Layer Cages in Zambia poultry farm for 20000 birds

Layer Cage System in Zambia poultry farm for 20000 birds

Battery cage systems for layer in Zambia are welcome in modern automatic poultry farms, especially those that prefer commercial poultry farming projects. Poultry are raised in poultry equipment for layer for easy feeding, manure removal and egg collection. This poultry cage system allows laid eggs to roll from the cage to the receiving trough, while the food container is outside the cage and water is supplied through pipes with drinking nipples.

A Type Battery Layer Chicken Cage

A type layer cages include manual chicken cages (with automatic drinking water, food troughs) and automatic chicken cages. It is suitable for open house and closed house and is popular in tropical countries such as Africa. If you plan to carry out a poultry project with 5000-30000 birds, A-type battery laying cages are the best choice.

The advantage of the Automatic A Type Layer Cage is that it has a high degree of automation and is equipped with automatic egg collection, feeding, manure cleaning, drinking water, environmental control and other equipment. Make poultry farming more efficient and save labor costs.

A type automatic layer chicken cage anf A type manual battery layer cage

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A frame manual laying hen cage is suitable for poultry farming friends who are on a low budget but want to raise more than 5000 birds. Poultry farming friends are more willing to use manual hen cage with automated manure removal equipment. It is simple to operate, easy to manage, and affordable.

Advantages of A-type layer chicken cages

LIVI Machinery poultry equipment for layer are of excellent quality and passed ISO9001:2008 certification, with scientific design, efficient work, sturdy structure and low installation service costs. The cage net and cage leg support frame are made of Q235 international steel wire, which ensures that the cage net provides enough elasticity for the laying hens to make the chickens feel good for laying eggs.

1. The layer equipment has simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and low input cost.
2. More suitable for use in areas with little rain. Rugged construction for long life.
3. The number of birds raised per unit area is higher.
4. Easy to deliver and install on customer farm and maintain.
5. The overlapping part of the A-type cage is small, which is more convenient for the ventilation of the chicken house.

Layer Cage System Specifications

Our layer chicken cages are reasonably design. Chickens have plenty of room to move around in the cage. Below are the specifications for our layer cage systems. If you want to customize it according to the situation of the chicken house, we also have the service of customized chicken cage.

Automatic Poultry Feeding System

Mobile hopper (feeder) and chain feeding systems are available. Feeding carts connected to the silo by means of a transverse feeding auger are more popular here. In this system, the feed is automatically distributed from the feed bunker to the feed trolley by means of screw augers located in pipes with a diameter of 90-150 mm, and finally reaches the trough evenly. The automated feeding system can be adjusted to the condition of the flock.

Automatic Poultry Manure Cleaning System

The scraper type manure collector is specially designed for the A-type cage system with manure pit under the cage. The chicken manure falls from the cage into the manure pit, and the scraper can collect the manure in the manure pit to the outside of the chicken house. This system is a popular design in the Chinese market or other countries that want to raise chickens in cages on the floor.

Automatic A Type Layer Cage is equipped with automatic egg collection, feeding, manure cleaning, drinking water, environmental control and other equipment

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Automatic Poultry Drinking System

The automatic drinking water system is composed of water pipes, water nozzles and water pressure valves, which can ensure the same pressure before and after. Drinking nipples are also by far the best equipment to ensure that the flocks have an adequate supply of clean water in their cages.

Automatic Poultry Egg collection system

It consists of egg collecting machine, egg collecting belt and egg collecting belt hook. Automated egg collection systems can range from 3 to 10 tiers. The battery layer cage can also be equipped with an egg delivery system that can transport all the eggs from different houses to the egg storage room. The egg collection system can greatly reduce the egg breaking rate and reduce labor.

Automatic Environment Control System

The automated poultry environmental control system mainly includes fans, wet curtains, and small windows. They are using for ventilation and cooling the chicken farm. Keep the house temperature around 25°C. Provide a good and comfortable growing environment for chickens.

20000 Birds Automatic Battery Cage System in Zambia

The poultry farming project we help is in Zambia. Customer Mr. A has a strong interest in the poultry layer breeding project. We recommended the poultry equipment A-type layer cage to Mr. A, which is equipped with automatic feeding, manure cleaning, egg collection, drinking water, and environmental control equipment. Also, depending on available land. Our professionals have provided poultry house design and recommended optimal solutions for poultry farmers.

Client says: With automated poultry equipment, I’m not hiring people to help me manage 20,000 birds.

The chicken house design scheme is put into use to the poultry raising equipment