poultry equipment supply are the products provided by Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, which was located in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province. It is the largest manufacturer of automated poultry farm equipment in China, with the world-class technology and production processing equipment and our business philosophy is honesty and trustworthiness, mutual benefit and win-win situation.

Ideal and World-Class Process

Livi can provide you with poultry chicken cages equipment with characteristics of exquisite processing steps of degreasing, rust prevention, phosphating and passivation. The workpiece after processing not only surface without oil, rust, dust, and the original silver white luster on the surface to form a layer of uniform and rough gray phosphating film is not easy ti rust, and rust can also increase the adhesion coating.

By using an electrostatic powder spraying equipment(electrostatic spraying machine) to powder coating spray to the workpiece surface, the electrostatic effect, the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece, the formation of powder coating; powder coating after high temperature baking flow on curing, into effect ( different effect of different kinds of powder coatings) the final coating spraying effect; in the mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, aging resistance etc is better than that of zinc plating process.

Electrostatic spraying process is a kind of kind of environmental protection epoxy resin powder which has been developed rapidly in recent  decades. As early as 40s, some countries began to study experiments, but the process was slow. 1954 German James will ues polyethylene coated fluidized bed method successfully, in 1962 the Franch company invented Semmes powder electrostatic spraying, powder coating is officially used in production. In recent years due to the importance of environmental protection, the powder coating has no pollution to water and atmosphere has been rapid development.

“Livi brand, customer satisfaction” as our eternal code of conduct, technology, customer service, innovation, and constantly aspiration for ideal and advanced chicken poultry farming cages.




Egg Grading Machine and Egg Washing Machine in Poultry Farming Egg Processing Equipment Manufacture

In poultry farming equipment industry, egg processing equipment manufactures come out one after another. What most widely utilized are egg breaking machine, egg grading machine and egg washing machine. And Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd has an excellent set of egg collection system for domestic and abroad farmers. By virtue of features of egg grading machine and egg washing machine, poultry farming industry has developed into a thriving and rapid enterprise.

Our business about poultry farming equipment spread all over the world, has been exported to more than 30 countries such as Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Europe and Central Asia. We promise that we may not the most proficient about all kinds of egg processing machine but the most perfect for our products. Let’s look at the following two machines in detail, and if you are interested in egg grading machine and egg washing machine, please welcome to  inquiry us immediately.

 Egg Grading Machine for Sale in Poultry Farming

Egg Grading machine is used to classify eggs into different grade according to weight. They mainly comprises  eggs conveying belts, eggs groove, eggs grader and filtrating floor. This eggs sorting machine is appropriate for many kinds of eggs like hen eggs,  goose eggs, duck eggs, or any other eggs. We provide you egg grading machine that very fit for egg processing factory, poultry eggs farming market or egg producing company. We have different models with distinct containment and materials, which can satisfy different requirement of you.

 Egg Grading Machine for Sale in Poultry Farming

Features of automatic egg grading machine

  1. Consistent parts, no difference, good interchangeability.
  2. Knife conveyor, lever weighing principle, accurate weighing, easy adjustment.
  3. Eccentric sprocket and compensating sprocket drive structure to improve efficiency.
  4. The cam gear structure and chain drive are adopted to make the egg weighing orderly and not damaged.
  5. Self-rolling rubber wheels, automatically adjust the arrangement of eggs.

This egg grader machine for sale can automatically distribute eggs to different collection baskets according to their weight. The operation of this egg grader machine is very simple, after the operator (1-2 people) puts the eggs on the conveyor line. The egg separator is reliable in performance and easy to operate. Eggs are not easily broken during grading.

Egg Washing Machine for Sale in Poultry Farming

Commercial egg washing machines are mainly used in baking factories, poultry farms, agricultural product processing plants and other places. When the poultry eggs come out, there are dirty things such as chicken manure. These substances may contain contaminants that are harmful to humans. Therefore, poultry eggs need to be washed, sterilized, dried and packaged before being distributed to the market. The surface of the washed egg is hygienic, clean and has a long shelf life. This greatly improves the quality and safety of fresh eggs.

