What are the advantages of using chicken cages to raise chickens

Now more and more farms choose to buy battery cages to raise chickens. What are the advantages of using chicken cages to raise chickens


After the chicks grow up, you may need to transfer them to the chicken coop. Cage breeding is more suitable for commercial farms because it saves space and feed. In addition, chickens are separated from their feces, so cages reduce the spread of disease and the risk of infection.



The benefits of cages are roughly divided into the following points:

1. High feeding density
Make full use of chicken coops and various technical equipment to increase the density of chickens. Generally, only 5-6 chickens can be raised per square meter of ground, and a maximum of 20 chickens can be raised in a three-layer vertical overlapping cage. This greatly saves the space and cost required to construct the chicken coop. The laying hen cage system is mainly composed of cages, feeding, drinking water, lighting, waste treatment, automatic egg collection, environmental control systems, etc.


2. Save labor
The chickens are kept in cages, unable to move, no water, no feed trough or spawning box. Eggs can be automatically rolled out of the cage, which is convenient for picking up eggs. Therefore, it can save time for fecal removal and other management. High labor efficiency. Everything has been arranged.

3. Reduce feed waste
There is little waste of feed and low consumption. Usually, the feed is flat and the feed trough is placed on the ground in the chicken house. Feed is also easy to throw away as waste. The chickens in the cage are fed outside, and the chickens stick out their heads to eat outside the fence, eliminating the waste of feed. At the same time, caged chickens limit the activities of the chickens, so the heat energy consumption is minimal, and the chickens are quiet.

4. Low incidence
Facilitate epidemic prevention and reduce disease. Keeping chickens in cages, no contact between humans and chickens, chickens with manure can prevent or reduce the chance of disease transmission, control the occurrence and prevalence of parasitic diseases and infectious diseases, increase the survival rate of chickens, and greatly reduce medical expenses.

What equipment is needed to raise 10,000 laying hens in Nigeria besides layer cages

In addition to layer cages, what equipment is needed to raise 10,000 laying hens in Nigeria? Presumably many farmers have such confusion. Only a layer cage is not enough. So what else do you need to prepare?


Regarding layer cage breeding equipment. We all know that layer cages are reared in multiple layers. Make full use of the chicken coop area. The number of chickens raised can be increased three or four times than usual, greatly increasing the benefits of farmers. In addition, raising chickens in layer cages is more convenient for the management of the flock.



Livi Machinery focuses on chicken farming equipment, constantly updating chicken farming equipment solutions, and building modern and fully automatic chicken farming equipment from many aspects such as feeding, egg collection, manure cleaning, and chicken coops.

Feeding equipment: the first is the feed tower, which prevents pests from entering, and ensures the fresh and high-quality feed; second, the automatic feeder, which is different from the traditional long trough, which is narrow and easy to cause food waste. The structure of the automatic feeding system of the chicken raising equipment is reasonable, and the height of the homogenizer can be adjusted according to the feed intake of the chicken, and the feeding amount can be adjusted. It can realize one-key automatic feeding, the plastic trough has a reasonable structure, saves feed, and is economical and durable.


broiler cages for poultry farming are advanced equipment in Livi Machinery.


Egg collection equipment: The automatic egg collection system uses wear-resistant, durable, and long-life egg collection belts to improve efficiency, save labor, and reduce the rate of broken eggs.

Manure removal equipment: A good chicken environment requires regular cleaning of chicken manure. Manual cleaning or scraper can be used to clean up the feces. However, the scraper is easily damaged and inconvenient to maintain. The developed chicken raising equipment adopts scraper-type manure removal, which does not require labor, is clean and efficient, and reduces environmental pollution.

However, it is recommended to use fully automatic equipment for raising 10,000 laying hens. Because this is more efficient, it is more suitable for large-scale farms. If you have any questions, contact us 24 hours.

Poultry farming equipment manufacturers tell you how to reduce harmful gases in chicken cages

The use of chicken cages to raise chickens is becoming more and more widespread. The poultry farming equipment manufacturers  tells you how to reduce the harmful gas in the chicken cages? Many farmers will choose a closed chicken house when constructing chicken farms and chicken coops. It is important to know that this type of chicken house is prone to produce harmful gases because of the closed environment.

When purchasing chicken cage plant equipment. Choose a fan for reasonable ventilation, after all, the closed chicken house windows are very small. Therefore, farmers need to purchase mechanized equipment for ventilation. Reasonable ventilation can remove harmful gases from the chicken house, let fresh air enter the chicken house, and give the chicken a good growth and production environment.




There is also daily environmental sanitation: chickens produce a lot of manure and residual feed, dust and other garbage every day. Farmers need to clean up in time, do not clean up after a lot of accumulation, especially in summer, high temperature and humidity are easy The garbage is spoiled and harmful gas is produced, which will affect the health of chickens.

