Battery Layer Cage System Price List in Zimbabwe

The battery layer cages in Zimbabwe have been accepted by farmers. The battery chicken cages have a small footprint. Space is used efficiently. The automated poultry manure removal system in the coop system layers the chicken manure for cleaning. Reduce the pollution of chicken manure to the environment.


Layer chicken cages for sale unique Zimbabwean chicken

1,The cage breeding design of laying hens is reasonable, stable performance, easy operation and durable. A whole set of hot dip zinc process. Service life 15-20 years.

2, The use of automatic feeding, drinking water, cleaning feces, picking up eggs and other equipment. It is beneficial to save energy. Improve labor productivity.

3, The layer cage breeding density of laying hens is greatly improve, saving land.

4, Automatic driving feeding system structure design is reasonable, according to the feed intake of chickens to adjust the height of the hopper, adjust the feeding amount.

5, Automatic egg collection system is my company through years of practice develop good egg collection system. Greatly improve the degree of automation, labor saving, broken egg rate less than 0.3%.


battery chicken cage system for layer


LIVI works with clients in Zimbabwe on poultry farming projects

LIVI machinery poultry equipment factory in poultry farming equipment research has more than 30 years. Mainly to the world to sell layer cage system, broiler cage system, brood chicken cage system. In order to meet the needs of different customers. Automatic poultry drinking water equipment, automatic feeding equipment, automatic egg collection equipment, automatic manure cleaning equipment, automatic environmental management equipment, etc. It can be freely combine by farmers.

For 30 years, we work with poultry farmers in Zimbabwe. We sincerely consider for poultry farmers and poultry farming projects. Has been the majority of customers praise.

Battery layer cages in Ghana are recommended for large-scale farms 

With the development of industrial technology, battery layer cages in Ghana has also been upgraded. They become more convenient and more suitable for farming users. More widely used are automated laying cages in Ghana. It has been used by many users in Ghana and around the world and has received critical acclaim.

The frame of the layer chicken cage is usually welded from Angle iron by hot-dip galvanizing process. It uses a special welding tooling, do not worry about the size of the inconsistent. Additional support can be added to the bottom of the frame to ensure that the overall cage has a high straightness. At the same time, the stability of the equipment has been greatly improved.

Livi machinery poultry equipment suppliers for the majority of farmers to choose PVC plastic steel trough. The material is corrosion-resistant, and the height of the trough can be adjusted according to the size and height of laying hens. The characteristics of the trough is made of bevel design, no residual material, nor waste, layer eating is convenient.

battery chicken cage system for sale

The battery cage system in Ghana is zinc-aluminum alloy wire produced using automatic welding. The coop is smooth and will not scratch the laying hens. And made of net type, can effectively prevent the injury of chicken feet. And the separate network and the bottom network are encrypted. Prevent pecking feathers between layers from pecking the anus. It can reduce the broken egg rate and fatigue syndrome of laying hens.

Livi machinery is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in the production and installation of automatic chicken breeding equipment. We have more than 30 years of experience in the production of poultry equipment. Over the years has always been committed to the revitalization of livestock and poultry development equipment innovation research and development, production and manufacturing, marketing and after-sales installation in one of the model enterprises.

Automatic battery chicken cages in Ghana are gaining popularity

In fact, it is not difficult to find that automated battery chicken coops are welcome everywhere. The first battery cage is a confinement system used for different animal production, especially poultry for laying eggs. Chicken coops consist of metal sheets arranged in rows and columns.

Automatic battery chicken cages in Ghana allow for better ventilation of the coop and solve the problem of manure removal. Laying cage is the first popularized chicken cage in the transition from free-range farming to intensive farming. It is also the most commonly used equipment in chicken production. So why are automated layer cages  in Ghana so popular?