Provided by Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, chicken egg washing machine for sale can be fully automatic cleaning with features of fast, clean, convenient, accurate, and electronic quality grading. Egg washing machine can arrange translucent test egg and spray  detergent  and warm water automatically. There are hot air drying system, microcomputer automatic monitoring capabilities to facilitate the modernization of enterprise management. It is necessary for clean egg processing enterprises, food processing enterprises and hatching industry to own this automated high-intensity models. We believe you will be gratified to see every clean eggs in your sight and this will indicate a good future for your poultry farming enterprise.

In addition, we can also customize machines according to customer needs. The whole cleaning process adopts intelligent egg delivery to ensure the stability and safety of the eggs.

Egg Washing Machine for Sale

Features of automatic chicken egg washing machine

  1. Use stainless steel wire and nylon brush to wash eggs at the same time, which has a good egg washing effect.
  2. Good structural performance, no clogging or breaking of eggs.
  3. The structure is simple, the operation is convenient, and only one person can complete the egg washing work.
  4. It is easy to operate and can be applied to various levels of egg processing industry.

The rollers that transport the eggs are made of soft material that will not damage the eggs. The cleaning brush adopts highly wear-resistant and elastic curved steel wire. The brush can effectively and strongly remove the stains on the surface of the eggshell. Non-destructive testing is an essential part of egg processing. Egg light inspection adopts professional LED cold light source, which can detect cracked, yellowed and deformed eggs.

We offer different kinds of egg processing machines with factory prices. In addition, our poultry battery cage system is loved and praised by poultry farmers in more than 80 countries. We not only use high-quality Q235 international steel wire rods to allow you to have sturdy and durable poultry farming equipment, but also allow you to get excellent pre-sales and after-sales services.

Poultry Farming Equipment Supplies for Sale in Chicken Farming Equipment Manufacturers

Based on the principle of mutual benefit, credit management policy , Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd adhere to the philosophy of  people centered, quality first and has got a good reputation for selling poultry equipment cages and poultry equipment supplies among chicken farming equipment manufactures. And farmers need to know when you start to build a chicken industry, what you will prepare not only good quality poultry cages but also the importance of better poultry supplise, which consisting of automatic chicken feeder pan used by broiler pullet, automatic drip cup nipple drinker with the color of light yellow and orange used by pullet chicks and ground breeding broilers.

Next, Livi will provide the details of direction of  automatic chicken feeder pan for use and general instruction for most poultry farmers, if you follow the instructions Livi believes that your poultry farming and earnings from chicken industry would witness a high efficiency. First of all, poultry drinking system and poultry feeding system are vital section and you should be familiar with the constructional detail. There are 14 branches of grilles and six kinds of gears for shifting the amount of feed in your convenient. Each of chicken feeder pan can breed fourty-fifty chickens and about 150 kilos in weight. It’s made of PE material. The edge of the feeder pan is tilted to the center of it, thus avoid the waste caused by the feed spilling. Bottom suspension type can be disassembled and flushed easily. The installation mode of the automatic chicken feeder pan on the material tube is divided into two kinds: fixed type and swing type according to the requirement.

poultry equipment supplies
poultry equipment supplies

As we all know, Chicken Farming Equipment Manufacturers are the best choice for you to buy a large number of poultry farming equipment supplies in a largr scale chicken rearing. Once you decide to plan it , you may think very carefully of farming equipment supplies about what kinds and what size of feeder pan you need it for your chicken. I know that’s not enough for the content of it, if you are more interested in poultry farming equipment supplies of Livi machinery products, please pay close attention to our past posts and also our poultry farming cages.

Poultry Farming about Chicken Drinking Water Equipment System

The Formation of Chicken Drinking Water System

In the whole process of layer, broiler and pullet raising system, besides the necessary diverse kinds of poultry cage system, poultry farmers need to know the importance of poultry drinking system. Because the amount of water is about more  three times than the amount of feed, and the higher the temperature, the more amount of water. Therefore, it is  important to provide adequate and hygienic water supply for chickens. Livi machinery has a famous and reputable poultry farming drinking system.We supply the chicken drinking water system consisting of automatic chicken  drinking system depressure tank, automatic pipe fastener  ball valve nipple drinker, nipple drinker hanging cup,  automatic water feeding line pressure regulator and a filling device.

