Poultry Equipment Supplies Wholesale Layer Cages in Zimbabwe

Battery chicken cages imported from poultry equipment manufacturers have made it easy for farmers in Zimbabwe to raise chickens. Because the chicken cages imported from Chinese poultry equipment manufacturers are made of hot-dip galvanized wire, and the service life is as long as 20 years.

Differences from local chicken cages, Our layer cages have the necessary accessories for a comfortable life for layer hens. And there is no need for artificial water supply, feeding, egg collection and other work. Service life up to 20 years

Chinese poultry equipment manufacturers are selling layer cages to Zimbabwe wholesale chicken farms. Layer cages wholesale from poultry equipment supplies is of high quality and competitive price. 

poultry equipment of layer chicken cage for sale

Wholesale chicken cages from poultry equipment manufacturers

Here at LIVI Machinery poultry cages manufactures, powerful and advanced layer cages for sale in Zimbabwe, it is now possible to take care of your livestock and run an efficient farm. These improved high efficiency layer cages sold in Zimbabwe are used in commercial farms.

Automatic and efficient layer cage for sale in Zimbabwe are excellent and can help you perform your daily labor with greater efficiency and precision. Our layer battery cages for sale in Zimbabwe are eco-friendly, made of strong material and last up to 20 years.

The layer cages we sell wholesale in Zimbabwe come in various types: A-type battery cages and H-type battery cages. Layer cages of different sizes: three-layer layer cages, four-layer layer cages, etc. Chicken cages of various materials: hot-dip galvanized chicken cages, hot-dip galvanized wire chicken cages, etc. You can choose the right product for your farm from a wide range of chicken coops.

And our wholesale layer cages are easy to install and use, which increases efficiency. Layer cages for sale in Zimbabwe are easy to clean and do not require such maintenance, thus saving labor costs.

LIVI Machinery offers you a wide range of battery cages for sale in Zimbabwe so that you can buy the best product within your budget and requirements. These products are sold as OEM orders and have passed ISO, CE, SGS certifications. You can also choose custom packaging for your shipment.

poultry cage manufacture

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Which chicken cage is the hot product in Zimbabwe?

Our wholesale chicken cages have been widely praised in Zimbabwe, especially the 4-tier chicken cages. Because they can effectively save land and labor costs, and let small and medium-sized farms also appreciate the convenience brought by battery chicken cages.

Each floor of a 4-tier layer cage has 5 doors, and each door has 4 chickens. A set of chicken cages can breed 160 birds. Each bird has plenty of space to move around, and food and water sources are adequate. The 4-tier layer cage is the best choice for intensive and large-scale farms.

If your breeding volume is less than 5,000, it is recommended that you choose battery chicken cages and automatic scraper cleaning. Drinking water can be automated. The scraper manure cleaner is the most affordable manure removal equipment, which can efficiently clean the manure out of the chicken house.

For farmers with high breeding volume, a full set of automation equipment is necessary. Battery cages for layers are equipped with an automatic system that is very efficient in poultry farms. Including automatic feeding system, automatic drinking water system, automatic egg collection system and automatic manure cleaning system.

For the purpose of raising layer hens, especially for commercial purposes. Poultry farming requires layer chicken cages because the importance of layer hen cages in poultry farms cannot be underestimated as it enhances the high quality production of eggs, etc. . Layer cages provide factories with high production efficiency and improve the overall competitiveness and economic benefits of the farm.

chicken layer cage for sale

Why are layer chicken cages in Zimbabwe used in farms?

1) A Type layer cages will save space and be reusable, saving money and effort.

2) Reduce disease – the manure falls directly from the cage net into the manure ditch. And the chicken does not touch the manure, so it will not cause serious health hazards.

3) The egg breakage rate is reduced to 0.03% – the chicken will not touch the eggs. The eggs will simply roll out and be uniformly collected to a certain place by the automatic egg collection equipment.

4) Reduced expenditure on hired personnel – automatic watering system and simplified labor-intensive feeding process, and use of manure removal system.

5) Long lifespan of laying hen cages. — The service life of chicken cages made of hot-dip galvanized wire is as long as 20 years. And farmers can develop poultry breeding projects with peace of mind.

6) Reduce waste. – The chicken feed is evenly placed in the trough, and the outside of the trough is high, which can avoid feed waste caused by chickens shaking their mouths when eating feed.

7) Convenient management – In the four-story chicken coop, the farmer can easily count his chickens at any time, and it is also easy to collect eggs at this height.

8) Cleaning up poop made easy – Unlike deep litter that is more pressurized, litter in a battery cage system is easier to get out. Pure manure can also be sold, adding an additional source of income.

In conclusion, wholesale layer cages are a good deal in Zimbabwe. In addition to high-efficiency layer cages, we also have broiler cages, brooder cages and other automated poultry equipment for you to choose from. We use the best service to guide you to choose the best solution for your farm on the basis of understanding the products.

And we are always happy to provide technical support for our customers and partners. You may want to know more products, please leave a message or send an email to: ends99@zzlivi.com

Commercial Layer Battery Cage Increase Egg Production

Poultry farming is a commercial business that can help a person live a better life. Several practices have proved that the use of commercial battery cage systems is an effective way to increase egg production. In the layer battery cages, the laying hens can play better egg-laying performance, and the breakage rate of eggs is reduce to 0.3%. Poultry farming also yields more objective benefits.

Why Choose Commercial Battery Cages?

