What are the advantages and characteristics of layer cages?

Many farmers use layer cages to raise chickens. What are the advantages of the chicken cage? Why do so many people choose it

First of all, the chickens in the layer cages can allow the chickens to eat freely. And the structure of the chicken coop is simple. Installation is also more convenient. It is very convenient for farmers. The front net design of the layer cage generally adopts: vertical metal wire and a few horizontal wires.


The temperature and humidity in the caged chicken house are easy to control, which can provide the chickens with a high-yield and stable living condition. After the eggs are laid, they are not easily contaminated by feces, and the surface of the eggshell is relatively clean. Chickens have little activity in the cage, consume less energy, and consume less feed. Reduce feed waste.


The stocking density is large, the house is saved, and the land is saved. In the same ground and building, cages can raise 3 to 5 times more layers than flat rearing (15-25 per square meter), and layer cages can be mechanized and automated, and the labor efficiency is high. . Raising layers in cages facilitates the adoption of feeding and management measures.


Battery chicken cage equipment can be centrally managed. Save energy and resources. Adopt advanced ventilation system. Lighting system and automation control system. . Improve labor productivity. Improve the feed-to-egg ratio

The management of laying chicken breeding equipment

What about the management of laying chicken farming equipment? Especially in the fall of breeding laying hens. Farmers must implement environmental management of chicken coops. And the feeding of laying hens. Prevent the occurrence of autumn flu.


Feed management in the chicken house plays an important role in autumn and winter. In winter, laying hens need to survive the harsh winter. Therefore, it is necessary to improve adequate nutrition for laying hens. Supplement vitamins. Improve the physical fitness of laying hens.


battery poultry systems


The light in autumn gradually decreases. Laying hens need light very much. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the light time of the laying hens reared in the laying cages. To maintain 15 hours of light per day. Stabilize the light intensity. Turn on the lights regularly in the chicken house every day. The temperature of the chicken coop in autumn should also be properly paid attention to. Keep warm and ventilate. Only in this way can the chickens have a good growing environment.


The daily disinfection work is essential for the chicken coop. Disinfect the chicken house regularly. Do a good job of vaccinating chickens. Avoid the loss of farmers due to illness. Usually the laying hens will experience a peak period of laying in autumn. After the peak period, the resistance and antibody status of the laying hens will be significantly reduced. At this time, they are very susceptible to diseases. Doing a good job of immunization can help the laying hens survive this healthily. stage.

The above is the daily management of some chickens that shut down the laying hen breeding equipment. If you find it helpful, you can send us an email.

Zambian farmers use the skill of laying hen cages

In poultry production, laying hens occupy an important position, because eggs have become an important food worldwide. And it is no secret that poultry farming has become a profitable project. This has attracted more young people to join in. And many Zambian farmers now use layer cage equipment to raise laying hens. So what are some of the tips for using laying hen cages for breeding? Next, I will talk about some techniques for everyone.

Why to use laying hen cage in Zambia for breeding?

Because the use of poultry laying cage breeding can greatly save the area of the chicken farm, increase the number of breeding, and can also prevent the spread of diseases. So many farmers choose chicken laying cages in this way.

Chickens can do epidemic prevention better if they live in laying hen cage in Zambia. Poultry farmers can add drugs in the dosing device and let each chicken drink along the water pipe.

The egg laying rate is high and the eggshell is clean. The temperature and humidity in the cage are easy to control, which can provide high-yield and stable living conditions for chickens. It is not easy to be polluted by feces after spawning, and the surface of the eggshell is relatively clean.

Automatic poultry farming equipment can realize automatic drinking, feeding, egg collection, manure clearing and environmental control. Poultry can live in cages with good living environment and get good care, and the mortality of poultry will also be reduced.

The automatic environmental control system can adjust the temperature and humidity of the chicken house, provide a suitable temperature for poultry, and better play the egg production performance.

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What should we pay attention to when raising laying hens?

The feeding cycle of laying hens is 80 days. During this period, the sanitation of the chicken house must be up to standard, otherwise it is easy to cause the occurrence and infection of sawdust disease.