The poultry industry, especially egg production, is a very profitable business in Ghana, especially when festivals are approaching. Intensive farmers must find ways to bring in a decent profit.

poultry equipment of battery layer cage system

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Advantages of automatic battery cage systems:

  1. The batterycage for layers is easy to operate and durable. According to different production materials, the common battery chicken cages on the market mainly include galvanized and steel cages. The service life is as long as 15-20 years. Poultry equipment manufacturers generally galvanize to prevent rust, so that the chicken cage can be used for a longer period of time.
  2. The chicken cage is separated from the net, and the bottom net is encrypted. It can effectively prevent anal pecking phenomenon. Reduced egg breaking rate and fatigue syndrome of laying hens. Feed and water sources are less likely to be contaminated in automated battery cage systems. The excrement collected from the household falls onto the excrement cleaning belt through the cage net. So the poultry cannot touch the manure. This reduces health problems and the spread of disease in the poultry.
  3. Automatic drinking and feeding equipment provide nutrients and water for birds in cages. Instead of being bombarded with hungry, impatient birds, you can easily feed the birds through the feed trough usually located at the front of the cage. And the birds can drink clean water and food at any time.
  4. Battery cages in poultry farm can accommodate more birds in a limited space. Poultry farmers can save on infrastructure costs and maximize the limited space available. Poultry farmers can use A-type and H-type chicken cages. Choose a different number of tiers.
  5. Unique cage door design, cage door space is larger. Effectively solve the chicken feeding crowding, to ensure that the chicken feeding more evenly.
  6. The automated battery chicken cagesraises chickens, and the chickens are kept in cages for easy care and supervision. It is also easier to spot sick birds faster and prevent them from pecking at the ground. The cage door of the stepped chicken cage is a push-pull design. If the chickens fight or develop disease, the staff can easily catch and manage the chickens in time. When free-range, one worker can only manage 900 chickens. Now, each worker can manage 2000-2500 chickens when raising chickens in cages. This greatly improves work efficiency.
  1. Automated poultry cages For chickens with low productivity, the feed can be adjusted to maintain a good production level. At the same time, there is no competition for food in the cage, and the chickens have a balanced nutritional intake and normal development, which can ensure the stable and high yield of the chickens. Another thing is that good ventilation conditions can make full use of natural conditions and create conditions for improving the feeding environment of chickens. In the end the poultry farmer gets more eggs for a reasonable profit.
  2. poultry farm battery chickencage enable automatic feeding and drinking systems. Clean, fresh water can be provided to birds through nipple drinkers, preventing water pollution and waste. Clean eggs can be collected at any time, reducing the occurrence of cracked or eaten eggs. Farmers who incorporate battery cages into their farms under proper management should be more profitable.

Automatic battery chicken cages

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Successful use of battery cage systems in Ghana.

In 2018, we established a new project in Ghana. H-type automatic layer cages can accommodate 50,000 birds.

When the customer contacted us, he had bought the land, but the chicken coop had not been built yet, and hoped that we could provide guiding opinions. Our professionals provided free chicken house design and construction plans for customers in Ghana.

Due to climate reasons, coupled with a large amount of breeding. We recommend customers to adopt closed chicken houses. In this way, large-scale automation equipment such as automatic egg collection, ventilation, and feeding can be equipped. Reduce labor. And the closed chicken house is not affected by the outside climate, and the microclimate of the chicken house can be adjusted to be the most suitable for poultry.

At present, the customer contacted us and said that he wants to continue to expand poultry farming. He plans to build a chicken house with 50,000 birds and still use our battery layer cage equipment.

Chicken Farm Cases of Our Clients from LIVI

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Poultry equipment manufacturer in China

Our company LIVI Machinery is an excellent poultry equipment manufacturer. It can provide a comfortable and clean environment for the growth of laying hens, broilers, chicks and other types of chickens, reduce mortality, increase egg production rate, and realize the maximum value of investment. And we have a professional technical team and service personnel. Since the establishment of the company more than 20 years ago, our poultry farming equipment has been exported to more than 80 countries in Asia, Africa, and America.

We have helped poultry farmers develop successful projects and our automatic battery cages are well received in Ghana. As a poultry equipment manufacturer, the recognition and trust of customers is a great encouragement to us. If you are interested in developing poultry farming projects, we sincerely welcome you to come to consult.

The impact of automatic chicken farm equipment in Kenya on poultry farming.