  • The commercial battery layer cage has the characteristics of high automation and can provide food and water for the chickens in the battery cage every day. Ensure that poultry have access to an adequate source of nutrients. This facilitates a steady increase in egg production.
  • Automated cleaning of chicken house. The environment in which the poultry is raised is very important. A clean environment for chickens is beneficial in reducing poultry sickness. Poultry farming equipment automated poultry manure removal systems can help you keep your house hygienic.
  • Automated egg collection equipment. This is necessary poultry farming equipment in commercial poultry farms. The eggs slide out from the inside of the chicken cage to the egg-picking belt, and then are transporte to the automatic egg-collecting equipment by the egg-picking belt. In a chicken farm with 20,000 laying hens, all eggs can be collected in half an hour.
  • Commercial chicken houses require the installation of climate control systems. If the chicken house is poorly ventilate and the sanitary conditions in the chicken house are not good, the concentration of harmful gases will exceed the standard. As a result, the health of the chickens will be compromise and productivity will be affected. Proper ventilation configuration can remove exhaust air, achieve target temperature and humidity, optimize air quality and static pressure, and save ventilation and temperature control costs.
  • Automated egg collection equipment. This is necessary poultry farming equipment in commercial poultry farms. The eggs slide out from the inside of the chicken coop to the egg-picking belt, and then are transported to the automatic egg-collecting equipment by the egg-picking belt. In a chicken farm with 20,000 laying hens, all eggs can be collect in half an hour.

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Also, we offer commercial battery chicken cages with factory prices. In commercial egg production, laying hens are manage at high densities. Therefore, the environment in which the hens are rais is often actively managed to promote optimal levels of productivity. The difference between egg laying systems is that cage systems are better for mass laying eggs. Therefore, better control of the environment, water and feed quality, and reduction of manure contamination of drinkers and feeders to protect hens from the external environment in unconventional systems.

How commercial layer battery cages manage laying hens to produce more eggs?

The status and role of commercial layer cages in poultry farms are indispensable. Poultry equipment equipment helps you play a major role in the temperature control of the chicken house, the light control of the chicken house, and the feeding of poultry.

Automatic battery chicken cage system
  1. Temperature control. Laying hens in chicken battery cages are sensitive to temperature changes. Therefore, poultry farming friends try to reduce the temperature change of the chicken house as much as possible. The temperature can be adjust in time according to the reaction of the flock.
  2. Make sure the house has good lighting conditions. The battery cages are stacked on top of each other, and the lighting will be uneven. Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with natural light and artificial lighting to ensure uniform light intensity throughout the chicken house and avoid very bright or very dark places. Be careful not to change the light conditions of the chicken house at will.
  3. Getting more eggs requires giving the hen an adequate source of nutrients, especially during the laying period. Giving hens extra protein in the feed can help increase egg size and number. It is recommended to provide higher levels of protein (18-20%) during the first few months of egg laying.
  4. Skilled use of poultry farming equipment. With the continuous improvement of scale and automation, poultry farming friends not only need to be familiar with the equipment, but also check frequently.

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Profit Margins of Commercial Chicken Farming

The development of any project requires upfront investment, and so does the poultry industry. So let’s start with the cost.

Up-front poultry farming cost input

Build a chicken house: Build a chicken house using commercial battery cage. The length, width and height are 66 meters * 8 meters * 3.5 meters. It will cost about $4000.

Buy chicks: $0.15 for one chick, $1500 for 10,000 chicks

Purchase equipment: 10,000 laying hens need about 63 sets of 4-layer 6-door laying hens that can accommodate 160 birds. The development of commercial poultry farming will be equipp with automated poultry farming equipment. The budget is estimat at $20,000-40,000.

Buy feed:

Chicks need about 1.8kg/brids,

10,000 chicks need to eat 18,000kg of feed,

18000kg feed x 0.5 USD equals 9000 USD

Adult chicken 10000 birds need 5.5kg/brids,

10,000 laying hens need to eat 55,000kg of feed,

55000kg feed x 0.5 USD equals 27500 USD

Feed cost for 10,000 laying hens is $36,500

The cost of epidemic prevention and management is about: 1500 US dollars

The initial investment of raising 10,000 laying hens is about 4,000 (building a chicken coop) + 1,500 (cost of buying chickens) + 20,000 (automated poultry breeding equipment) + 27,500 (feed) + 1,500 = $54,500

Profitable income from poultry farming

Egg income from 10,000 laying hens:

A hen can lay about 290 eggs in its lifetime

10,000 laying hens can lay 2,900,000 eggs

2,900,000 × 0.05 (price per egg) = $145,000

10,000 hens living in poultry cages for sale

10000×0.5 (one)=5000 USD

Sale of feces from 10,000 chickens living in battery cages

10000×0.3(kg)×1.2(kg per bird)=3600 USD

So the total income from 10,000 birds living in battery laying cages is 145000+5000+3600-54500=99100USD

Anyway, this is just a sample and prices may vary in different countries.

High Quality A Type Layer Chicken Cage for sale

What is A Type Layer Cage?

Layer chicken cages are equipment used to raise laying hens around 16 weeks old. Whether it is an open house or a closed house, layer cages are suitable. Like its name, the layer battery chicken cage looks like a capital A. With the prevalence of intensive poultry farming, laying hen cages are popular all over the world, especially in tropical countries such as Africa, Southeast Asia and South Asia where farmers are large. They also have enough land to raise poultry of all kinds.