Pay attention when the egg production rate is 5%: At this time, the chickens have just started laying eggs, and they are most likely to have endocrine disorders and spleen and stomach disorders, which are characterized by sparseness, no defecation, slow feeding, and low resistance. This is the period of high-speed follicle development and fallopian tube formation, so it is necessary to regulate the spleen, stomach and endocrine, supplement nutrients and increase the body’s resistance.

Ways to increase egg production of laying hens?

laying hen cage for sale

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  1. When selecting chicks, breeders should pay attention to the chickens with good egg laying performance. There are many varieties in the off-season, and the egg laying performance of different varieties is also different. In addition, do not try to buy chickens of poor quality cheaply, but go to the regular place to buy chickens of good variety. For a good egg laying rate, we must lay a good foundation and choose the best kind of chicken.
  2. Strengthen feed management and light control for chickens. The nutrition of the feed fed to the flock by the breeder and the reasonable lighting control in the chicken house will affect the egg feed ratio of the flock. Therefore, poultry farmers need to provide appropriate feed nutrition and lighting programs for poultry at different growth stages.
  3. Do a good job in epidemic prevention and sanitation. To ensure the health of laying hens while giving play to a good laying rate. Only by keeping laying hens healthy, can laying hens give better play to laying performance. The poultry farms should be strictly disinfected and diligent in disinfection. We should also do a good job in immunization to prevent the large-scale occurrence of infectious diseases.

How to raise chicken in the laying hen cage in Zambia?

Be careful not to change the feed suddenly. Because laying hens are used to eating for four miles, if the feed is changed suddenly, the appetite and egg production of the hens will be affected, and finally the egg production rate will decline.

Adjust the feeding rate according to the temperature. When the weather is cold, the proportion of high-energy feed should be increased and the protein content should be appropriately reduced. It is also necessary to increase the feeding amount appropriately to ensure that the growth and laying of chickens are not affected by low temperature. When the temperature rises, the original feeding amount should be restored immediately to avoid excessive fat. Feed can be reduced before spawning, concentrate can be reduced after spawning, and roughage can be supplemented for prevention. You can also add choline to the feed for 10 days to lose weight.

battery chicken cage

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It is necessary to ensure the uninterrupted and sufficient supply of clean drinking water, appropriately increase the feeding amount of green vegetables, and improve the feeding capacity of laying hens. In hot summer, clean cold water should be provided. You can also feed chopped watermelon peel every day, which can not only prevent heatstroke in laying hens, but also improve the laying rate of laying hens. Don’t drink cold water in winter, but give clean warm water, which can not only prevent the laying hens from stomach cold, but also keep the body hot.

No matter where or in Zambia, laying hens need to be well cared for to ensure a comfortable living environment for poultry. As for the laying hen cage in Zambia, it is important to ensure the above two points.

Ways for Zambian farmers to reduce breeding costs

In Zambia, as farming becomes more and more large-scale and feed prices continue to rise, the profit margin of farming is constantly being compressed, and cost reduction is the most effective way to improve efficiency. How much profit is there for raising chickens? In addition to looking at the market price of chickens, you can also improve efficiency by saving costs. So what are the ways to reduce the cost of raising chickens?

Poultry equipment manufacturers mainly tell farmers about chicken farming cages , feeding methods, drinking water, and poultry house management. Automated poultry equipment has achieved remarkable results in improving feed conversion and checkmate cost expenditure in Kenyan farms, and can maximize benefits.

poultry battery cage for sale

How can Zambian farmers reduce cost in farm?

1. Chicken farming cage saves feed. Today,chicken cages for sale in Zambia is the most common way of poultry farming. This feeding mode realizes automation, large-scale and intensive goals such as automatic feeding, drinking water, egg collection, manure cleaning and environmental control. Advantages such as feces contact.

With the pursuit of economic benefits, chicken cages in Zambia have gradually developed into stacked cages with 4, 6 and 8 floors, and the breeding capacity of a single building can reach more than 100,000. Chicken houses in Zambia of the same size use chicken cages to raise the number of breeding by at least 3 times, which also means that the income of Zambian farmers has also increased by more than 3 times.

And the management of poultry chickens in multi-tier chicken farming cage is an ideal choice. Since chicken cages in Zambia can obtain efficient production results and high-density breeding, it saves a lot of manpower and reduces labor intensity. It has been loved by many Zambian farmers.