Make Sure the Normal of Chicken Nipple Drinking System

The standard and high level of nipple drinking system can effectively seal losely the water source, so that it doesn’t be contaminated by the outside environment and ensure the water keeping clean. Because the water can not sprinkle and the hen house is not damp, thus resulting in the quality of bedding material. At the same time,  the internal environment is completely improved and  saving a lot of manpower.

To ensure that the system is functioning normally, enterpreneurs must control the pressure and effluent of the water pipe accurately. Chickens  shuold be guaranteed that both the sufficient amount of water and the water can’t be sprinkled and dripped according to the situation of actual drinking water. Secondly, adjust the water pipe height in time according to the chicken’s age and environment. At the beginning of 2 days, the height of the nipple should be the same as the eyes’ height of the chicken, while the height of the nipple should be risen on the 3rd day, which can make sure that the chicken can drinkl water at an angle of 45°. Increase the angle of  drinking nipple from the 4th day, and adjust the  height of drinking nipple increasely until chicks can drink warter normally.

poultry drinking equipment
poultry drinking equipment

Poultry Farming Equipment for Baby Chicks Raising System in Poultry Manufactures

With the price of eggs and chicken to rise quickly to a very high level , maybe it is time for prepare your own poultry farming equipment and enjoying your own profit from raising chicken business. By conforming to these basic and necessary tips, you will not only enjoy the products offered by your chickens, but also you will enjoy the rich experience of raising chicks-to-hens. The most vital thing is to be prepared and ready to rear your pullet carefully, for the more you put your effort to the chicks raising system, the more you can farm your layers and broilers better. When you start your poultry farming business, ZhengZhou Livi Machinery Company propose that the following introduction and suggests about chicks raising system may help you a lot.

Baby Chick Cage System

The first important thing is that purchase automatic and effective operation baby chick cage system, the perfect cage will provide chicks a warm house where they live from birth to sold in the market. We can provide you the proper and multiple-choice cages consisting of A-Frame type and H-Frame type cages.

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All the cages have special design, equiping with dung board: there are dung boards under each floor of cages to avoid dung leak, Suitable for different days old chicken to drink: automatic drinking system like hanging cups and water pipe lifting system, both of which can meet the chicken’s drinking needs in different growth phases, and plastic bottom net: it’s laid flat on the bottom chicken cage mesh to avoid baby chick drop down in the first ten days.

They also have the following advantages, automatic feeding improves labor productivity, special and flexible design for cage side, beneficial design for baby chick healthy growth,  rational structure to decrease the dosage for chicken, improving the survival rate of chicken because of the rational cage,large breeding and better economic benefit, good daylight and ventilation, free chicken house design and technology support.

Layer baby chick cages

Layer baby chick cages are used for layer hens aged 1 to 12 weeks. Chickens are grown when they are 12 to 16 weeks old. Farmers transfer chickens to layer cages. When chickens are around 18-20 weeks old, they start laying eggs. Chick cages allow you to centrally manage and care for chicks while providing a hygienic housing environment.

automatic drinking system for poultry

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Poultry farmers should know that chicks from 1 day to 2 weeks old require a comfortable standing position. In the early stage, plastic nets are placed on the nets at the bottom of the cage, which are softer and more flexible, and greatly improve the survival rate. The plastic nets will be removed after 2 weeks. Make sure that the bottom cage can better serve the growth of laying hens. As the chicks get taller, the drinking tubes and nipple drinkers rise, making only two adjustments throughout the rearing process.

Broiler baby chick cages

Broiler baby chick cages are also popular in poultry farms. It is specially designed to give broilers better access to water and food. Broiler brooder cages are space-saving and easy to manage. Can fully consider the living habits of chicks.

Chicks live in brooding cages, which is more conducive to poultry farmers to observe the growth of poultry, and is also convenient for grouping and selection. More importantly, the trough is equipped with a regulating plate, which can meet the feed intake of chicks at different growth stages. There are adequate feeding and drinking places and the chicks are in good uniformity and health. The pressure regulator can adjust the water pressure to a certain amount, so that the water supply of each nipple drinker can be evenly distributed to ensure sufficient drinking water for chicks.

chick brooder cage

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Advantages of using baby chick cages in poultry farms