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Our A-type layer cages for sale can be divided into two types: manual layer cages and automatic layer cages. The manual laying hen cage includes an automatic drinking water system and a trough. Breeding friends can match the automatic equipment according to the breeding requirements. The main configuration of a complete set of A-type laying hen cages includes feeding system, drinking water system, egg collector, manure cleaning machine, and temperature control system. Usually, a 3-4 layer layer cage, 1 set can raise 90/120/160 chickens.

A Type layer cages can be made into semi-automatic or fully automatic cage systems according to the special requirements of customers. If you need a custom cage, our technicians can help design A-type layer cages for free.Why Choose A Type Battery Chicken Cage?

Why Choose A Type Layer Chicken Battery Cage?

Poultry farm a type egg cage equipment is generated to meet the huge demand for poultry meat and egg products in the market. It meets the requirements of poultry farming friends to develop intensive poultry farming projects. Improve the efficiency of poultry breeding and make full use of the space of the chicken cages.

  1. Our A type layer cage system equipment only has the hot-dip galvanizing process, which is smooth and durable, and does not hurt chicken feet.
  2. Only the strong Q235 international steel wire rod makes the service life of the poultry layer cage about 20 years.
  3. The use of laying hen cage system has a high degree of automation, which can realize the management of 1-3 people in a chicken house with 20,000 birds.
  4. The chickens in the poultry cage are cared for, which can effectively increase the egg production.
  5. Chickens live in battery cages. Facilitate centralized management, reduce labor and labor costs,
  6. The battery cage is generally 3 or 4 tiers chicken layer cage. Save land area and improve production efficiency.
advantage of battery layer chicken cage

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A Type Chicken Cage Specification

Our layer cage equipment adopts narrow bottom and large slope groove. Conducive to poultry feeding, saving feed. The area of each chicken is about 440 square centimeters, the space is larger, and the chicken life is more comfortable. Conducive to the healthy growth of chickens.

chicken layer cage specafication

The number of units in a layer cage can vary according to your needs. Poultry farming friends need to pay attention that the interval between each row of cages is preferably 1 meter. It is beneficial to maintain good ventilation and temperature and humidity.

How to Choose the Poultry Equipment Suitable for Chicken Farm?

Choosing the right poultry equipment for your chicken farm needs to be based on the number of poultry you are raising.

If you have 5,000 – 15,000 chickens, we recommend purchasing a manure cleaner as well as a poultry battery layer cage. By removing manure in a timely manner, you will reduce the likelihood of disease and increase egg production while saving more time and labor costs. Scraper cleaners are the most economical type. For this number of chickens, a semi-automatic chicken feeder is also require. It’s small and costs less than a fully automatic chicken feeder, and since it uses a poultry battery cage system, you’ll avoid the inconvenience of power outages. It only takes half an hour to feed 10,000 chickens, saving a lot of labor.

If you have more than 15,000 laying hens, you may need fully automated poultry equipment including battery cage systems, automatic feeders and drinkers, automatic egg collectors, and poultry manure scrapers (automatic manure removal systems).

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If your operation is larger than 50,000 chickens, you will need feed silos. For fewer than 50,000 chickens, you only need one screw conveyor to deliver the food to the hopper. If you want to build a closed coop design, you need to know that exhaust fans and cooling pads are necessary items of environmental control equipment. If you have an open house system and the weather is hot, you can use an atomizer.

Reliable Poultry Cage Manufacturer and Supplier

LIVI Machinery As one of the most professional layer cage manufacturers and suppliers, we always use high-quality materials. The wire we use for layer cages is very tough and hard, and is malleable and malleable so it won’t be damag under pressure.

chicken battery layer cage test

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We have more than 30 years of experience in the production and sale of poultry farming equipment. Our layer cages, broiler cages, brooder cages and automatic poultry farming are exporting to more than 80 countries. Widely praised by customers.

We will deliver satisfactory products to you with the best quality, and solve the problems you encounter in the process of using poultry breeding chicken battery cage system with the best solutions and the most warm and thoughtful after-sales service.

You can contact us directly by leaving a message and tell us how many chickens you would like to feed, if you have built a chicken house, or how big your chicken house needs to be. We will arrange for our professional team to contact you to provide you with the best solution.

Layer Cage System in Zambia poultry farm for 20000 birds

Battery cage systems for layer in Zambia are welcome in modern automatic poultry farms, especially those that prefer commercial poultry farming projects. Poultry are raised in poultry equipment for layer for easy feeding, manure removal and egg collection. This poultry cage system allows laid eggs to roll from the cage to the receiving trough, while the food container is outside the cage and water is supplied through pipes with drinking nipples.

A Type Battery Layer Chicken Cage

A type layer cages include manual chicken cages (with automatic drinking water, food troughs) and automatic chicken cages. It is suitable for open house and closed house and is popular in tropical countries such as Africa. If you plan to carry out a poultry project with 5000-30000 birds, A-type battery laying cages are the best choice.

The advantage of the Automatic A Type Layer Cage is that it has a high degree of automation and is equipped with automatic egg collection, feeding, manure cleaning, drinking water, environmental control and other equipment. Make poultry farming more efficient and save labor costs.

A type automatic layer chicken cage anf A type manual battery layer cage

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A frame manual laying hen cage is suitable for poultry farming friends who are on a low budget but want to raise more than 5000 birds. Poultry farming friends are more willing to use manual hen cage with automated manure removal equipment. It is simple to operate, easy to manage, and affordable.