2. There is also the issue of feed. Reducing feed waste can also reduce costs. The use of automatic poultry feeding equipmentcan control the feeding of feed. Improve the utilization rate of feed. So how to reach a higher level?

It can be due to an automatic timing and fixed-point release of the equipment. Realize precise feeding. It is also good for the growth and development of chickens. At the same time, it will not cause a large area of waste. Reduce manual intervention. Better experience automation.

When making feed, the farmers should make adjustments according to the growth of the chickens. Because many farmers encountered in most artificial breeding plants produce a large amount of feed. In this way, the chicken fry will not finish eating and it will deteriorate if it is left for a long time, which will result in waste of feed. Therefore, when making feed, farmers must increase or decrease feed according to the growth of the chickens. Avoid causing a lot of waste.

battery chicken cages

3.There should be sufficient water supply in the chicken farm. For chickens without water for 24 hours, the egg production will be reduced by 30%, and it will take 25-30 days to return to normal. Chicken flocks without water for 36 hours, egg production can not return to the original level. If the water is cut off for more than 36 hours, some chickens will stop laying eggs or even moult. Therefore, adequate and timely supply of fresh water is essential for poultry farming in Zambia.

This has to be said about the automatic drinking water equipment in the chicken  cages of Zambian farming. It is composed of a water pipe, a pressure reducing valve and a drinking nipple. Installed in the chicken house, it can provide sufficient drinking water for poultry 24 hours a day. This is one of the most ideal poultry farming equipment for poultry farmers.

4.Good house management practices can also save costs. Chicken cages in Zambia can be used from chicks to adult chickens. This is a relatively advanced feeding method in Zambia at present. It can reduce the energy consumption of chickens, save feed and prevent feed from spreading.

At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the suitable temperature of 13 ° C ~ 24 ° C for chickens. If the house temperature is reasonable, the body heat loss will be less, and the heat energy to maintain the body temperature will be correspondingly reduced, so the amount of food eaten will be lower, but the output will not decrease. In addition, in order to prevent the chicken from hooking the feed, the chicken beak can be cut off during the brooding period.

It is also necessary to strengthen the daily management of feeding. The automatic manure cleaning system of the chicken cage system is used to improve the sanitation of the chicken house, so that the poultry can have a good and comfortable growth environment, and it can also improve the immunity of the chicken flock, thereby reducing the probability of disease and reducing the cost of treatment.

The above is the poultry equipment manufacturers from the four aspects of choosing chicken cages to raise poultry, feeding, drinking water, and poultry house management to save the cost of poultry farmers in Zambia farmers. I hope that all poultry farmers can get good benefits in the chicken breeding project.

Where to buy farming equipment for farmers in Zambia

Chicken coop breeding equipment contains a lot of species. We have to divide the cages according to different chicken breeds. For example, there are layer cages and broiler cages. The breeding equipment included in the chicken cage includes water pipes, drinking fountains, troughs, cage racks, manure cleaners, automatic egg pickers, automatic feeders, fan water curtains, temperature control equipment, etc.

These are all indispensable equipment in breeding. Farmers are also indispensable when buying. Where can Zambian farmers buy chicken coop breeding equipment? Next, I will give you a brief introduction:



First of all, you must choose according to your own situation. See how much your own breeding volume is. Never follow the trend blindly. After all, a lot of investment is required in the early stage of breeding. Although brooding can allow us to reduce the purchase cost of farmed chickens, any errors or lack of experience in the breeding process will lead to large-scale deaths of chickens. Cause loss. Depending on the material and purpose of breeding equipment, the price of the equipment will be different. We must pay attention when purchasing.

The chicken coop of Livi Machinery Equipment produces a variety of high-quality poultry breeding equipment. The range of almost wholesale poultry equipment we use for modern chicken breeding equipment includes: poultry cages, poultry breeding systems, poultry drinking water systems, poultry manure removal systems, egg collection systems for laying hens and breeders, poultry ventilation systems, and poultry management systems And related supporting equipment.

All of our chicken coop equipment is made of first-class raw materials, manufactured after years of experience, and manufactured in strict accordance with international quality standards. Our poultry automation equipment in China is a fully automatic and computerized system for drinking water, feed, egg collection, air conditioning and cleaning. Livi Industries creates technologically innovative products to ensure quality, revenue, growth and safety for our customers.

