How to Ensure Good Ventilation in Poultry Farm House?

The job of ventilation is very important in each poultry farm coop, reasonable and effective ventilation can discharge the harmful gas inside the house, so that fresh air enters the chicken coop, which can effectively reduce the disease of your flocks.

The poultry farm equipment of poultry ventilation fan is a vital important machine for poultry farmers. Farmers need to pay attention to the following points in order to ensure the poultry climate control system can be effectively ventilated.

The ventilation fans in poultry climate control system are very vital link to provide suitable environment for your flocks.

  • Ensuring the tightness of the chicken house. If you want to use the fan equipment to achieve the perfect effect, poultry farmers must ensure the tightness of chicken house. Therefore, the farmers should check whether the tightness of the house is reasonable before sealing the fan. In poor hen houses, farmers need to work in closed areas where they are looking for air leaks, especially in front and back doors of chicken houses, dung boards and water curtains.
  • Use the air inlet and curtain to match the ventilation fan well. In order to get the good and even ventilation of poultry farming house, the farmers must ensure that the air inlet of the house and the use of the water curtain are matched with the fan. The air inlet must be opened symmetrically, and the deflector must be installed at the same time, and be careful that the angle of the deflector is parallel to the roof. This is done to allow the fresh air entering the house to reach the middle of the roof of the house, and is fully mixed and evenly distributed. Blow to the flock and avoid direct blows to the flock and affect the health of the flock.

The air deflector can adjust the air speed and air direction, yhus the cold air won't reach the chicken directly.

Finally, farmers should also be aware that the set ventilation environment can create suitable temperature for the flock. When ventilating, farmers need to consider comprehensively according to their age, sex, and environmental conditions. The higher the wind speed of the house, the lower the temperature of the body temperature of the chickens and the greater the gap between the recorded values of the thermometers. Therefore, the farmer cannot judge whether the ventilation of the house is suitable according to the thermometer; if the age of the flock is younger The wind-cooling effect caused by wind speed will be more obvious.

Poultry Laying Cages in Chicken Cages Manufacturers

The poultry laying cages in chicken cages manufacturers have the large scale quantity for sale. With the best quality and low cost investment, our poultry laying cages are the hot-selling products for poultry farmers. Livi Machinery is our chicken cages manufacturers selling the automatic poultry farming equipment, especially for poultry battery cage system.  In the modern time, the poultry laying cages constantly updated and developed, as a result, most chicken cages manufacturers are in the state of fierce compition.

With the increasingly expensive cost of labor and management , we advice the poultry farmers can develop towards moderate scale, standardization and automation poultry breeding. Our poultry laying cages contain the all features in your poultry breeding process. In the future, the automatic poultry farming equipment must become the choice of poultry chicken cage manufacturers. Our company has experienced long-term development and has already had the features of modern poultry farming.

Atype battery cage equipment are most sold for our customers.

Our poultry laying cages adopt the technology of electrostatic spraying process. This cage process method has been highly recognized by the chicken cage manufactures and our customers. The poultry battery cage system include layer cages, broiler cages, layer baby chick cages and broiler baby chick cages. Our chicken cage system has got the best reputation and our client’s praise. At the same time, customers who had bought our poultry laying cages commented that poultry farming equipment can prevent infectiuos disease effectively and the baby chick cages can improve the survival rate of chickens, thus their economic benefit can also improve greatly.

Baby chicken cages are helpful to the growth of chickens.

If you want to choose our poultry laying cages as your poultry farming equipment, please give us your basic information about the quantity of the flocks you will raise and your chicken shed area as well as the acceptable price, we will offer you the affordable price for poultry laying cages. You can also think about the poultry equipment supplies to realize your automation poultry breeding.

Automatic Chicken Farming Equipment and Cage For Sale

Automatic Chicken Farming Equipment For Sale

The automatic chicken farming equipment for sale  in poultry farming systems is considered as to meet the poultry farmers chicken coop requirements of the modern poultry farm. Chicken cage for sale in our machinery can promote the poultry farming manufacturers’ development. Poultry farmers may also choose the advanced and automatic chicken farming equipment, which are more essential for battery chicken cage farming mode. Livi Machinery have the ability to provide you the best chicken cage for sale and poultry farming equipment for poultry farmers.

Automatic chicken farming manufacturer provide the poultry farming equipment.

The Main Components of Chicken Farming Equipment

The chicken cage for sale include layer cages, broiler cages and layer baby chick cages and broiler baby chick cages. Farmers should first select the cages based on the chickens they have raised in their chicken shed, and then select the cages of the appropriate size based on the number of chickens they have raised and the size of the built chicken house. The most important point is that farmers can choose the electrostatic processing technology when purchasing. This poultry battery cage system has a long service life and will save farmers a large amount of equipment funds.

