Automatic A type layer chicken cages for sale

The automatic A-type layer cages is a high-efficiency equipment specially designed for poultry farming. Its unique shape and refined materials make it ideal for modern farms. This chicken cage adopts an A-shaped design, which can make full use of the space of the chicken house and maximize the number of chickens.

The A-type chicken cage design makes full use of the chicken house space and provides a reasonable activity area. At the same time, Q235 international steel wire rod and hot-dip galvanizing process are adopted. It ensures the stability, durability and corrosion resistance of the chicken cage, providing long-lasting value for the farm. Through such design and material selection, the automatic A-type layer cage provides a comfortable and stable living environment for the chickens, and at the same time provides farmers with a convenient management and maintenance experience. Its simple and practical structure makes installation and maintenance more convenient, providing farms with a reliable service life of up to 20 years.

The automatic A-type layer cage is suitable for a wide range of applications, whether it is a large farm or a small and medium-sized poultry farmer, it can benefit from its compact design. Whatever the size of your farming needs, this cage will provide you with a reliable, efficient and durable farming solution.

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Advantages of LIVI poultry farming equipment layer chicken cages

LIVI poultry farming equipment is proud to launch layer chicken cages, providing more comprehensive and reliable choices for poultry farmers.

Intelligent farming experience. LIVI layer cage equipment introduces intelligent feeding and automatic egg collection system. Through precise feeding and automated egg collection, the breeding efficiency is improved and labor costs are reduced. As a poultry equipment manufacturer, we know that modern farming needs intelligent support. Therefore, we are committed to providing farmers with more intelligent solutions.

Comfortable living environment. The A-shaped design of the layer cage ensures the movement space and comfort of the chickens. A high-quality environmental control system maintains proper temperature, humidity and ventilation. Create a stress-free living environment for chickens. As a poultry equipment manufacturer, we know the importance of chicken health to the success of farming. Therefore, we strive to provide equipment that can optimize the living environment.

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Long-lasting and durable material. High-quality Q235 international steel wire and hot-dip galvanizing process are selecte to ensure the corrosion resistance and stability of the laying hen cage. As a poultry equipment manufacturer, we put quality first. Ensure that each piece of equipment has excellent durability to meet the long-term needs of farming.

Compact and efficient space utilization. The A-type design realizes the full use of the chicken house space, and at the same time provides a suitable activity area for the chickens. Regardless of the scale of farming, efficient and orderly farming layout can be achieve. As a poultry equipment manufacturer, we not only pay attention to equipment performance, but also pay attention to the overall efficiency of the farm.

Easy installation and maintenance. The simple and practical structure of the design makes the installation and maintenance of the laying hen cage more convenient. As a poultry equipment manufacturer, we consider the actual needs of farmers, and strive to reduce the difficulty of equipment operation and improve breeding efficiency.

By combining the unique advantages of LIVI poultry farming equipment layer chicken cages with the professional advantages of poultry equipment manufacturers. We are committed to providing you with an integrated solution. We believe in taking advantage of these advantages. You will be able to achieve greater success and sustainable returns in the field of poultry farming. Whatever the size of your farming, we look forward to working with you.

Specifications of type A layer chicken cage

According to the actual situation of different farms, we provide A-type chicken cage of various sizes to meet the needs of various scales of farming. This flexibility makes our cages perfectly adaptable to various farming scenarios. The following are the specifications of our A-type layer cages:

A Type layer cages is made of high-quality Q235 international steel wire rod, which is processed by hot-dip galvanizing process. Ensure that the cages are excellent in terms of stability, durability and corrosion resistance. Its unique A-shaped design not only makes full use of the chicken coop space. It also provides a comfortable environment for the chickens to create a solid foundation for efficient farming.

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Chicken house layout for A type layer cage

Layout of 4-Tier A Type Layer Cage for 10,000 Layers

Number of Layers: 10,000

Chicken Cage Type: A Type, 4 Tiers

Chicken Cage Layout: 160 Chickens per Set

Chicken House Size: L × W × H = 236.22ft × 26.25ft × 13.12ft (72m × 8m × 4m)

Cage Capacity and Calculation:

Each A Type 4-tier cage accommodates 160 layers.

Total number of cages needed: 11,200 layers / 160 layers per cage = 68 sets of cages needed.

Chicken Cage Layout:

Number of sets per row: 34 sets/row

Number of rows per house: 2 rows/house

Total Capacity:

Total number of sets in the chicken house: 2 rows × 34 sets/row = 68 sets

Total capacity of the chicken house: 68 sets × 160 layers/set = 11,200 layers/house

This layout configuration would allow you to effectively house and manage 11,200 layers in your poultry house using the specified A type 4-tier layer cages.