Remarkable progress has been made in the development of automatic chicken farm equipment in Kenya. On the one hand, with the widespread adoption of automated breeding methods, many small chicken farms have gradually expanded their breeding scale. On the other hand, industry leaders are improving profit sharing. At the same time, the epidemic prevention work has carriy out smoothly, the concept of epidemic prevention has been continuously enhance. Ability to deal with risks has been continuously enhance. it has also increased the awareness of epidemic prevention among poultry farmers.

At present, with the development of modern industry, some countries are experiencing labor shortages or high prices. Artificial breeding is labor-intensive and the cost of breeding continues to rise. Therefore, the use of modernpoultry cage system for layer has become the first choice for many breeders.

chicken layer cage for sale

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Automatic chicken equipment system in Kenya farms

Automatic chicken farm equipment in Kenya includes automatic chicken cages, drinking water equipment, feeding equipment, manure cleaning equipment, egg collection equipment, environmental control equipment, etc.

Cage equipment in Kenya can be divided into chicken layer cages, broiler cages and pullet cages. Various types of cages can designed and developed according to the variety and quantity of chickens, and the number of layers can be up to 8. It improves the breeding density. At the same time, the chickens do not come into direct contact with the litter, which helps fight disease.

The automatic egg collection system is use in laying hen farms. And plays a very important role in feeding and the development of the entire laying hen farming industry. The equipment can save labor, improve production efficiency, and realize breeding automation.

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The environmental management system can intelligently control the temperature, humidity, light, ventilation and other factors in the chicken house. Them can make the environment more suitable for the growth requirements of chickens and stimulating production. Significant progress has made in energy saving and emission reduction, reducing equipment capital and operation and maintenance costs. Then reduce noise, and improving the indoor and outdoor environment of chicken houses. At present, the environmental control system needs to be further improve and optimize, combine with production management technology. It truly realize automatic control.

The role of fully automated equipment in poultry farms is becoming more and more important, and medium and large poultry houses need more fully automated equipment. While reducing manpower and material resources, improve the efficiency of poultry farming. It can also help poultry farmers to obtain higher income.

The development of large-scale farming requires modern farming equipment. It should be note that modern equipment should be adapted to production practices. And reasonable planning and improvement should be carries out according to different production methods and breeding scales.

impact of automatic chicken farm equipment in Kenya

Poultry cage equipment is also ubiquitous in Kenyan farms as the demand for poultry products increases. It is very popular with poultry farmers due to its significant influence on the farm.

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  1. Chicken raising equipment allows farmers to raise more chickens in the same space in Kenyan farms. This means they can earn higher profit margins.
  2. The use of poultry cage equipment in farms can reduce feeding costs, because poultry can be managed centrally and control waste.
  3. Poultry layer cages allow chickens to lay their eggs in cages without having to traverse dirty floors. This eliminates potential contamination of the ground with manure and allows eggs to be collected in a cleaner and more efficient manner.
  4. Cleaning up poop made easy. If the feces in the chicken house are not cleaned up in time, a large amount of harmful gas will be produced and affect poultry egg production. Automatic manure cleaning equipment solves this problem and solves it. The chicken manure falls from the bottom of the cage on the manure cleaning board, and then it is cleaned out of the chicken house uniformly, which is convenient and quick.
  5. It is convenient for cleaning and disinfection of poultry farms. This is very important, and the disinfection of poultry farming equipment is an effective way to ensure the hygiene of the chicken house. Proper and reasonable disinfection can kill pathogenic microorganisms in the house in time and reduce the costs associated with cleaning and disinfection work.

Now many poultry farmers will choose to rely on automated chicken raising equipment to raise laying hens to improve work efficiency. It can improve the technology and method of raising chickens, and help poultry farmers get good benefits. So if you want to start a poultry farm or expand your farm, and want to take your chicken farming business to the next level, I strongly recommend you to try this new way of raising chickens in Battery cages. We are more than happy to share more information about this battery cage system with you.