If you have any needs, you can send us an email. We will give you feedback in time according to your needs.

Precautions for purchasing broiler cages in Nigeria

Many Nigerian broiler cages do not know some precautions when purchasing. So how should broiler cages be selected?

The main advantages of broiler cages are: high degree of automation: automatic feeding, drinking water, cleaning manure, wet curtain cooling, centralized management, automatic control, saving energy, improving labor productivity, reducing artificial feeding costs, and greatly improving the breeding of farmers efficient.


broiler farming

2. The chicken flock is well-prevented and effectively prevents infectious diseases: the chicken does not touch the feces, which can make the chicken grow healthier, provide a clean and comfortable growth environment for the chicken, and greatly advance the time of slaughter.

3. Save space and increase the stocking density: the cage density is more than 3 times higher than the flat stocking density.

4. Save farming feed: caged chickens can save a lot of farming feed. The chickens are kept in cages, so the amount of exercise is reduced, the energy consumption is less, and the waste of materials is reduced. Data show that cage breeding can effectively save more than 25% of breeding costs.

5. Rugged and durable: The complete set of caged broiler equipment uses hot-dip galvanizing technology, which is corrosion-resistant and aging-resistant, and its service life can be as long as 15-20 years.

In the daily management of chickens, the flock must be carefully observed. Discover and prevent diseases in time. Strengthen management and reduce economic losses.

How to buy broiler cages in Nigeria

Many farmers in Nigeria want to start aquaculture. Because chicken is one of the most popular foods in our daily lives. There is a big market for raising broilers. Broiler cages are the most popular house for broilers and require necessary equipment, such as feeding, drinking and manure removal, as well as flexible lighting, heat preservation and ventilation systems. Only scientific design and manufacture can broiler grow up healthily.

So how to buy high-quality broiler cages for poultry farming in Nigeria?

Automatic broiler chicken cage

Buy broiler battery cages in Nigeria from China manufacturers

In recent years, more and more “Made in China” battery cages for broiler have been installed in Nigerian farms. What makes farmers choose? There is no doubt that high-quality broiler cages, competitive battery cage prices, and good quality pre-sales and after-sales service, etc.

Find out when you are raising chickens in broiler cages in Nigeria. Our broiler chicken cages are well designed in Nigeria. Reasonable mesh design allows fresh air to have more circulation space. We can design different cages with 3-8 layers according to your situation. Automatic door for easy chicken catching. Hot-dip galvanized wire technology makes the chicken cage welding smooth, prevents chicken feet from being injured, reduces fatigue, and has higher durability.

The battery chicken cages for broiler produced by China poultry cage manufacturer has factory-like price. Common broiler cages are 3 or 4 tiers overlapping. High-density breeding saves land, about 50% less land than free-range breeding. Centralized management saves energy and resources, reduces the incidence of poultry diseases, and the unique cage door design effectively prevents the chickens from shaking their heads and wasting feed when they eat. It can be adjusted appropriately according to the size of the venue, and an automatic drinking water system can be installed.

Poultry cages manufacturers with experience in Nigeria

LIVI is a poultry cage chicken equipment manufacturer and supplier with more than 20 years experience in chicken farms, Zhengzhou Liwei Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.We are the leading manufacturer of poultry cages in Nigeria. we supply the best broiler cages for sale in Nigeria. our cages are affordable and durable. So we have cooperated with many clients in Nigeria. 

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We are a finished poultry farm project with an annual capacity of more than 1 million. Since our establishment, there have been 20 poultry farming projects in Nigeria.

We mainly provide Nigerian customers with a full range of battery cage system equipment: layer cages, broiler cages, layer baby chick cages, broiler baby chick cages, etc. There are also products that improve the efficiency of poultry farming, such as automatic drinking water, feeding, manure cleaning, environmental control, and egg collection. We strictly control the quality to ensure that there is no problem with the products you receive.

What service we supply in Nigeria?

We have rich experience in chicken house design, poultry cage installation, etc. in Nigeria. We have won the love of many customers with our good service. Many farmers have doubts. What are the specific services for choosing LIVI poultry cage manufacturers?