Apart from the chicken farming equipment for sale of poultry battery cage system, poultry feeding equipment used in most poultry farming industries should have the equal importance. Livi Machinery has a professional design system and automatic feeding system. Farmers only need to control the amount of feeding to ensure that they can walk on average. The application of poultry feeding machine can control the diet of chickens on the one hand, on the other hand, it can ensure the average diet of chickens and ensure their average growth.

We have a fuul set of chicken cage equipment for poultry farmers.

Chicken farming equipment for sale in Livi Machinery can make a successful poultry farming plot.We believe the Chicken cage for sale can satisfy your chicken farm.Welcome to inquiry us and we will reply you promptly for your any questions.

Chicken Poultry Equipment About Cage System For Sale

Chicken Poultry Equipment-A Professional Poultry Manufacturers

Chicken poultry equipment about cage system in Livi Machinery have a strong and abundant engineer for design the chicken poultry equipment. We have the best quality poultry battery cage system for layer cages, broiler cages and baby chick cages. All the poultry farming cage system in our poultry industry can give you much convenient and hygienic environment for the flocks. Two types of chicken cage can offer your chickens a comfortable living conditions. Chicken poultry equipment from our industry adopt the cage mesh of electrostatic spraying process. We have three types of chiken cages for sale.Livi poultry farm equipment with automatic poultry feeding machine can increase the effective of poultry breeding.

The Advantages of Chicken Poultry Equipment

The chicken cage uses a unique door reinforcement design that effectively prevents the feed from being wasted by the chicken head when the chicken is eating. The space inside the cage increases so that the birds can have enough space to move. Battery chicken cages have a service life of 15-20 years. The bottom of the cage is encrypted with a net and a bottom net, which can effectively prevent chickens from licking and licking, and prevent fatigue syndrome in laying hens. This high-density poultry farming mode can save the area of poultry farm land, and can prevent the incidence of bird disease and is conducive to epidemic prevention.Poultry farming equipment systems in Livi Machinery can give you good poultry farm efficiency.

Apart from the chicken poultry equipment of poultry battery cage system, we also equipped with poultry farming supplies in our poultry farming equipment of battery cage system to meet your farm an effective operation. The poulty equipment supplies such as poultry feeding system, poultry drinking system, poultry management system, egg collection system in egg processing system, climate control system and poultry manure removal system will guarantee the whole poultry farm a high efficiency.

Chicken poultry equipment in Livi Machinery can give you a best poultry farming plan. We welcome you to inquiry us and we will offer you the best service for you. We can also give you the prompt reply for your any questions.



Chicken Farm Equipment in Poultry Farming Manufacturers

Chicken Farm Equipment for Hot Sale

Chicken farm equipment in Livi Macinery all have advantages of specific design and management centralization. Chicken farm equipment and battery cages systems can provide poultry farmers three types of poultry cage system. Automatic layer cages, automatic broiler cages and layer baby chicks cages and broiler baby chicks cages. For example, all the chicken cages system in our industry contain two types-A-type and H-type chicken battery cage system.

The poultry chicken cage system have many sizes such as three tiers and four sizes. The size of three tiers is 1950mm*350mm*380mm for A-type. And the four tiers is 1950mm*450mm*410mm for A-type. For H-type poultry chicken cages system, there is four tiers used in most poultry farming cage systems. Our poultry chicken farm equipment all adopt the electrostatic spraying techniques. This metal spraying technology for poultry farming equipment can prolong the service life about 15-20 years.Chicken farm equipment in Livi Machinery are full automatic and low cost investment.

Chicken Farm Equipment Supplies For Poultry Industry

Chicken farm supplies in poultry equipment can increase your work effiency and save your much energy. Our chicken supplies such as poultry feeding system, poultry drinking system, poultry management system, egg collection system and climate control system have good population in our clients. Our poultry climate control system can adjust the environment for your flocks. If the chicken coop is much cooler in winter or much hotter in hot summer, Livi climate control system will play an important part in  your poultry farming manufacturers.

The poultry feeding system and poultry drinking system are our poultry industry’s hot-selling products. Chickens can be more healthier under the careful feeding of our automatic chicken feeding machine. By the virtue of characteristics of high quality, long service life, hygiene and reducing the waste of water and feed, protecting environment and saving costs, our poultry equipment supplies are the necessary items when clients are purchasing.chicken farm supplies play an vital part in poultry farming industry.

You can inquiry us and tell us about your basic farming conditions of your chicken breeding, and we will give you the suitable plan for you. Welcome to visit our poultry farming machinery.

