powerful layer chicken cage in Ghana farm

Powerful battery layer cage system for sale in Ghana

Modern poultry farming is evident in housing systems for raising birds. On intensive farms, the use of powerful battery layer cages  in Ghana is very common. The use of poultry breeding equipment can basically achieve the purpose of laying eggs and broilers eating meat efficiently.

And the battery cage system in Ghana has become an essential equipment in poultry farms. Because the chicken cage equipment can help greatly improve the survival rate and egg production rate of chickens.

Why use battery cage system for layers in Ghana?

The chicken layer cage for sale in Ghana with the advantages of long service life, automation system saving labor costs and improving work efficiency. Chicken cages in poultry farm are a very good choice for poultry breeding.

  1. The battery cage system in poultry can retain the purpose of broiler and laying hens, especially commercial purpose, can provide your poultry farm with the best production results of meat and eggs.
  2. The use of battery layer cages in Ghana allows the poultry to be well cared for and contributes to the production of high quality eggs.
  3. Automatic battery cage system for feeding laying hens increases egg production. The market for chicken and egg products is increasing day by day as poultry provides our body with essential protein. Therefore, the development of poultry farming is very promising.

battery chicken cage system for layer

Battery cage system in automatic poultry farms

So far, the large-scale and intensive development of chicken farming has led to more chicken farmers buying battery cage systems. The fully automatic battery cage system can realize automatic feeding, drinking, egg collection, defecation and environmental control. It not only makes the living environment of poultry clean and comfortable, but also saves energy and improves the efficiency of poultry breeding.

Automatic feeding equipment. In the feeding system with feed truck, a specially designed feed regulator is used. The feed can be mixed and evenly sprinkled in the trough.

Automatic drinking water equipment. PVC pipes have 2 drinking nipples in each cage door. There is a pressure reducing valve in each layer and row of the cage. It can control the water and transport the precipitation to the pipeline. This ensures that the water the chickens drink is clean.

Automatic egg collecting equipment. The eggs roll down from the cage to the egg picking belt, and the eggs can be collected to the designated place by gently pressing the button. Reduce the egg breaking rate.

Automatic A Type Layer Cage is equipped with automatic egg collection, feeding, manure cleaning, drinking water, environmental control and other equipment

Automatic manual cleaning system. In the middle of each battery layer cage, there will be a 1.1 cm polypropylene cleaning belt. Dragged by the drive reducer engine, the excrement is cleaned in a flawless way. This sturdy and durable structure can run without problem even in a very long chicken house.

The automatic environmental control system can keep the temperature and humidity of the chicken cage within a certain range. At the same time, the automatic control system can reduce the power consumption of the communication system.

Price of layer chicken cage in Ghana

The battery cage in Ghana has good feedback. Our chicken cage equipment for layers has modern features. The cage has enough space for poultry to move, drink and lay eggs. The living environment and quality of poultry are better, and the egg production rate can be increased to 98%.

Our battery egg cage has been warmly welcomed by Ghanaian customers. And as a poultry equipment manufacturer, we can directly give you the factory price of battery cage equipment. The price of layer cage is determined by the quality of raw materials. We will develop poultry farming and select high-quality cage equipment to avoid replacing equipment every 2-3 years in the future.

successful poultry farming jroject in Kenya

Ghanaian customers using poultry equipment provided by Livi

Our Ghanaian customers contacted us without any poultry farming experience. But tell us that we want to develop 10,000 chickens.

Sales manager explained the product to him very carefully, and helped our customers design the chicken house for free. After knowing the size of the customer’s chicken house, we became the optimal solution designed by the customer.

Below are our chicken house design drawings.

With the shed 46m X 13m , the max capacity of birds with cage is 10.000pcs layers. Bellow equipment price for reference:

Item: layer chicken cage system

Cage size: 1950mm*450mm*410mm (one piece), one set cage have 160 brids

The shed can put 63 sets cage, each 21 sets cage per row, total 3 rows.

automatic chicken farm for 10000 birds

Customer Visit

In 2019 our customers came to visit our company. We take them to taste Chinese food, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and visit the factory together. Show him the equipment in action. We had a wonderful 7 days together.

Recently we worked again with a poultry farm of 50,000 birds. This time the client intends to build a fully automated chicken house.  H-type layer cage systems can be equipped with automatic drinking water, feeding, manure cleaning, egg collection, ventilation, etc. Very much in line with customer requirements.

poultry farming system

Livi Machinery as poultry equipment suppliers has more than 20 years of experience and precipitation. We have supplied high quality and powerful battery layer cage system to more than 80 countries. Committed to delivering high-quality chicken raising equipment to all over the world.

We have professional chicken house design, chicken cage design team, factory and installation team. It can provide the best solution for poultry production. All our products have passed the national ISO 9001 Quality Certificate. The quality of chicken cage products is guaranteed.If you are also interested, please leave a message to contact us. I will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

    If you are interested in Livi poultry equipment, or you have any questions, please contact us!

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