Advantages of A-type layer chicken cages

LIVI Machinery poultry equipment for layer are of excellent quality and passed ISO9001:2008 certification, with scientific design, efficient work, sturdy structure and low installation service costs. The cage net and cage leg support frame are made of Q235 international steel wire, which ensures that the cage net provides enough elasticity for the laying hens to make the chickens feel good for laying eggs.

1. The layer equipment has simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and low input cost.
2. More suitable for use in areas with little rain. Rugged construction for long life.
3. The number of birds raised per unit area is higher.
4. Easy to deliver and install on customer farm and maintain.
5. The overlapping part of the A-type cage is small, which is more convenient for the ventilation of the chicken house.

Layer Cage System Specifications

Our layer chicken cages are reasonably design. Chickens have plenty of room to move around in the cage. Below are the specifications for our layer cage systems. If you want to customize it according to the situation of the chicken house, we also have the service of customized chicken cage.

Automatic Poultry Feeding System

Mobile hopper (feeder) and chain feeding systems are available. Feeding carts connected to the silo by means of a transverse feeding auger are more popular here. In this system, the feed is automatically distributed from the feed bunker to the feed trolley by means of screw augers located in pipes with a diameter of 90-150 mm, and finally reaches the trough evenly. The automated feeding system can be adjusted to the condition of the flock.

Automatic Poultry Manure Cleaning System

The scraper type manure collector is specially designed for the A-type cage system with manure pit under the cage. The chicken manure falls from the cage into the manure pit, and the scraper can collect the manure in the manure pit to the outside of the chicken house. This system is a popular design in the Chinese market or other countries that want to raise chickens in cages on the floor.

Automatic A Type Layer Cage is equipped with automatic egg collection, feeding, manure cleaning, drinking water, environmental control and other equipment

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Automatic Poultry Drinking System

The automatic drinking water system is composed of water pipes, water nozzles and water pressure valves, which can ensure the same pressure before and after. Drinking nipples are also by far the best equipment to ensure that the flocks have an adequate supply of clean water in their cages.

Automatic Poultry Egg collection system

It consists of egg collecting machine, egg collecting belt and egg collecting belt hook. Automated egg collection systems can range from 3 to 10 tiers. The battery layer cage can also be equipped with an egg delivery system that can transport all the eggs from different houses to the egg storage room. The egg collection system can greatly reduce the egg breaking rate and reduce labor.

Automatic Environment Control System

The automated poultry environmental control system mainly includes fans, wet curtains, and small windows. They are using for ventilation and cooling the chicken farm. Keep the house temperature around 25°C. Provide a good and comfortable growing environment for chickens.

20000 Birds Automatic Battery Cage System in Zambia

The poultry farming project we help is in Zambia. Customer Mr. A has a strong interest in the poultry layer breeding project. We recommended the poultry equipment A-type layer cage to Mr. A, which is equipped with automatic feeding, manure cleaning, egg collection, drinking water, and environmental control equipment. Also, depending on available land. Our professionals have provided poultry house design and recommended optimal solutions for poultry farmers.

Client says: With automated poultry equipment, I’m not hiring people to help me manage 20,000 birds.

The chicken house design scheme is put into use to the poultry raising equipment

Tips for Running a Poultry Farm Successfully

Over the years, poultry farming projects have performed very well in markets around the world, especially in Zambia. There is a huge market demand in the field of poultry farming. The most common breeds are laying hens, broilers, chicks and other chicken species. Whichever you choose has good profit margins. For poultry farming friends who want to pursue success in Zambia, choosing poultry farming is undoubtedly a high-quality opportunity.

“Commercially raising different types of poultry for the production of meat and eggs”. Poultry farming projects can be profitable when you have the right business philosophy and farming knowledge. We have analyzed it in detail and prepared some key secrets to enhance mastery of the skills to successfully develop a poultry farming project.

poultry farm

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Essential Requirements for Success in Poultry Farming

The successful development is inseparable from the location of the poultry farm project in the chicken house, the selection of chicken breeds, the construction of the chicken house, the feeding method, the purchased poultry farming equipment, etc.

Choice of chicken house address

When planning to discover a project, the location of the farm needs to be known. The farm site is far from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the poultry growing environment needs to be quiet to avoid stress. There should be electricity and adequate water sources near the farm. Ensure the normal use of poultry equipment and the use of lighting in the house. Clean water is available for poultry to drink and avoid getting sick. In addition, the transportation of the farm also needs to be more convenient. It is easy to transport poultry, feed, and sell poultry at a later stage. Market entry is also easy.

Poultry house

A chicken house is a sanctuary for poultry life. It occupies an important place in the development of poultry projects. If you plan to develop an intensive poultry farming project, the house must be spacious enough. It is recommended that the house be built in a south-facing location, so that the birds can not only avoid strong sunlight, but also facilitate air circulation.

Identify poultry breeds

Now the most marketable chicken breeds are: laying hens, broilers, and chicks. Laying hens: Laying hen breeds are commonly used to produce eggs for commercial use. Therefore, if you plan to produce eggs for commercial use, it is important to choose a high-producing layer breed.

Broilers: Broilers grow very fast, and by eating a certain amount of food, they gain slaughter weight in a very short period of time. They are usually used for mass production of meat.

When you can’t decide what kind of chicken to keep, check out your local market or pay attention to poultry farming information.

Buy poultry equipment in Zambia

According to market research: about 75% of poultry meat and 70% of eggs are grown in battery cages. Poultry equipment battery cages are an efficient way to raise poultry. Poultry equipment can effectively save land, feed and labor. Integrate resources to ensure that poultry can be better cared for. Therefore, it is very necessary to purchase poultry equipment chicken cages.