LIVI machinery chicken farm equipment manufacturers have been welcomed by Kenyan customers for many years, because we are familiar with the Kenyan market and can provide poultry farmers with farm transformation and chicken equipment upgrades and have achieved success. With more than 30 years of experience, we can design and manufacture poultry cage equipment according to your needs.

We can provide customers with automatic layer cages, broiler cages, layer brooder cages, broiler brooder cages and automatic drinking water, feeding, egg collection, manure cleaning, climate control and other automation equipment. If you don’t know how to build a chicken house, we can discuss where to put a custom farm for you.

Advantages of using battery chicken cages for layers in Ghana

Why are poultry farmers now more willing to use battery chicken cages for layer in Ghana? The demand for chicken products and chicken meat is high in Ghana. People’s traditional way of raising chickens has been unable to meet the needs of society. The emergence of automatic poultry farming equipment has broken the barriers of traditional chicken farming, making chicken farming more scientific and professional.


Brief Introduction of Automatic Chicken Cages in Ghana

There are two main types of automatic chicken cage systems: A-type layer cages and H-type layer chicken cages.

A-type chicken raising equipment is more suitable for farms with a breeding volume of 5,000 to 30,000. Farmers can buy automatic poultry equipment according to their needs. Realize automatic fertilizer, egg collection, drinking water, manure cleaning, environmental control, etc.

H-type chicken raising equipment is suitable for poultry farms with more than 30,000 birds. High degree of automation. The use of automatic drinking water equipment, automatic feeding equipment, automatic manure cleaning equipment, automatic egg collecting equipment, automatic manure cleaning equipment, automatic ventilation equipment, etc. can realize 2 people to manage a modern poultry farm with 30,000 birds.


battery chicken cage system for layer hen

The Advantages of Automatic Layer Chicken Cages in Ghana

  1. Using hot-dip galvanizing process, it is corrosion-resistant, no rust, and has a service life of up to 20 years.
  2. The use of Q235 international steel has high elasticity and is not easy to bend.
  3. Easy to assemble, easy to manage, easy to feed
  4. Generally 3 or 4 layers, easy to collect eggs.
  5. Both the separator net and the bottom net are encrypted.Them can effectively prevent feather pecking and anus pecking and broiler fatigue syndrome.
  6. The mesh is relatively smooth, which can prevent chicken feet from being infected.
  7. The unique large opening design of the large reverse slope trough can effectively prevent the chickens from throwing the feed out of the trough to save the feed
  8. High-quality chicken cage steel wire is not prone to deformation and cracking of solder joints


Successful Ghanaian Farmers Using Livi Machinery Poultry Equipment

Our client Mr. Obeng plans to raise 50,000 laying hens. He left a message on the website and found our chicken coop equipment manufacturer. He wanted a fully automated layer cage system for intensive farming. And  he wanted to get a design for the house. As a professional poultry equipment manufacturers, we can meet the requirements of customers, we designed a poultry farm for Mr. Obeng for free.



In 2019, when there was no COVID-19, our enthusiastic Mr. Obeng. We toured the factory together and learned about the equipment. We hope that the epidemic will subside as soon as possible, and we are more willing to accept friends from all over the world to visit. When the epidemic disappears, that is the day we meet.

How to buy quality battery cage systems and prices for poultry farming equipment in Ghana?

Battery cage system refers to poultry cages, chicken cages. Suitable for layers, broilers and chicks. In Africa, many poultry farmers are running holiday farms. For example, the layer cage system in Ghana and the poultry cage equipment in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and other countries have been widely used and welcomed. And now there is a large social demand for poultry products. It has become a trend to use battery cages to develop modern and intensive poultry breeding.

How to Buy Battery Cage System in Ghana?

African locally made cage suppliers own shop and simple factory, cut wire mesh and buy feeding troughs to assemble battery cages. Usually 2 or 3 years. The disadvantage is that the barbed wire is of low quality and easy to rust. The chicken coop needs to be replaced after several years of purchase. Not only is the cost of poultry equipment high, but more importantly, it is unfavorable to the development of poultry breeding projects. If you want to develop intensive farming in Ghana for a long time, you’d better buy high-quality poultry battery cages. To provide the most basic guarantee for the development of poultry projects.