Controlling the breeding density: the use of chicken cages to raise the chickens itself has a high breeding density, and farmers cannot increase the number of chickens at will. If the breeding density in the chicken house is too high, it will affect the activities of the chickens, heat dissipation, eating and drinking, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow the density required by breeding management, otherwise it will bring many diseases caused by excessive density, and will also lead to poor air quality in the chicken house.


Chicken birds equipment with about 15,000 birds


Farmers can add enzyme preparations to the feed of the chickens when feeding, which can improve protein utilization, reduce the conversion of protein to nitrogen and amines, reduce the nitrogen content in manure, improve the air in the chicken house, and save cost.


The above is the introduction to farmers in the process of raising chickens in chicken cages, and some technical points to reduce harmful gases in the chicken house. I hope that the above description can bring advantages to farmers and create a healthy and comfortable growth and production for the chickens. The environment makes it play a better growth and production performance.

Poultry production system in Zambia

What is the direction of the Zambian poultry industry?-Poultry breeding equipment

In Zambia, the meat production rate of factory chicken farming is already very high. In fact, it is not surprising that its meat production rate is as high as 90%. Because almost all parts of the chicken body can be sold except blood and feathers being discarded.


For the commercialized Zambian poultry farms, there are now various development opportunities. The main ones are:

1. Production of deep-processed products, such as semi-cooked meat products and licensed products.

2. Expand broiler breeding facilities to meet the demand for breeding eggs on the African continent.

3. Build a large-scale poultry production base. Provide opportunities for the local poultry industry and neighboring countries to develop export trade.

4. Improve production efficiency, such as feed conversion rate and energy-saving feeding methods.

The realization of the above 4 points requires the help of modern poultry farming equipment. Let’s introduce the advantages of using cage equipment to raise chickens.


Exquisite battery cages equipment are in available in reliable poultry farming manufacturer.


Intensive and large-scale farming can be realized:

Farmers who use closed chicken shed to raise layers and broilers can raise chickens in poultry farming equipment. Centralized breeding, rational use of the chicken coop area, increase the number of chickens, and high land utilization. The growth and production of chickens can be controlled according to chicken standards. The use of modern poultry breeding equipment to raise chickens can realize a large-scale poultry breeding model.

Normal production in extreme environments:

Like the open chicken coop in the past, if it encounters high temperature, high cold, and high humidity, the flock will be severely affected. Because the closed chicken house is controlled by completely man-made conditions, no matter what kind of extreme environment it encounters, it can use the energy consumption for man-made control. Therefore, in extreme environments, normal production can still be organized.

High degree of automation:

Automatic feeding, automatic drinking, automatic manure removal system, etc., and can also use a wet curtain to cool down. Can centrally manage and automatically control the chicken house. Save energy and improve labor productivity. Reduce the cost of artificial feeding and greatly improve the breeding efficiency of farmers.

Effectively prevent infectious diseases:

The chicken does not touch the feces, which can make the chicken grow healthier. Poultry breeding equipment provides a clean and comfortable environment for chicken growth. And the slaughter equipment also greatly reduces the slaughter time. This is the benefit of modern poultry farming equipment.


If you plan to start a poultry farming business, you need professional guidance. Or you need to buy modern poultry farming equipment, but don’t know which one is more suitable. You can leave a message to consult our professionals for these questions, and we will get back to you within 12 hours.

Affordable chicken battery cage system price in Kenya

Chicken battery cage system price in Kenya

More and more Kenyan farmers are beginning to use poultry farming equipment to raise chickens, and chicken cages have many advantages. It can save farmers space and increase the utilization of the house area. And chickens are used in chicken cages, and the chickens are kept in cages for easy management. However, in the process of breeding, we must pay attention to some problems before we can achieve better results in chicken cages.

The chicken cages of the laying hens are stacked one on another, which can increase the amount of chickens raised by the farmers and reduce the occupation of the floor area. If it is a leased land, it can save a lot of money for the farmers. The bottom layer of the cage is a certain distance from the ground, so there is no need to worry about the chickens touching the surface of the feces, thus reducing the incidence of flock disease.


Poultry farm business in Kenya.

The support below the cage adjusts its height from the ground, so the coop can be placed even if the ground is uneven. There are certain gaps between each layer of the cage, which is more conducive to the ventilation of the chickens. The chickens are separated by cage nets, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of mutual pecking.

Now breeding layers, it is popular to use layers cage for raising, feeding density is higher than other ways.So in the layer before opening, breeding should pay attention to the control of density, density should not be too high, each chicken should have about 10 cm slot.

In the feed that is usually fed, the farmer can choose to add 2% eggshell powder and a sufficient amount of vitamin D based on the normal daily food intake of the original laying hen.

Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. jointly developed and manufactured a complete set of poultry breeding equipment, simple energy-saving open chicken houses, and various livestock breeding equipment. Applicable to all farms and farmers in Kenya and at home and abroad, we can design and produce ideal equipment according to user requirements. We provide quality services to the community, including technical advice, planning and design, and installation and commissioning of equipment.

Commercial Poultry Farming Cages – Layer Cages for Sale in Tanzania

Poultry Farming Cages Project For Sale in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of China’s major trading partners in Africa, in response to the Chinese strategy of The Belt and Road Initiative, the economic cooperation between Chinese companies and Tanzania is increasingly close, especially in the supply of poultry farming equipment for sale.
With rich experience on the technology of poultry farming cages in Tanzania, Livi Machinery are going to be the best poultry farming manufacturers in the world. We engaged in researching and developing techniques on poultry farming equipment field. Thus, in recent years, we have improved our technology of chicken cages mesh spraying surface, which is the technology of electrostatic spraying process. Adopted to this technology, our chicken cages for sale in Tanzania poultry market have gained best reputation for features of anti-corrosion and heat-resistant.

The chicken cages for sale adopt the technology of electrostatic spraying process, which can greatly increase cage service life.

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Livi’s poultry farming equipment of layer battery cages are comprised of 195*35*38cm of chicken cage dimensions, 195*45*41cm of chicken cage dimensions and 120*60*43cm of chicken cage dimensions.

Four Types of Chicken Cages Dimensions
                                                                                     Four Types of Layer Chicken Cages Dimensions

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We can supply chicken cages for sale in Tanzania suitable for large and medium scale poultry farming industry market. Poultry farming battery cage system can be provided by Livi Machinery, including layer chicken cages for sale with A type and H type battery cages system. We have established cage equipment foe sale group, specializing Tanzania’s poultry farming, large or medium chicken shed or chicken coop construction and most suitable chicken cage system for local Tanzania poultry market.

Great Benefits You Will Enjoy in Tanzania Layers Farming

Poultry farming cages for layers farming are in large supply in Tanzania poultry market.
                                                                              Battery Cages for Layers Farming

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We are able to supply for lower price, best quality, fully automated chicken cages equipment for sale, advanced poultry feeder and poultry waterer in supply and egg collection system about layers farming in Tanzania. You will also enjoy the wonderful and free poultry farming project chicken shed design, which are compatible with local chicken layer farming market. In the matter of mode of payments, you can choose T/T or L/C, and so on.

A Qualified Chicken Cage Suppliers in Zambia

We equipped with full set of chicken cages involves the technical field to meet your poultry breeding equipment in Zambia. Chicken breeding cages mesh mainly adopt the technology of electrostatic spraying on the surface of cage mesh.You can find the poultry farming equipment of different chicken breeds in Livi Machinery for your need.

Basic Construction of One Set of Chicken Cage

Then poultry farmers in Zambia poultry farming market should be familiar with the detailed constructions of our battery cages. The support columns are arranged at the bottom of the cage. Probe ports are respectively arranged on both sides of the cage to facilitate the feeding and drinking of the chicken and poultry probes. The poultry manure removal system are installed underneath each set of A type chicken battery cages and H type cages, and the top of the cage is provided with an ultraviolet germicidal lamp, which can kill most of flies in your poultry farming coop.

Chicken battery cages for sale in Zambia with feeding system and egg collection system.

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Modern chicken equipment includes poultry feeding equipment, water supply equipment, chicken coop heating equipment, environmental ventilation equipment, egg collection equipment, chicken waste disposal system, chicken coop’s lighting system. Among them, cages system are the basic equipment, which are necessary for local chicken breeding farmers in Zambia. At present, laying hens are basically caged equipment system, and Livi Machinery’s laying hen cages are mufti-functional, reasonable in design, clean and hygienic. These poultry equipment can greatly facilitate the farmers in Zambia and maximize the interests of farmers.

Our customers in our poultry farming equipment machinery.

Because the design of Livi chicken breeding equipment meets most requirements of the local Zambian poultry farms market, farmers can easily make money with minimal investment cost. You can find chicken cages in Livi Machinery to equip your chicken farms in Zambia.
Based on our huge poultry farming equipment market in Zambia, we have established the Zambia Poultry Equipment Research Group by collecting the experience of our customers using laying birds cages and other chicken breeds of cage system as well as the problems encountered during their use. Livi Machinery can deliver Zambia poultry equipment breeding market to the best service of free installation on-the-spot and fast delivery time.

Automatic Poultry Feeder for Sale

Specifications for Automatic Poultry Feeder for sale

Specific sizes and types of poultry feeders for sale.