Automatic battery chicken cage system

Most importantly, the success of your poultry farm business largely depends on the quality of your poultry equipment. While there are many types of chicken equipment, you can start with the most basic. For example: chicken cages, manure cleaning equipment, drinking water equipment, etc. With a quality poultry battery cage in Zambia, you can keep your chickens better cared for.

Poultry farming management

A successful project is inseparable from management measures. The hygiene of the chicken house, the measures of epidemic prevention, etc. Poultry farming friends must know that the losses caused by sick chickens are huge. Therefore, when poultry is placed in the chicken coop, it is necessary to disinfect and manage the personnel entering. This can not only better protect the flock from harm.

Find the market to sell poultry

When you choose to develop a poultry farming business, one of the important things to do well in market research is marketing poultry products. Identify the target group for your product. In the initial stage of the chicken raising project, you can sell your products to the surrounding. This not only reduces shipping time but also costs. When you grow over time, you can get a lot of loyal customers.

In the end, I believe you have the clues to meet the challenges of being a poultry farmer and provide them with the best solutions. Therefore, you should start now to develop a coping strategy to meet the challenges in poultry farming, and I wish you the best of luck.

How to Start A Modern Poultry Farming?

If you are planning to start a modern poultry farming, keep chickens as a business. You must be willing to know how to get started.

Modern poultry farms cannot do without the use of automated battery cages. Adequate water sources, nutritious feed, and knowledge of poultry farming are also required to feed and manage them.

Along with pork, beef and fish, chicken products are one of the most common sources of nutrition on the table. Chickens have become an important part of people’s lives, and large-scale poultry production is enough to meet the nutritional needs of a family’s animals.

open house poultry farming bussiness

Choose the Right Address

It is very important to choose a good farm location for your poultry farm. You should choose a location that has the necessary amenities and benefits your business. It needs to be far from the city center, but also easily accessible. Conducive to later transportation. This location also means that land and labor are relatively inexpensive.

In addition, poultry can be loud and emit unpleasant odors, which can easily spread disease. Therefore, it is necessary to consider not only the feelings of the surrounding residents, but also the safety of chickens. Build the coop away from residential areas.

Design of Chicken Farm

After choosing the location of your farm, design a comfortable house for your poultry. In modern poultry farming, battery cages are essential poultry equipment. You can go to some nearby farms to inspect the poultry cages and maybe get the idea.

The battery cage system for layer is to drop the bird in the cage. Chickens can be grouped in different cage compartments. Breeding friends no longer have to worry too much about drinking water and feeding, because there are feeders and drinkers in each compartment to ensure that each bird can drink water and food.

The design of any poultry project depends on scale. If you plan to raise 10,000 birds, then you probably need a chicken house with a length and width of 72m*8m. Of course, how your specific chicken farm is set up also depends on your budget, and how many chickens you plan to keep.

battery chicken cage system in modern poultry farming

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Placing Battery Cages in Poultry Farming

The success of your poultry farm project largely depends on the quality of the battery cage equipment. Purchasing quality poultry equipment will allow your poultry to be more comfortably cared for.

Choose chicken cages that matches your breed. Broiler battery cages suitable for broilers cannot be used for laying hens. Layer battery cages suitable for laying eggs cannot be used to breed broilers, etc. So different breeds of poultry are paired with a different breed of poultry cage. It is necessary to purchase chicken battery cages that meets your poultry project.

The cages used to make the poultry cages are also very important. The steel needs to be strong and hard enough to withstand pressure. It also needed ductility so that the cage wouldn’t break even under stress. The durability of the trough is also worth testing. The PVC material used in the high-quality equipment trough. It can not only effectively prevent the chicken from throwing out the feed, but also save the feed.

Poultry Farming Equipment Supplier

LIVI Machinery provides poultry farming equipment (battery layer cages, battery broiler cages, brooder cages, etc.) to poultry farming friends all over the world. We can also provide customized chicken cages according to your requirements.

We have professional team and factory. With more than 30 years of experience, we can escort your poultry farming projects. Our battery cage system in poultry farms has been widely praised in more than 80 countries including Ghana, Zambia, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, United States, Sudan, Suriname, etc.

Layer Hen Cages for Sale

Layer cages are generally suitable for producing eggs for commercial use. Therefore, a poultry cage for layer is necessary if you plan to produce eggs for commercial use.

The laying hen cage for sale by LIVI Machinery are well-designed. It comes with large sliding doors, which means you have easier access to the chicken. The bottom of the cage has a 7° angle of inclination, which ensures that the eggs can be safely rolled out of the cage without being hurt. Eliminate the possibility of hens pecking eggs.

Our chicken cages for layer make better use of installations. A set of chicken hen cages is equipped with the required accessories, water tanks, troughs, pipes, valves, etc. 3-tier layer cages and 4-tier layer chicken cages are widely popular, and they are suitable for chicken houses with a height of about 3.5m.

cooperate with poultry farming friends

Broiler Chicken Cages for Sale

Broilers grow very fast, and by eating a certain amount of food, they gain slaughter weight in a very short period of time. They are usually used for mass production of meat. This also means that the purchased broiler cages have broad prospects for the development of intensive holiday farming.

Broiler cages provide a cleaner and healthier growing environment than deep litter systems while saving space and increasing production. We have 3-8 layers of broiler cages, the three-layer broiler cage is the most popular. It is also possible to configure your farm with an automated feeding system so that every bird has access to feed, ultimately increasing profits. In addition, the automatic manure removal system is also one of the necessary chicken raising equipment, which can effectively prevent chickens from getting sick.