It is recommended to choose made in China. Although prices vary widely according to quality, more and more farmers now prefer Chinese chicken cages, which are more economical and cost-effective. In recent years, with the development of the “the Belt and Road”, products made in China have also been recognized and loved by friends around the world. Our company LIVI Machinery is one of the professional poultry cage manufacturers in China. Our breeding equipment is widely used by our breeding friends in more than 80 countries, including Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda, etc.

successful poultry farming jroject in Kenya

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LIVI Machinery provides poultry farms with factory priced battery cage systems, egg cage sales, broiler cage sales, chicken cage sales and automated chicken raising equipment. We have more than 100 professionals who can design, produce and install independently.

 LIVI Machinery provides poultry farms battery cage systems with factory price, layer battery cage for sale, broiler chicken cage for sale, baby chick cage for sale and automated chicken raising equipment. We have more than 100 professionals who can design, produce and install independently.

Poultry Cage Systems in Ghana for All Poultry Businesses

Battery cages are becoming more and more popular in Ghana. One of the reasons is that the chicken cage occupies a small area of land, which is easy to clean, easy to operate, and easy to manage the laying hens. The better point for broilers and chickens is that the egg cage can increase the egg production rate to 98%. Our company has many friendly cooperation relationships with poultry farmers in Ghana, and our poultry breeding equipment has also been recognized by poultry farmers.

  • Egg production in poultry battery cages, commercial egg production in chicken farms is much higher because the movement of laying hens is limite. Therefore, the hens can only absorb more food material, which will translate into more frequent laying of eggs. This is the opposite of what you get with floor rearing or other open space rearing systems.
  • In the Layer Battery Cage system, feed waste is minimize as there is no direct contact with the cage. In addition, because there is no direct contact with the egg carrier, egg losses due to hens breaking are also reduce to zero.
  • Inventory of chicken farms Inventory and count is easier in battery cage system than other poultry positioning. Even with 10,000 chickens in poultry with battery cages, the owner can easily count his birds, which can become more difficult in a deep litter system where birds are constantly and frequently moving.
  • Waste removal function of chicken farms. Feed waste and manure are easier to remove with battery cages. In the case of a battery cage, you can simply remove the shaving layer on the lower part of the battery cage.

Battery Layer Cage in Ghana Features

The battery chicken cage for sale in Ghana has been loved poultry farmers since its production, which must be characterized by its superiority.

chicken battery layer cage test
  1. Sturdy and durable – high-strength welded mesh, solid solder joints;
  2. Anti-corrosion – electro-galvanized or hot-dip galvanized optional;
  3. Long service life – up to 10 to 30 years of service life;
  4. Increase the density of the base cloth – to prevent the chicken feet from being deformed or fatigue;
  5. Unique cage door design – up and down sliding doors, or left and right sliding doors;
  6. Easy to assemble and use – no need for professional technicians;
  7. Excellent natural ventilation environment – the air at each layer is fresher;
  8. Provincial land and land – centralized management, saving land resources;
  9. Don’t put chicken manure on the eggs – keep the eggs away from dirt;
  10. Eggs won’t crack or fall off – raise battery hens
  11. Reduce feed waste – save your money.

Livi Machinery is a professional poultry equipment manufacturer and supplier. We have more than 30 years of experience and automatic poultry equipment has  widely using in more than 60 countries and love by farmers. If you are also interested, please contact me. I will get in touch with you within 24 hours and can provide a free design for your house.

We have preferential policies and prices for different products and projects in different periods every year. If you have plans to develop poultry farming, please leave a message for us to discuss more specific details.

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Issues that Nigerian farmers need to regulate chickens in automatic chicken-raising equipment

Now there are an endless stream of automatic chicken raising equipment, and many Nigerian farmers use automatic chicken raising equipment to raise laying hens. Improve work efficiency. Although the technology and methods of raising chickens have improved, some farmers still cannot get good benefits. In order to help farmers improve their scientific management level and achieve better economic benefits. The chicken-raising process of the automatic chicken-raising equipment needs to be standardized.