  1. Brooding chicken cages are generally composed of cage frames, cage nets, troughs, water tanks, and manure cleaning belts, which can take better care of poultry and reduce disease transmission.
  2. Baby chick cage equipment can be equipped with automatic drinking water, feeding, manure cleaning, climate control and other equipment to achieve automation and specialization.
  3. Breeding chicks in poultry cages can take good care of the chicks. After all, reducing the mortality rate is the main pursuit in the brooding stage, which can not only ensure the pursuit of economic benefits, but also ensure animal protection.
  4. Centralized management saves energy and resources and reduces the incidence of poultry diseases. The special cage door design can effectively prevent chickens from shaking their heads and wasting feed when eating.
  5. The pressure regulator equipped with the chick cage can adjust the water pressure to a certain amount, so that the water supply of each nipple drinker can be evenly distributed to ensure sufficient drinking water for the chicks.
  6. The chickcage has a long service life, generally can be more than 15 years. Finishing Levi company adopts the best galvanized surface treatment line imported from Germany, and the uniform zinc coating is more corrosion-resistant.

Zhengzhou LIVI Machinery Poultry Equipment Manufacturer specializes in providing layer cages, broiler cages, brooding cages, layer baby chick cages, broiler baby chick cages and automation auxiliary equipment for poultry farmers. If you would like more information about poultry equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Effective and Reliable Products in Poultry Farming Equipments

If you enjoy eating fresh eggs or raising your own chickens, then you’ll want to invest in a small poultry farming facility for your layers and broilers. For example: automatic feeder and automatic drinker. Assist farmers to feed chickens in the backyard, so that the chickens can eat and drink easily.

And if you are going into the poultry business and earn more profit from it. You should familiarize yourself with the functions, features and benefits of poultry farming equipment battery cage system along with equipment and supplies. You must look for poultry farming equipment with the best features and competitiveness. These are the products you need if you are going to raise chickens efficiently. Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Equipment is one of the respected and reliable poultry suppliers of layers, broilers and related commodities.

What equipment is important for poultry?

Having efficient poultry farming equipment is critical to the success of any farm. We will discuss must-have poultry farm equipment for successful farming. Whether you’re a small-scale farmer or managing a large commercial farm, having the right equipment inventory can make a big difference to your farm’s productivity and profitability. We’ll explore the features and benefits of each piece of equipment and why they are critical to a successful poultry operation.

Poultry battery cages are using in intensive farming operations where productivity and profit are a priority. This is achievement by making the most of the house space for production consuming the least amount of resources. In egg production, space is making efficiently – poultry battery cages save farmers money by stacking one on top of the other. Chickens live in cages and are easier to manage, which means fewer human workers are needed.

Poultry Farming Equipments

Feeders and drinkers. Regular supply of feed and water to birds is a very important factor in determining their level of production. Production systems can also influence the type of feeding and watering equipment a farmer chooses. There are many types of feeders and drinkers, some are hangable and some are automatic.

Nipple drinkers are designed to assist and provide clean drinking water to poultry. This drinking fountain is a three-in-one drinking fountain with nipple, clip and drip cup. They can be used for broilers, breeders and layers. Bell drinkers are used to provide adequate water for poultry reared on deep bedding systems – from newborn chicks to mature chicks.

There are also automatic poultry auxiliary equipment: automatic manure cleaning, climate control, egg collection equipment, etc. The automatic manure cleaning equipment cleans the chicken manure out of the chicken equipment, creating a clean growth environment for poultry. The automatic climate control system is mainly composed of wet curtains, fans, and small windows. Ventilate and cool the chicken house, and the poultry can grow healthily even in the hot summer. The eggs roll down on the egg picking belt, and the automatic egg collecting equipment transports the eggs to the centralized point for unified sorting. This not only increases the number of egg pickers, but also reduces the rate of broken eggs.

What does layer farming equipment bring to ?

The purpose of the layer chicken is to produce eggs for the direct commodities on the market. Entrepreneurs venture in this lucrative enterprise may reap no little benefit. In the process of raising layer chickens, the pattern of large-scale layer farm equipment was rapidly popularized. As an experienced enterpriser, you have to know the layer cages consists of layer pullet cages, layer breeder cages and layer growing cages.

battery cage system in poultry

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A-Frame layer cages and H-Frame layer cages are the most common cages in the market and the favorite cages of farmers. More importantly, you need to know layer breeder chicken farming is the starting point of the layer industry chain. The breeding of chickens is related to the healthy development of the whole industry, the investment of layer breeder itself is higher than the average layer price, the rearing environment and the health standard is higher.