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Description of Automatic Poultry Feeder For Sale

  • The poultry feeder pan is very important for broiler feeding system, which can improve the high production of chicken meat in a large degree.
  • Automatic chicken feeders machine are useful to the development of your poultry farms and poultry industry.
  • Livi automatic poultry feeders can replace the old-style manual poultry feeding to make your present farms into a semi-automatic poultry industry.
  • The broiler automatic poultry feeders pan have a capacity of feed storage more 1000g feeds, which are ample for your flocks.
  • Automatic poultry feeder pan for broilers adopt the material of PP, which have function of UV-resistance and more importantly, it can abide by hygienic surroundings of your poultry farms.

Automatic poultry feeders for sale in poultry farming equipment supplies manufacturers

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Automatic poultry feeders have advanced features for chicken’s feeding. Poultry feeders for chickens are main divided into manual chicken feeder and automatic chicken feeders in poultry farming equipment manufacturers. Both of them are the necessary poultry equipment supplies that all have their advantages for poultry farms.
And the automatic poultry feeders in Livi Machinery’s poultry farming supplies of automatic poultry feeders pan are mainly used for broilers farming process no matter the flocks are raised in flat raising farms or in broiler cages.

How to Ensure Good Ventilation in Poultry Farm House?

The job of ventilation is very important in each poultry farm coop, reasonable and effective ventilation can discharge the harmful gas inside the house, so that fresh air enters the chicken coop, which can effectively reduce the disease of your flocks.

The poultry farm equipment of poultry ventilation fan is a vital important machine for poultry farmers. Farmers need to pay attention to the following points in order to ensure the poultry climate control system can be effectively ventilated.

The ventilation fans in poultry climate control system are very vital link to provide suitable environment for your flocks.

  • Ensuring the tightness of the chicken house. If you want to use the fan equipment to achieve the perfect effect, poultry farmers must ensure the tightness of chicken house. Therefore, the farmers should check whether the tightness of the house is reasonable before sealing the fan. In poor hen houses, farmers need to work in closed areas where they are looking for air leaks, especially in front and back doors of chicken houses, dung boards and water curtains.
  • Use the air inlet and curtain to match the ventilation fan well. In order to get the good and even ventilation of poultry farming house, the farmers must ensure that the air inlet of the house and the use of the water curtain are matched with the fan. The air inlet must be opened symmetrically, and the deflector must be installed at the same time, and be careful that the angle of the deflector is parallel to the roof. This is done to allow the fresh air entering the house to reach the middle of the roof of the house, and is fully mixed and evenly distributed. Blow to the flock and avoid direct blows to the flock and affect the health of the flock.

The air deflector can adjust the air speed and air direction, yhus the cold air won't reach the chicken directly.

Finally, farmers should also be aware that the set ventilation environment can create suitable temperature for the flock. When ventilating, farmers need to consider comprehensively according to their age, sex, and environmental conditions. The higher the wind speed of the house, the lower the temperature of the body temperature of the chickens and the greater the gap between the recorded values of the thermometers. Therefore, the farmer cannot judge whether the ventilation of the house is suitable according to the thermometer; if the age of the flock is younger The wind-cooling effect caused by wind speed will be more obvious.

Poultry Laying Cages in Chicken Cages Manufacturers

The poultry laying cages in chicken cages manufacturers have the large scale quantity for sale. With the best quality and low cost investment, our poultry laying cages are the hot-selling products for poultry farmers. Livi Machinery is our chicken cages manufacturers selling the automatic poultry farming equipment, especially for poultry battery cage system.  In the modern time, the poultry laying cages constantly updated and developed, as a result, most chicken cages manufacturers are in the state of fierce compition.

With the increasingly expensive cost of labor and management , we advice the poultry farmers can develop towards moderate scale, standardization and automation poultry breeding. Our poultry laying cages contain the all features in your poultry breeding process. In the future, the automatic poultry farming equipment must become the choice of poultry chicken cage manufacturers. Our company has experienced long-term development and has already had the features of modern poultry farming.

Atype battery cage equipment are most sold for our customers.

Our poultry laying cages adopt the technology of electrostatic spraying process. This cage process method has been highly recognized by the chicken cage manufactures and our customers. The poultry battery cage system include layer cages, broiler cages, layer baby chick cages and broiler baby chick cages. Our chicken cage system has got the best reputation and our client’s praise. At the same time, customers who had bought our poultry laying cages commented that poultry farming equipment can prevent infectiuos disease effectively and the baby chick cages can improve the survival rate of chickens, thus their economic benefit can also improve greatly.

Baby chicken cages are helpful to the growth of chickens.

If you want to choose our poultry laying cages as your poultry farming equipment, please give us your basic information about the quantity of the flocks you will raise and your chicken shed area as well as the acceptable price, we will offer you the affordable price for poultry laying cages. You can also think about the poultry equipment supplies to realize your automation poultry breeding.