All chicken cage equipment of LIVI Machinery Poultry Equipment Manufacturer are made of high-quality Q235 international steel wire and galvanized for corrosion resistance. Our company’s battery cage system equipment has been verified and praised by poultry farming friends all over the world. We also have automatic feeding equipment, automatic egg collection equipment, automatic manure cleaning system, automatic manure cleaning system, etc.

Questions About Starting Poultry Farming Project

  1. Which type of poultry makes the most money?

From the perspective of development, the laying hen farming project is the most profitable poultry farming project. Eggs can be sold when they can lay eggs. The hens can still sell chickens after the laying period. earn more profit.

  1. Can you make money raising chickens?

Poultry farming is perfect for people who love animal husbandry, keep birds and enjoy farm life. Poultry farming is a highly profitable business if you can properly operate it under acceptable methods and conditions that are conducive to the poultry.

  1. What poultry equipment is needed for intensive farming?

To start a successful poultry farm, you need to install good poultry equipment for your poultry farm. For example: feeders, drinkers, battery cages, egg handling equipment, and vaccination programs.

Cost of Rearing 10000 Layers in Uganda

A full understanding of the investment and return of the laying hen and egg poultry farming project will make poultry breeding friends who are hesitating. Poultry farming business plans are indeed hugely profitable. Owning a chicken farm of 10,000 birds is an exciting and lucrative adventure.

Preparation for laying hen project

Poultry farming in Uganda has a large market and not a secret objective profit point. The success of a laying hen farming project is inseparable from a detailed business plan, purchasing land to build a chicken farm, purchasing poultry farming equipment, purchasing chickens, and choosing nutritious feeds. Next we will learn more about it.

battery chicken layer cage for 10000 birds

Poultry Egg Farming Business Plan for 10000 Layers

A detailed business plan for 10,000 laying hens can be developed before starting poultry farming. This already shows that you are more than half successful in your poultry farming project. He can give you firm knowledge when you are lost and want to give up. Please do not ignore the important role of a plan.

Chicken House Dimensions for 10000 layers

A land with a length of 70m and a width of 8m can be placed in A-type 4-tier layer cages to breed 10,240 laying hens. The land rent is about 165USD. This size is just an example, you can also design based on your existing land, but the length of the land should not be less than 50 meters.

Cost of Poultry Equipment for Chicken Farming

With the popularity of modern poultry farming equipment, it has become a trend for equipment to be used on farms. It can not only save labor costs, but also improve the efficiency of poultry farming. So what poultry farming equipment is needed to raise 10,000 birds in Uganda?

chicken layer cage system for 10000 birds in Uganda

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Battery layer cages in Uganda are very suitable for developing poultry farming. We recommend that you use layer cage equipment for use in open houses. If you prefer automatic equipment, it can be equipped with automatic drinking water, feeding, cleaning manure, collecting eggs, etc. However, automated cage breeding is a trend, which not only saves labor costs, but also avoids uneven artificial feeding and improves the egg production rate of poultry. 

Buy Chicken

The period from newly hatched chicks to the start of laying eggs is generally 0-17 weeks (with pullets). The laying period is generally 18 to 100 weeks (battery laying cages are required). Each bird is about 0.3USD, so 10,000 birds need about 3,000USD.

In poultry farming equipment, the chicken coop and auxiliary equipment reach the chicken house. You can let laying hens around 15 weeks into the battery cage. Poultry farmers must pay attention to the quality of chickens when purchasing chickens. Don’t be greedy for cheap sick chickens. Not worth the loss.

Choose Nutritious Feed

For laying hens living in battery cages, feed plays an important role as the only source of nutrition. If the laying hens in the laying period need 65 kg each and the feed is 0.4 USD per kg, then 10,000 birds need 256,000 USD

Profit from 10,000 Birds Poultry Farming Project

The laying rate of laying hens for eggs depends on the care and management of the farm. If the birds are well cared for and properly managed, yields and profits are high.

automatic chicken farm for 10000 birds

Laying time of laying hens. Hens start laying eggs at 20 weeks of age. The egg production rate doubles every week: 5%→10%→20%→40%, after rising to 40%, it doubles: 40%→60%→80%, and it rises to more than 90% after 6~7 weeks of egg production. If it is 160 days (22.85 weeks old), the egg production rate is only 60%, which is a normal phenomenon. 189~203 days (27~29 weeks of age) enter the peak period, and the average egg production rate can reach more than 90% (that is, the peak period is reached about 6~7 weeks after the start of egg production), and the peak period should last for more than two weeks.

Then the income that eggs can bring to you is 10,000 (chicken) * 700 (day egg laying period) * 85% (egg production rate) * 0.09 (USD/chicken) = USD 535,500. The chickens are culled after the laying period. If 10000 laying hens*1.5(/KG)*2(KG/bird)= USD 300,000. So, raising 10,000 birds can set you back USD 835,500.

Of course this is without deducting investment costs. Now do the calculations. The initial investment in purchasing land, building houses, buying poultry equipment, buying chickens, and preparing feed is estimated to cost USD400,000. In this way, if 100,000 birds are raised, the final profit will be 835,500-400,000= USD435,500.

To be precise, raising chickens can lift you out of poverty. With the assistance of automated poultry equipment, this is the easiest agricultural investment project. As a poultry farmer, you can be successful in your chicken project.