If you are interested in Livi poultry equipment, or you have any questions, please contact us!

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The Necessity Poutry Equipment of Broiler cages for Poultry Farming

Poultry Framing Equipment and Battery Cage System of Broiler Cages

Broiler cages for poultry farming in modern poultry farming manufacturers mainly include the H-type cages. The broiler cages is the chicken cages specifically designed for broiler breeding flocks. The common broiler cages are cages with 3 or 4 tiers of stacked structure. Their design and construction are basically the same as those of laying hens. The application of land for high-density poultry farming is about 50% less than that of free-range farming. Centralized management of broiler cages for poultry farming can save energy and resources, reduce the incidence of poultry diseases. The unique cage design can  prevent the head from shaking effectively when the chicken feeds.stacked broiler cages for sale in Livi Mchinery.

According to the size of the poultry farm, poultry farmers can install an automatic poultry drinking system. If you want to save manpower, you can also install poultry nanagement system and poultry climate control system. Our poultry farming equipment and battery cage system for broiler cages have got good reputations from our clients. Livi Machinery also have abundant experience on broiler cages for poultry farming. Because we have more than 60 engineers and installation techinicians to make our broiler cages more advanced and keep the first-class quality in the world.

The main material of broiler cage mesh is electrostatic spraying which belongs to the best metal plating process. Our broiler cages for poultry farming’s size and capacity of the cage can meet the chicken’s activity and feeding needs.broiler cages for poultry farming are advanced equipment in Livi Machinery.

Livi broiler cages for poultry farming can provide the sanitary environment and reduce the mortality rate for broilers. Therefore, our cages can achieve the maximum growth of broilers and the uniform broiler flock with premium meat quality by using our broiler cages. If you decide to buy our cages, we can ensure you to get more more profits.

If you want to know more about broiler cages for poultry farming, you can email us and inquiry us at your convenience.

Advantages for Automatic Poultry Farming Chicken Equipment

Poultry farming chicken equipment is one of the most important chicken farming machicne. The poultry farming chicken equipment include layer cages, broiler cages, baby chick layer cages and baby chick broiler cages. By virtue of different varieties and planning models of battery farming cages, and the associated accessories farming equipment such as poultry manure removal system, poultry feeding system, egg collection system, large chicken supplies equipment of ventilation cooling, is helpful to saving poultry farmers time and epidemic prevention.

A-type poultry farming battery chicken cages and H-type chicken farming cages are Livi Machinery’s representatives. Each of type can suitable for layer battery cage and broiler battery cages. The poultry farming chicken farmers can adopt one of poultry farming cages to satisfy their poultry farming manufacturers requirements.  The specific metal plating processing for our farming equipment is beneficial to make sure durability and safety in poultry farming environment. All kinds of poultry battery cages for sale are available in our own production line according to clients’ requirements.

poultry farming chicken cage in our industry is very automated.
poultry farming cages

Livi Machinery are an excellent poultry farming equipment manufacturer and supplier with advanced and complete production lines as well as strong R & D technical team. Our products are exported all over the world and we have designed and manufactured poultry breeding equipment to meet the needs of our customers one after another. Reduce the investment risk of customers, so that customers in the shortest possible time to obtain high-yield, highly praised by customers.

Livi is one of China’s most famous poultry farming chicken cage suppliers, specializing in the production of a set of poultry farming equipment and supporting facilities. You can search for our website to get more information that you need.

If you are interested in Livi poultry equipment, or you have any questions, please contact us!

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Chicken Farming Cages in Poultry Farming Equipment Manufacturers

Chicken farming cages are widely used in poultry farm industry, for the reason of its easy management, high density and low mortality. The common capacity of chicken breeding cages are 3 tiers 4 cells 96 birds, 4 tiers 4 cells 128 birds. Chicken farming cages can be divided into A-type and H-type poultry battery cage system. Chicken farming cages usually consists of cage mesh, cage door, trough, sink and dung board. The cage can be divided into three parts, a set of electric heating cage, a set of insulated cage, and four groups of exercise cages. At present, four layers of structure are used widely, which is equipped with stacked cage. In the cage, there is a 10cm space to put in the manure removal board, and the dung plate can be moved, and the manure can be cleaned out every day or every other day.

chicken breeding cages in poultry farming equipment manufacturers
H type 3-tier chicken farming cage

chicken breeding cages in poultry farming equipment manufacturers
chicken farming cage suppliers

There are distinguished features on the automation equipment of chicken farming cages, low input cost and quick gains. Taking many factors into consideration like cost and earning, buyers can choose chicken cages in different configuration including non-automation, semi-automation, and low-level and high configuration automation.The automatic poultry farming battery cage equipment have accessory system such as poultry feeding system, poultry drinking system, poultry climate control system, egg collection system, poultry manure removal system and poultry management system.