In view of this factor, Livi make our effort to design the layer farm equipment more effectively and perfectly. Different rearing period needs different cage dimension. We can provide you different sizes cages according to your special need. So we believe if you plan your layer farm equipment according to our advice, and you will gain more interest.

What is the role of poultry farming equipment in broiler production?

As all poultry farmers know that, broiler raising is a quick benefit of the poultry farming. Because the broiler generally reared about fourth to fifty days and than it can be sold quickly in the market.  And now the demand for broiler is relatively large, which makes more and more enterprisers come into this industry. How can you be the one upon your competitors for the broiler farming?

broiler farm equipment

The high earnings not only lies on broiler chickens in captivity but also the good management can affect the growth and development of broilers. Livi advise you that select healthy poultry farming equipment for broilers products, do a good job in keeping the temperature in a stable condition of baby broiler, breed scientificly, pay attention to immunization, and do a good job in disinfection of broiler farm equipment . 

Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a specialist on the producing broiler farm equipment . Quality is our target all the time. We make the excellent equipment for them and the unique design of cages reduces the injuries and infection.

What is the price of poultry equipment?

How much does poultry farming equipment cost? Chicken farm equipment mainly refers to the equipment used to raise chickens. With the growth of the chicken farming market, the demand for poultry equipment especially automated poultry farming equipment is on the rise. Farmers investing in this business are concerned with poultry farm equipment price list.

When it comes to the price of poultry farm equipment, it is not a fixed price that can be given directly. In addition, the cost of chicken farm equipment is affected by various factors such as the type of poultry battery cage selected by the farmer, drinking water, feeding, and chicken manure equipment. What’s more, the space of the chicken farm and the number of chickens have a great influence on the total cost.

poultry cage manufacture

As the poultry farming industry is a highly competitive market, the prices of poultry farming equipment are constantly going down. Take 20,000 chickens as an example. The cost price of a 20,000-story poultry equipment is estimated to be around USD 20,000-40,000. This is an estimated cost only, and detailed plans are required for specific situations.

If you are interested in purchasing and profiting from poultry farming equipment. Please contact us directly or email us with the number of poultry you plan to raise. Our sales staff will provide you with a free quotation according to your requirements.

Poultry Egg Production and Processing Equipment-Automatic, Productive, Flexible

Poultry egg Collection system

In modern poultry layer rearing manufactures, most farmers wish to have an ideal production of eggs. For the porpuse of high product, the full automatic egg collection system and egg processing equipment  play an important part in layer chicken farming. Because only in this way, the production can reach to the perfect amount, and farmers will gain more profit than that before. The automatic egg collection system consists of egg collection machine, egg conveying belt and central egg collection system. Zhengzhou Livi can provide you with the highest requipment, with the features of gentle transpot of the eggs, high functional reliablility and easy to operate. Livi equip with good system of poultry farming equipment manufacturers management guarantees that this is an investment that pays off quickly. And for your individual requirements we will offer you the best solution to serve you.

egg collecting system
egg collecting system

Poultry egg Processing System

Another important equipment is egg processing system, including egg grading machine, egg grading and cleaning machine and egg grading and packing machine. When eggs coming from egg belt to the connected cleaning, graders and packers, and you will see the following advantages:

  • the ultrasound technology, in combination with hot water and a special cleaning unit.
  • graders and packers are incessantly loaded at full capability.
  • perfect egg quality due to a flexible and gentle transport of eggs.
  • automatic begining of the belts makes the egg floe stops directly at the packer.
  • collection system can be planned one day in advance.

If you want to improve your layer eggs production, you’d better think about these uesful accessories for you poultry farming, we are glad to serve you and offer you the best service.