If you are looking for an affordable and high-quality battery cage system of poultry farming (layer battery cage, broiler cage, chick cage) and other poultry equipment for poultry farming projects, you can leave a message. We not only have a professional team to design the chicken farm for you, but also provide customized services. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Commercial Chicken Layer Cages for Sale From Poultry Cage Manufacturers

Commercial Chicken Layer cages develop modern poultry farming projects. With the rapid development of modern animal husbandry, fully automatic battery cages have been widely used by chicken farmers at home and abroad. And you can get involved with or without poultry farming experience and expertise.

What is Chicken Layer Cages?

The battery cages is like a tier of cages stacked on top of each other. It is suitable for use in chicken cage systems, but is mainly used for laying hens. With this method, a large number of hens can be kept in a very limited space, thus reducing costs and obtaining the same level of eggs.

LIVI Poultry Equipment Manufacturer is one of the famous manufacturers in China. There are hundreds of professionals in the design and production of poultry equipment. With a thorough understanding of all aspects of poultry equipment in the market, we can provide A-type layer cages, H-type layer chicken cages, broiler cages, brooding chicken cages and related equipment for poultry farming friends from all over the world. You can also provide the shape and size you want, and we provide you with a customized service

A Type Layer Cage 

A Type layer cage is also called A frame laying hen cage. It mainly consists of cage nets, cage racks, drinking water equipment, food troughs, manure cleaning equipment, and egg collection equipment. Suitable for laying hens around 12-16 weeks.

A frame chicken cages are generally 3 or 4 tiers. The structure is simple and easy to operate. And poultry farming friends can learn and operate quickly. And the selectivity of automation equipment is relatively high, and poultry farming friends can combine them according to their own requirements for poultry farms. And the input cost is lower than the cost of the H frame chicken cage. A Type laying hen cage is suitable for poultry farms with 5000-30000 birds.

battery layer chicken cage system

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H Type Layer Chicken Cage

The H-type battery chicken cage for commercial laying hens has the characteristics of high degree of automation and high breeding density. It can save labor costs, land, and reduce construction investment and management costs. She is ideal for intensive large poultry farms. Our LIVI Machinery is made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized material, which has excellent corrosion resistance, and the service life of the cage can reach 20 years.

One automated house with automated feeding system, automated drinking water system, automated egg collection system, automated manure removal system, automated environmental control system, etc., each house can accommodate 50,000 chickens. Only 1 worker is required for management.

Advantages of Battery Cage System for Layers

The automated poultry equipment layer cage system optimizes the limited space of the chicken house, making poultry farming more convenient and efficient. Not only does it save labor costs, but also poultry farming friends can make huge profits on this project.

Poultry can receive warm attention. By using the battery cage system, feed, water can be easily transported to the laying hens at any time. You no longer have to worry about the environment of the chicken house, the automatic manure removal system will clean the chicken manure outside the chicken house at any time. Eggs can also be easily collected. thereby increasing egg production in poultry.

Poultry feeding systems can provide the right amount of food and water to each bird. Their use can reduce food waste and increase feed conversion. The automated egg collection system transports the eggs to the designated location, and then workers collect them centrally.

The automatic manure removal system is equipped with two sets of manure removal devices to ensure that the chicken house is clean and pollution-free. The stool belt is made of high-strength PP composite material, which is resistant to friction and has a long service life.

How Many Chickens are in Layer Cage?

There are many sizes and specifications of chicken cages on the market, and you should choose a battery cage based on the type of chicken you raise and the climate of your project. Egg laying is suitable for laying hens, meat-eating broiler cages, and their specifications are all different.

LIVI Machinery provides high quality battery cage systems for poultry farming equipment to poultry farmers everywhere. Our layer cage system is loved by the majority of farming friends all over the world, and is well received. Below are our battery layer cage specifications.

If your breeding volume is more than 5,000, we will reasonably suggest that you choose a 4-tier 5-door tier cage equipment and be equipped with manure cleaning equipment. The chicken manure can be removed in time to reduce disease and improve egg production rate.      

What is The Cost of Battery Cage for Poultry?

Once your poultry farming business plan is in place, it’s time to take the plunge – purchasing poultry equipment. First choose a trusted poultry equipment manufacturer. Once again I will introduce LIVI Machinery, a trusted poultry equipment manufacturer. Provide auxiliary equipment such as layer cages, broiler cages, and brooding chicken cages for poultry farmers around the world.

We offer affordable battery cage prices for everyone. LIVI chicken coops typically hold 90-160 birds. The price of laying hen cages is between 100-200 US dollars. The price will be a little higher if you want to have automated equipment that comes out to drink water and out of the trough. With us you will get the best price. If you are interested in our battery cages, please leave a message. We will contact you within 24 hours.

How Much Space Do You Need for 10000 Layer Chickens?

If you are planning a poultry farming business plan for 10,000 birds, but don’t know how much land you need to accommodate the chickens. You can also find us. We can not only provide you with affordable chicken layer cage for poultry but also provide customized services for your chicken farm.

Suppose you own a piece of land with a length and width of 72m*8m. He can hold 10,000 birds entirely. Specifically, it can be:

Cage Type: A type, 4 tier, 5 door, 160 birds/unit.

Chicken Cage Layout: 2 rows/house, 34 units/row, 68 units/house.

Chicken House Size: 72M*8M*3M.

Total Capacity of One Chicken House: 10880 birds/house.

You can add automation to your house. For example: manure cleaning equipment, feeding equipment, etc. More time and labor costs can be saved.