  1. Do farm planning for clients, including house design freedom. This is very necessary for inexperienced farmers, and can avoid the mismatch between the space of the chicken cage and the chicken house in the later stage. We have professional staff for free farm planning, able to maximize land use.
  2. The battery cage system we produce is currently the most popular battery cage system in Nigeria. Our sales cover 90% of the states in Nigeria, and the service life is at least 5 years longer than that of local manufacturing.
  3.  Free poultry cage designs. If you have ideas about poultry cages, we can customize chicken cages according to your requirements.
  4. Have installation team in Nigeria. If you are worried about the installation problem, we have professional technicians who can go to your farm to install the broiler cage equipment.
  5.  Payment in dollars can be accepted, which is convenient for Nigerian farmers to purchase broiler cage equipment.
  6. Share farm knowledge with us based on feedback from other farmers to help you solve problems encountered on the farm.

So far, LIVI Machinery has carried out friendly cooperation with many Nigerian farmers on poultry farming projects. Our products have also received rave reviews from customers.

The chicken house design scheme is put into use to the poultry raising equipment

Successful broiler cage farming project in Nigeria

We have an order for 30,000 broilers in Nigeria in 2023. Hot dip galvanized coating type for 136 chicken coops. The customer is Mr. Tunde from Nigeria. First of all, I would like to thank him for choosing to trust our products and trust us.

Mr. Tunde provided the envisioned plan, and our professionals provided him with the design of the chicken house for free. According to the needs of customers, we tailor-made broiler cages for chicken houses, and the customer finally chose to purchase H-type broiler cages. After one month of production, we sent the goods to Nigeria and dispatched professional personnel to install the chicken cages for broiler. Customers are very satisfied with our battery cage equipment. We also sincerely wish Mr. Tunde good income in poultry farming.

Thank God, everything goes well, we are not the best and perfect, but still working hard, it will be our honor to be your reliable battery cage and equipment supplier.

If you want to know battery cage price in Nigeria to raise chickens, you can contact us. We use the best plastics and scientific design to reduce the fatigue of chickens and give all farmers a good feeding experience. If you have any needs, you can send us an email. We will contact you in time.

Poultry Cage Manufacturers of Battery Cages System in Ghana

Livi Machinery poultry cage manufacturer have the ability to provide you great and factory price battery cage system in Ghana poultry farming machine business market. If you are going to raise laying birds with the quantity of more than 5,000 birds, we are glad to supply you battery cage manufacturer’s advice and the whole battery cage dimensions for you in Ghana.

We have more than 30 years of rich experience in poultry breeding construction, including various types of battery cages and automatic poultry breeding equipment. In addition, the poultry shed planning can also be given to you as a gift.We have a rich experience on the pro-phase of poultry farming construction, battery cage system and poultry shed planning are also give you as a conference.

If you plan to breed 5000 laying hens, the size of your hen house can be 38m * 8m * 3.5m. Use A-type egg coop with 4 layers and 5 doors. A group of chicken cages like this can raise 160 birds, and each door can raise 4 birds. Each layer has 450 square centimeters of space to ensure that the chickens have enough space for activities.

The arrangement of cages in the chicken house: two rows of battery cages, one row of 16 sets of cages. A total of 32 sets of layer chicken cages are placed in the chicken house. A total of 32 * 160=5120 laying hens can be raised. The following is the drawing of chicken house placement.

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The Characteristics for Bttery cage system in Ghana Poultry Cage Manufacturer

The wire of all battery cages (including door mesh, bottom mesh and partition mesh) provided by the poultry cage manufacturer adopts the hot galvanizing process, and the corrosion resistance is 3-4 times of the ordinary galvanizing and spraying process for cage surface in Ghana poultry breeding area. The battery cages sold by our poultry cage manufacturers can be used for about 20 years, so you can develop poultry breeding projects without worry, and do not worry about replacing equipment in the short term.

Our battery cage system has been well received in more than 80 countries, including Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda. It is specially designed for open and closed chicken houses. In addition, our battery cage system has good quality, passed the ISO9001: 2008 certification, scientific design, high efficiency, strong structure and lower cost through installation services.

All battery cage wires supplied by poultry cage manufacturer (including door nets, bottom nets and partition nets) are sprayed in the technology of electrostatic process, and the corrosion resistance is 3-4 times than that of ordinary galvanized spraying process for cage surface in Ghana poultry farming region.