The Introduction of Layer Chicken Cage Equipment in Poultry Farming Manufactures

There are two types of cage equipment used by farmers, A-Frame chicken cages and H Frame layer chicken cages, which widely used in producing battery cage system of poultry farming. Nowadays, H Frame layer cages is more commonly used of chicken cages equipment in the past few years, A-Frame layer cages is the first implement poultry farming cages to raise layer chickens, each of them has their features to poultry farmers, now let’s know more about these two kinds of cages in Zhengzhou Livi industry manufactures poultry equipment system.

layer cage type

H Frame Layer Hen Cages

  • Fully use of hot-dip galvanizing and corrosion-resistant process,  service life is up to more than 20 years.
  •  Save feeding land in a high-density  and save more than 70% of the H-type layer cages.
  • Save energy and resources in a ways of centralized management and reduce the incidence of avian disease. The unique design of cages door can prevent  the waste of chicken feed effectively when the chicken’s head up and down.
  • Apply advanced ventilation systems, lighting systems and automation control systems to layer cages can save save energy, improve labor productivity fully and improve the egg productivity.
  • Save coop’s space, so that the feeding density increased to 62/square meters. And the size of layers cages can also be adjusted according to the size of fields. Automatic poultry drinking water system can be install according to your demand.
  •  Use conveyor belt-type removal system reduce environmental pollution and improve the high utilization rate of chicken manure.

automatic chicken layer cages for sale

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A-Frame Chicken Layer Cages

  • A-type layer cage have the advantages of easy to operate and rugged reliability.
  • High density of cage mesh and bottom network effectively prevent the phenomenon of chickens peck feather and anus and reduce the rate of broken eggs and layer fatigue syndrome.
  • A whole set of cages adapt hot-dip galvanizing process and  apply  international Q235 steel with the characteristic of flexible and durability prolong the cages’ life.
  • The unique design of cage door make the cage space is more bigger, and the position of chicken feed  can change freely, which can effectively solves the problems when chicken feed  being crowded and guarantees the even feed for chickens.
  • Poultry layer cages are designed for clean and convenient egg packaging, and to minimize feed spillage when feeding the chickens. They come complete with all required water fittings and connection parts.
  • Livi can provide you multiple choices according to the different requirements, which including  non automatic, semi-automatic, low configuration automation and high configuration automation equipment cages.

What do A type or H type of chicken layer cages look like?

A type chicken layer cage system for poultry
H type chicken layer cage system  for poultry

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In fact, A-type chicken cages and H-type chicken cages are very easy to distinguish. Because A-type chicken cages or H-type chicken cages are simply because they look like an “A” or “H” shape, poultry equipment manufacturers named them for convenience.

The following is the chicken cage for sale provided by LIVI mechanical poultry equipment supplier. We use high-quality raw materials and reasonably designed poultry layer cages have more customers. And loved by customers.

The same point between A-type and H-type chicken cages for laying hen is that most of the accessories are the same, cage net, frame, drinking system, feeding system. Automatic manure cleaning and egg collection equipment are also added.

It is very good to distinguish the different points of poultry chicken cages of different shapes. Example: different manure removal systems. A Type chicken cage is the scraper under the whole cage system. The H-type chicken cage is a chicken cage with manure removal belt under each layer. This is why H Type costs more than A Type.

If you have a plan to develop laying hen farming. Please tell us the size of your chicken house and the number of chickens you plan to keep. We will design the layout and suggest the most suitable cage model for free.

Is your farm suitable for H-Frame or A-Frame chicken cage for laying eggs?

Poultry layer cages are ideal cages for poultry pens with limited floor and aerial space. It is capable of holding 90-200 birds, which is very economical for poultry farmers who are willing to raise large numbers of birds but have limited space. So how do you know whether the poultry farm is suitable for A-type or H-type chicken cages?

In fact, the simplest method is based on the number of poultry breeding.

Poultry farming cages for layers farming are in large supply in Tanzania poultry market.

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A Type layer cage is one of the most popular poultry equipment in the market. Its price is relatively cheap compared with H type chicken cages. It is more suitable for poultry houses with less than 25000 birds. If there is an automation requirement, it can also realize automatic feeding, automatic drinking water, automatic manure cleaning, automatic egg retrieval, automatic environmental control, etc. The A-type layer cage of LIVI Machinery can be hot-dip galvanized, which is durable and has a service life of about 20 years.

H Type chicken layer cages are suitable for large-scale chicken farms. Recommended for poultry farms with more than 30,000 birds. As a typical battery cage, H-type chicken cages are accepted by more and more livestock farms. Vertically battery cages save more floor space, increase the number of rearing, reduce labor and management costs, and finally bring considerable profits to chicken farmers.