Chicken Layer Battery Cage of Poultry Management

Now poultry farming has also moved towards modernization and scale. Raising chickens in battery layer cages has become a trend. At the same time, the quantity and efficiency of poultry farming are effectively commissioned. Poultry management also needs to be improved.

Allow enough time for chickens that have just been moved to the new environment. In addition, the ambient temperature of the chicken house is best controlled at about 20 °C.

The second point is that poultry farming needs to control the hygiene of drinking water. Farmers must provide adequate and clean water. Drinking water systems are also frequently disinfected.

Feed is an important guarantee for the healthy growth of poultry. Farmers should provide fresh, safe and hygienic feed in a timely manner. And we must carefully manage and use the feed well, eliminate waste, and reduce the cost of raising chickens.

When immunizing chickens, farmers must strictly follow the scientific and reasonable immunization procedures set by the regulations, and do a good job in vaccinating the flocks.

How Much Battery Cages for Layer in South Africa?

The battery cages in South Africa are suitable for laying hens, broilers, chicks, etc. Battery layer cages are popular in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and other countries. More and more farmers are also more willing to develop intensive poultry farming projects.

Description for battery chicken cage from poultry equipment manufactures

LIVI Mechanical Poultry Equipment Manufacturer produces quality poultry battery cage systems. Using Q235 international steel wire rod. The chicken cage can be used for up to 20 years without rusting.

Chicken cages are divided into A-type and H-type battery cages. A Type chicken cages are generally 3 or 4 tiers. It is suitable for chicken houses with a breeding capacity of 5000-30000 birds. The degree of automation can be free in principle. H-type chicken cages are suitable for chicken houses with more than 30,000 chickens. High degree of automation.

A complete cage contains: cage net, frame, drinking nipple drinker, trough, fixing accessories and installation tools. The following is the detailed size of the chicken battery cages we produce.

A-Type-and-H-Type-Battery-Layer-Cage--with-Autoamtic-Feeding,-Egg-Collection-System Price List

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Commercial Chicken Cage for Sale in LIVI Machinery

LIVI Machinery has 30 years of experience in designing and producing battery cage systems. Products are exported to more than 80 countries including South Africa, Ghana, the United States, the United Kingdom, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda.

Our company provides affordable battery cage prices for poultry farming friends. And the quality is guaranteed. Allowing you to develop your poultry farming project with confidence for 20 years.

The reference price of the battery cage is 100~250USD/set (excluding automation equipment). Different chicken cage materials, different quality, different capacities, and different prices. If you want to know the latest chicken cage prices, please contact us.

Battery Cage for Layer– The Best Rearing System

Taking the following points into consideration, you can decide whether a battery cage system is right for your poultry farming project.

  1. Egg production

If you are troubled by the production of laying hens, then choosing battery cages for laying hens is a good way. Because the hens get better care in the cages. And the bottom of the chicken layer cage has a 9° inclination to ensure that the eggs can roll out of the cage net.

In addition, the layer cage equipment provided by our company can make the laying rate reach 98%.

  1. Improve feed conversion ratio

In the battery cage system, the feed is converted to the greatest extent possible. The movement of the chickens is restricted and the feed eaten is more absorbed. This will translate into more frequent conversions.

  1. Collecting eggs, cleaning up manure becomes easy

Battery cage system in South Africa are easier to collect eggs and clean up manure. Without automatic manure removal systems and automatic egg collection systems, laying hen poultry farmers would need to employ 6-10 people to do these jobs in a 10,000-bird chicken farm.

Our factory is strict in the selection of raw materials for battery cage equipment. Use Q235 as the most raw material. Every process is of strict standards. In addition, we can also provide professional design solutions for your chicken house. If you need it, please leave a message and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Quotation for Full Automated A Type Layer Cage System in South Africa

Automated A Type layer cages in South Africa are available at affordable prices. The battery chicken cages are mainly used for chicken raising equipment. It is suitable for the cages required for the production of laying hens and broilers. A Type chicken cages are mainly suitable for poultry farms with a breeding volume of 5,000-30,000 birds.


battery chicken cage system for layer


Battery Layer Cage System Keeps Chickens Healthier

  1. Many poultry chicken farmers do not get good results from the traditional way of raising chickens, thinking that they have overlooked the advantages brought by layer cages. The use of battery layerchicken cages to start a poultry business is a very good way to promote egg production of laying hens.
  2. The automatic batterylayer cage system has the use of automatic feeding, drinking, manure cleaning, egg collection, ventilation and other equipment. It allows poultry farmers to manage 30,000 birds without employing staff. This not only saves labor, but also improves production efficiency.
  3. In addition, the manure will automatically leak out from the bottom of the chicken cage and be automatically transport out of the chicken house. This will keep chickens healthy and make raising chickens a task for poultry farmers.



Get the Chicken Cages Price List from Layer Cage Manufacturers – LIVI Machinery

Our factory’s layer cages have high capacity and can accommodate a large number of chickens in a limited space.

This means that layer cage will save you construction costs and help you maximize the space available. Many A-type chicken cages can hold 90 to 160 chickens or more per unit, depending on the size and model you purchase, and of course we also offer affordable prices.

Therefore, it is worth investing in poultry farming using chicken cages with high holding capacity.


You don’t need to look very far to find a very affordable and high-quality poultry battery cage. You’ll find quality and affordable poultry equipment at LIVI Machinery’s layer cage manufacturers. If you want to know more information about poultry farming equipment: layer battery cages, broiler cages, brooding chicken cages, as well as incubators, egg washers and other equipment, please leave a message.