H type broiler chicken cage for sale in Nigeria

H-type broiler cages is a new type of poultry farming equipment, and it is an innovation leading the future of farming. On limited land, the H-shaped design cleverly maximizes the space. Keeping more broilers in your farm creates unprecedented profit opportunities.

There is no longer the need for laborious manual feeding, and the systematic automatic feeding and fresh drinking water system provides a guarantee for the healthy growth of broilers. The automatic manure cleaning system reduces the tedious cleaning work and saves your time and energy. The intelligent temperature and humidity control keeps the chicken house in the most suitable environment at all times, so that each broiler can fully release its productivity.

In Nigeria’s chicken industry, broiler chicken cages represent technological progress and a guarantee of sustainable profitability. It not only meets the high demands of the farming owners for efficiency, productivity and hygiene, but also changes the whole industry.

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Chicken Farming Equipment H Type Broiler Cage For Sale In Nigeria

Are you ready to revolutionize your broiler farming experience? Look no further than our cutting-edge H-Type broiler cage system. Engineered to perfection, this system is a game-changer for broiler rearing, offering unparalleled efficiency and ease of management.

Effortless Growth: The broiler chicken cage is designed to accommodate broilers from day-old chicks to 45 days old, eliminating the need for frequent cage changes during their growth period. This seamless transition guarantees stress-free rearing and optimal weight gain.

Durable Construction: Crafted from hot-dip galvanized steel, both the cage and frame exhibit superior durability. This ensures longevity, with materials resistant to corrosion, wear, and tear, allowing for consistent performance over time.

Simplicity in Management: Say goodbye to complex management routines. The H-type broiler cages  is designed for easy control and efficient operation. Spend less time on labor-intensive tasks and more time focusing on the growth and well-being of your broilers.

High Returns: Catering to large-scale farming, our system maximizes your profits. The seamless design allows for high-density rearing, optimizing space utilization without compromising on broiler comfort and health.

Unmatched Efficiency: Witness a transformation in labor efficiency. With streamlined features and automated systems, the H-Type Broiler Cage minimizes the need for manual intervention, thereby reducing labor costs.

Accessories of broiler chicken cage

Advanced PVC Trough: Featuring a new white PVC material, the trough is compression-resistant, heat-resistant, and virtually indestructible. Expect a lifespan of over 15 years with a 100kg load-bearing capacity.

Robust Steel Frame: The 3mm U-Type galvanized steel frame leg is engineered for strength, designed to withstand heavy loads of up to 350kg. The double-DIP galvanization extends its lifespan beyond 15 years.

Automatic Water Nipples: Our 360-degree rotating water nipple system, available in both ball and spring types, ensures a consistent water supply. Choose between stainless steel and plastic options for your convenience.

High-Quality PVC Water Pipe: Resistant to deformation and high temperatures, the PVC water pipe guarantees clean and healthy water supply. With a useful lifespan of over 15 years, your broilers will enjoy optimal hydration.

Precision Regulator: Equipped with a fully enclosed design, voltage regulator, and filter, our system ensures a reliable and controlled environment for your broilers.

Experience the Future of Broiler Rearing with the H-type broiler cages. Elevate your farm’s efficiency, profitability, and overall success. Choose innovation. Choose excellence. Choose the broiler chicken cage.

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Nigeria custom broiler chicken cage project

In the thriving development of the farming industry, Livi Machinery is honored to design a future-leading chicken raising project for a valued customer in Nigeria. According to the client’s request, this project aims to install advanced automated H-type broiler chicken cages in open houses, bringing a new cutting-edge solution to broiler chicken farming in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s savannah climate creates an ideal environment for broiler growth. The average annual temperature is suitable for raising broilers in an open environment. This provides a natural advantage for poultry farming in the region. The client’s wish was to realize stable and efficient farming by fully utilizing the potential of the chicken farming industry in such an environment.

In order to meet the high quality requirements of customers, we tailor-made advanced H-type broiler cages for them. The cage net, frame and trough are all hot-dip galvanized to ensure durability and corrosion resistance. The support legs are also made of galvanized steel, adding to the overall solidity and reliability. The customer chose 2 rows and 3 layers of H-type broiler cages, which provide a spacious growth space for broilers. Allow the birds to grow comfortably and maximize their potential.

In the selection of chicken farming equipment, customers are very considerate. They are equipped with an advanced automatic drinking water feeding system to provide stable and reliable water and feed supply for broilers. In addition, the introduction of automatic chicken manual removal equipment has greatly reduced the burden on manpower and improved the efficiency of breeding.

To sum up, this customized project represents the future trend of the farming industry. Livi Machinery is committed to providing innovative chicken farming solutions and creating an excellent farming experience for customers. Whether it is high-quality equipment and materials or advanced automation systems, this project pays attention to details to help Nigerian customers achieve continuous growth and success in the chicken industry.