Both A and H frame chicken cages for laying eggs are carefully designed for clean and easy egg collection, seamless feed supply and easy management of the entire cage. Poultry farmers can buy with confidence. Our LIVI Machinery will provide you with professional poultry equipment selection solutions and high-quality poultry layer cage equipment. If you are interested in us, please leave a message to contact us, and I will communicate with you about the poultry farming plan within 24 hours.

Automatic Feeding System for Poultry Farming Equipment Manufacturers

Introduction of Poultry Feeding System

Feeds tower is a kind of dry powder feed or granular feed storage equipment which is suitable for large scale and medium-sized farms, and it can feed the feeding equipment at the discharging port. Under the condition of keeping hens in good breeding and management environment, the poultry feeding system is very important to the performance of laying hens, so the farmers should choose a good and modern poultry cage manufacturers.

Fully automatic cage is now the latest cage equipment and a new type of automation equipment, you can install automatic cleaning feces, pick up eggs and other equipment to achieve integrated feeding.By applying automatic poultry cages equipment in Livi Industry of automatic feeding system, it doesn’t need to require anyone to operate during the feed conveying and feeding process, all the process is totally automatic and easy to operate.

And LIVI Industry has a complete system production line of poultry cage equipment. All parts are strictly programmed automatically by the machine. In addition, every worker who operates the machine is well trained to ensure product quality.

automatic poultry egg collection system in layer chicken farm

Specifiction and Features of Poultry Feeding System

Chicken feeding tower has three kinds of material: galvanized material, FRP material and carbon steel tower. Feeding tower mainly consists of main body, Flip, ladder, column and other components, the material tower is equipped with cylindrical, the lower cone, which with perspective hole, can see the material position. The material tower has a tonnage of optional 1 to 20t. Feed can be transported through the gantry feeding automatic system in the feeder, and feeding machine with the features of complete automatic feeding farms, safe and rapid feed without quality loss. Different materials and processes of the storage tower have a certain different characteristics and performance, the storage tower volume size is also different.

This greatly meets the needs of poultry and livestock farms. We actively learn from customers and international top companies to perfect and improve our products. The design of all silos has fully considered the use conditions of poultry farms, and the materials are 275 grams per square meter and Chinese famous brand steel, which maximizes the service life of the silos.

The thickness of the steel silo panel is 1.2mm, double-sided hot-dip galvanized, and the thickness of the support bracket is 3.0mm. 60-degree top plate, high efficiency, easy feeding. The waterproof design is designed to drip moisture from the silo side walls, preventing water from entering the silo hopper. The sealing strip between the hopper plates prevents water from entering the silo, avoiding feed leakage. Specially designed opening device, easy to operate in wind. Specially designed hopper panels reduce feed buildup. Different types of bottom cone buckets with silos to meet complex feeding and conveying requirements.

The Main Process of Automatic Poultry feeding

The gantry feeding system outside the chicken house transport the feed into feed silos, and then the conveying device transport the feed to the traveling hopper according to the set time. Gantry feeding machine is usually equipped with a-type ladder cages. Support one-machine multiple-row feeding, a hen house is usually equipped with a feeder to meet the normal requirements of automatic feeding.  It adopts remote control switch to make remote control come true and adjust walking speed. The track is made of 3mm×5mm square steel and it’s road wheel is made of No.45 round steel amke sure that feeding evenly, low noise and save energy. Customer can adjust itself according to rearing conditions, effectively improve the efficiency and reduce feed consumption.

Why Should You Choose Automatic Feeding System in Poultry Farm

  1. Able to realize automatic control.
  2. It can save labor, save a lot of feed packaging, environmental protection and energy saving.
  3. Automated poultry feeding can improve the efficiency of poultry feeding.
  4. It is suitable for medium and large poultry houses with tens of thousands of birds, with large breeding scale and good economic benefits.
  5. It can keep the breeder fresh and healthy, and greatly reduce the feeding cost.
  6. The automatic feeding system can be used with battery chicken cages and automatic drinking water, egg collection, manure cleaning, and environmental control system accessories. Improve poultry farming efficiency.
  7. Anti-blocking balls can be selected according to your requirements to deliver the feed flow more smoothly.
  For more detail and price, please feel free to contact us.