1. Imperfect disinfection system: At present, the disinfection of automatic chicken breeding equipment is an effective method to ensure the hygiene of the chicken house. Correct and reasonable disinfection can kill pathogenic microorganisms in the chicken house in time. Many farmers do not pay attention to disinfection or do not follow conventional operating procedures, resulting in poor disinfection effect and poor sanitary conditions in chicken houses.



2. Irregular vaccine operation: I believe that all farmers know that immunization is an effective way to prevent chicken infectious diseases, but many farmers are not standardized in vaccine operation or do not know the correct immunization method, which leads to the failure of chicken immunization. , This not only increased the cost, but also did not achieve good results.


3. Come and go freely: Generally, there are many farms around the farm, so many farmers lack a lot of scientific and rigorous awareness of epidemic prevention. When they return to the chicken house, they will not be disinfected by ultraviolet rays, they will enter the chicken house at will without changing disinfected clothes and shoes, and become a disease transmission vector.


4. The preventive measures of automatic chicken raising equipment are not perfect: the weather changes greatly in the four seasons, and farmers should take preventive measures against weather changes. However, many farmers did not take preventive measures when encountering sudden changes in weather or other stressors, which led to the outbreak of chickens. If the weather becomes cold, warm measures should be taken to prevent thieves from entering; if the weather is very hot, measures should be taken to cool down, and ventilation should be used to prevent heatstroke.


5. Unstable feed quality: There are many types of feeds sold in the market, so pay attention to feed prices. Changing the feed has generally reduced the diet of laying hens, diarrhea and egg production greatly reduced; broilers generally do not grow long, and the entire group will be seriously ill, so it will take more than a week to recover.

These are several issues that farmers need to regulate in the process of raising chickens with automatic chicken raising equipment. I hope the above can bring some help to farmers.

How to start broiler farming

If the farmers are interested in raising broiler production. Want to know how to start a broiler farming business plan. The following are some key points about broiler farming.


Under good management, broiler farming is a profitable business in the long run.

Broiler is a special kind of poultry because it is scientifically manufactured and can produce more meat in a short period of time, such as 6-9 weeks, and weighs about 6 pounds. Therefore, farmers can choose to use broiler cages. And can reduce the land area. Increase breeding income.

Environmental conditions for broiler production. The temperature conditions around broilers are very important for broiler farming. It should be highly valued. If this is not done, this may cause some problems for the broiler. Before bringing the chicks to the house. The temperature of the broiler house should be checked. The temperature in the first week should be around 350°C, and it will slowly drop at a rate of 2.80°C per week. This mainly depends on the outside temperature. The litter or litter depth of the chicken must be about 5 to 6 inches.


Chicken equipment for sale in Kenya


Feed and water for broiler feeding. The most important factor in broiler feeding is chicken feed. When providing proper and high-quality feed for broilers. Good results will be obtained. Broilers eat feed and convert it into meat. For farmers to be successful, they should provide broilers with the right feed. Make sure water and feed are in their cages. In winter, farmers should provide warm water for broilers.

When feeding chickens, you need to pay attention to the following points. Water and feed are provided to clean and fresh water every time. Broilers need more water in the first few weeks. Give the chicks plenty of feed before starting to restrict feeding. The feeding time after restriction should be consistent day after day.

Large-scale broiler production reduces the cost of equipment, feed, vaccination and overall management. Broilers should have a clean breeding environment. They are well caged in the best broiler cages. Broiler farming and broiler production may be a challenge, but with the right technology, equipment and management, we are ready to reap great returns in a short period of time.

Nigeria uses battery layer cages to raise chickens

Nowadays, the continuous development of breeding equipment. Nigerian farmers have use  battery layer cages. After all, this method of breeding has a small area. High space utilization. The chicken manure is cleaned up in layers. Not only can the utilization rate of chicken manure be improved. It also reduces the degree of environmental pollution. At the same time, labor intensity is reduced and productivity is improved.