The entire door net in Livi poultry cage manufacturer is a sliding grille that can be easily opened. The roll-in and roll-out of laying birds has become simpler and more humane in Ghana poultry farming business. The bottom net is installed on the tight mesh, which is very flexible, so the quality of the eggs is very high. The flat-shaped egg protection track will make the hen’s egg produce in the trough position, the egg rolling distance is short, almost no broken eggs, it can also prevent the hen from eating eggs. The deep trough with the inner edge can avoid waste of the feed, which reduced to a minimum.

The food is evenly spread in the feed trough through the automatic feeding system, so that each chicken can eat the feed while ensuring that the feed is not wasted. It can also improve feed conversion rate.

Automatic A Type Layer Cage is equipped with automatic egg collection, feeding, manure cleaning, drinking water, environmental control and other equipment

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The trough-shaped poultry manure removal conveyor belt will not cause the contamination and avoid falling onto the equipment. This decontamination equipment has the characteristics of automation, so that the chicken house will not cause pollution such as flies due to the chicken manure.

We can provide Ghana poultry farming equipment the chicken supplies. Battery cage system is equipped with a V-shaped nipple poultry drinker, and each hen can easily reach the drinking nipple and drink water.

The temperature and humidity of the chicken house are controlled by the automatic environment control system, the wet curtain and the fan to provide a comfortable living environment for the chicken house.

Livi poultry cage manufacturer of battery cage system adopt automatic feeding trolley system, which is the most reliable and cost-effective feeding system in the area of Ghana. It delivers the laying birds feed smoothly and without separation to the poultry flocks. This feed machine is galvanized as a whole, making it a longer application life and lower maintenance requirements that are suitable for Ghana market. Moreover, the automatic poultry feeding trolley type loading system saves space and is easy to clean.

In a word, as a poultry cage manufacturer, we will provide you with battery cage systems at factory prices. Moreover, the battery cage chicken raising can not only save manpower and material resources, but also improve the egg production rate. In any case, the poultry battery cage is the best choice for the majority of poultry farmers.

The start-up cost of battery cage chicken raising is not high, and the operation is simple. Even novices can get started quickly. LIVI poultry cage manufacturers provide you with professional poultry house guidance and design. You just need to tell us your idea. LIVI will provide you with customizable chicken battery cages and chicken house design scheme, so that you can have.

Battery Cage Farming in Uganda | Chicken Cages for sale

How to start Your Poultry Framing Business in Uganda?

First of all, you should consider your chicken farms site and program your chicken house shed specification. Then, it is also the most important step for most poultry farmers, that is you should purchase the best and suitable battery cage farming equipment for your farms, which is more and more popular raising commodity chickens production mode for Ugandan’s poultry farms. Last, you should maintain your farms in a suitable poultry farming management according to your chicken battery farms condition in Uganda.

Poultry farming equipment for broiler and layer can satisfy your poultry farms needs.

Now, we would like to introduce some superior equipment of battery cage farming for you in Ugandan’s local poultry business market. The professional and reliance poultry manufacturer – Livi Poultry Equipment Machinery, which has been enjoyed a high prestige in the world for the reason that they can offer you automated poultry battery cage farming according to your specific chicken farms in Uganda.

Exquisite battery cages equipment are in available in reliable poultry farming manufacturer.

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LivI Machinery are able to supply the whole complete of chicken farming equipment of layer battery cage system and commercial broiler battery cage system or broiler floor raising equipment such as automated broiler feeding pan and automated water supply equipment, as well as baby chickens A type and H type of battery cage farming equipment. If you can want to raised your flocks in Uganda of  large scale chicken farms, you can tell me your specific chicken quantities.

For example, our poultry battery cages farming equipment of A type cage are suitable for about 5,000 – 15,000 chicken birds quantity in Uganda poultry farms. And our H type battery cage farming equipment are adopted for about 20,000 – 100,000 chicken birds or even more. Thus, you don’t have to worry about anything for your farms. Because we can give you the specific dimensions of chicken cages for sale and various kinds of useful chicken farming supplies for your farms.

A type layer chicken cages for Uganda poultry farms.

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Welcome to your visit to our poultry farming equipmnet base and once you decide to set up your battery cage farming in Uganda, we will offer you cage installation on-the-spot in Uganda, what’s more, we also accept to customized cage types and dimensions for your farms constructing.