Chicken farming cages are one of the most recognized poultry farming equipment in caged chicken farming. Before buying a perfect chicken farming cages for your poultry industry, you can tell us your requirements. Also the cost depends on what equipment with the battery cage of the poultry and the associated poultry accessories equipment.

If you want to know more about our chicken farming cages, please take a look at our poultry farming cages and poultry supplies.


Automatic Poultry Feeder System Fitted With Poultry Farming Cages

The automatic poultry feeder system contains automatic gantry feeder machine and automatic ladder type feeder machine in Livi Machinery. The automatic gantry feeder machine uses lifting material, hopper and rail hopper, which also greatly improve the productivity of labor and avoid cross-infection and spread of the epidemic viruscaused by manual feeding.

Automatic gantry feeding  machine consist of nine parts: horizontal auger screw conveyor, hopper, control panel, propel machinery ( running gear ), adjustable-speed motor and walking geared motor,  length-ways auger screw conveyor, motor for lifting fodder, frame and disinfection spray system. Each unit of automatic gantry feeder machine can guarantee the normal performance of automatic poultry feeder system. Customer can adjust itself according to breeding conditions, which effectively improve the efficiency and reduce feed consumption.

automatic poultry feeder machine
feeding machine (gantry type) for A type

Automatic ladder type feeder machine can also called automatic feeding trolley system, which is characterized by intensive management and  fully automatic electrostatic spraying process. Automatic ladder type feeding system is designed scientifically, with advantages of reasonable structure, durability, and easy to operate. Farmers can simply press the button on the display panel to complete the feeding operation, keeping down labour costs, centralized control, easy to disease prevention and control, and to extend the chicken laying period.

automatic poultry feeder system
automatic ladder type feeder machine

With the features of a high degree of automation, low noise, even feeding mode and long service life, the automatic poultry feeder system can greatly improve the productivity of chickens and avoid unnecessary waste caused by manual feeding. The automatic laddr type feeder machine is suitable for A-type chicken cages and H-type chicken cages.

Hot-dip Galvanized of Battery Chicken Cages For Sale

Three or four levels of battery chicken cages for sale with the advanced metal process technology of hot-dip galvanized plating process. Adopted by Q235 internatioal standard steel cage, white PVC trough, ball valve automatic drinking water equipment, white PVC water pipes, 3MMu galvanized steel shelf, closed-loop regulator.
Advantage of chicken cage mesh: Q235 internatioal standard steel cage is good elasticity, no distortion, life does not sag. Coupled with the perfect double-layer galvanized, so that the cage is not raw embroidered within a few years, the service life of up to 12 years. Scientific cage design, effectively reduce the chicken in the cage of the degree of fatigue and improve egg production. Reasonable spatial layout, so that chicken in the cage accidental fatality has the rate of 0 percent, the egg damage rate can decrease by 0 percent. High quality cages divided into three-tier and four-level chicken cage for sale.

4-tier chicken cage for sale

 Battery Chicken Cage for Sale Specifications:
Three-level chicken cage: 195 * 230 * 156cm
Four-level chicken cage: 195 * 265 * 170cm

Accessories of Poultry Farming quipment Supplies:

1. White PVC trough new PVC material, compression, heat, no distortion, not broken. Life of 15 years. Withstands pressure resistance: Adults can walk freely above them.
2.3MM U-beam Galvanized Shelf: GB 3MM thick steel plate, U shape design. Can withstand 350 kilograms of pressure. With double galvanized, the service life of 15 years.
3. Ball valve automatic drinking water equipment: 360-degree rotation design, flow, water enough. Not leaks. It is easy to meet the chicken’s drinking water needs. Imported stainless steel ball. The useful life of 14 years. 3 years of damage or leakage, free replacement. (Except for man-made damage)
4. White PVC pipe new PVC material, no deformation, high temperature, not easily damaged. Not with the water
Impurities produce chemical reactions, thus ensuring that chickens can drink clean, healthy water. The useful life of 15 years.
5. Enclosed regulator: fully enclosed design, pressure regulator and filter combination, you can adjust any length of the shed pressure.

Advantages of Battery Chicken Cages for sale :

1. Cages can be used for about 15 years
2. Chicken in the growth process without mortality
3. Eggs will not be damaged or fall out of the cage with the application of egg collection system.
4. It can increase the egg production rate.

If you want to know more about chicken cage, please inquiry us!