So what is the way to raise chickens in Nigeria using battery layer cages? The chicken must be vaccinated before entering the layer cage. When the egg production rate reaches 5%, the prenatal feed should be replaced with peak feed. In order to ensure the service life of the equipment, lubricate the transmission parts such as the transmission sprocket and gears of the transmission box once a month when in use. Clean up the hygienic environment of the chicken coop in time.

The ventilation system should be adjusted appropriately for side wall ventilation and roof ventilation according to the different seasons. Always keep the lighting bulb clean to prevent affecting the light intensity. If only the roller is driven to rotate when cleaning manure. The manure conveying belt does not move, it may be stuck in the manure removal belt due to excessive chicken manure. Such as the chicken manure on the manure belt is thin. It may be that the drinking fountain is leaking, the joint of the water tank is not sealed well, and the chicken is diarrhea. It is necessary to replace the drinking fountain, apply sealant to the joint, and administer medicine for treatment.


If the material cart does not move, it may be that the driving wheel turns, the pull rope does not move, the positioning plate on the driven wheel is not in contact with the travel switch, the track wheel and the guide rail are squeezed, and the motor is damaged. At this time, it is necessary to rotate the ratchet wheel of the feeder, tighten the rope, adjust the position of the travel switch to make it contact, correct the guide rail to make it parallel, and replace the motor.

If the egg broken rate is high, it may be due to the chicken pecking the egg, the egg shell is thin, the egg claw on the automatic egg collecting machine is broken, the egg rolling off the cage net collides with the egg on the egg belt, and it comes out of the automatic egg collecting machine. The egg collided with the egg on the central egg line. You can use the electric shock line to change the feed formula, find out the broken egg claw and replace it, use the egg blocking line to adjust the height of the egg picker to make it buffer.

During the operation of the equipment, it is strictly forbidden to observe the operation status of the equipment personally and open the related inspection ports for maintenance. During inspection, repair and maintenance, the staff must ensure that the main power switch is turned off and the main power switch is blocked, otherwise serious injury accidents may be caused. Two travel switches are installed on the head and tail of the machine, and the rail wheel of the feeder will stop running when it touches any one of the travel switches. Check whether the travel switch is sensitive or not. If it fails, it should be replaced in time. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the material truck and even cause more serious consequences.

Use layer cages to raise chickens to increase egg production

1. Use layer cages to raise chickens at an appropriate density

Stocking density refers to how many square meters of cage area each chicken occupies. On the ground of a chicken coop. The higher the stocking density, the more chickens will be raised. But if the density is too high. The air in the chicken house will become worse. Chicken activities and eating will become inconvenient. And the growth rate and egg production rate will decrease. Therefore, even high-density rearing. The density should also be appropriate, not too dense.

2. The use of layer cages to raise chickens should place enough feeders and water tanks

Under the conditions of high-density breeding in large groups. It is necessary to maintain the proper trough and trough length for each chicken. And place these feeders and water tanks as evenly as possible in all parts of the chicken house. In this way, despite the high density of flocks. But each chicken can have a certain position. And you can eat and drink nearby. To ensure that there is no shortage of water, which will not affect its production performance.


poultry equipment of A-type


3. Use cages to raise chickens to enhance ventilation

Multi-layer propagation in a layer cage is a high-density propagation method. Therefore, under high-density breeding conditions, there are more chickens and a higher respiration rate. The relative humidity and the concentration of harmful gases in the chicken house are also prone to rise. In order to maintain good air conditions in the house, ventilation equipment must be installed or added to increase ventilation and constantly replace enough fresh air.

4 Provide suitable environmental conditions

The quality of environmental conditions directly affects the egg production of chickens. Try to create a suitable living environment for the chickens, so that the temperature of the chicken house should be controlled below 28°C in summer and above 5°C in winter. Warm in winter and cool in summer, with good ventilation.

5 Supply nutritious feed

Modern chicken breeds have high nutritional requirements. To give full play to their egg-laying potential, they must be provided with comprehensive, balanced and stable diets. Insufficient nutrition or unbalanced nutrition will increase feed consumption, affect the performance of laying hens, and even cause disease.