Automatic battery chicken cage for layer shipped in Ghana

May 7th, ’22. Livi Machinery poultry Equipment manufacturer has delivered 72 sets of layer cages to customers in Ghana. It has four floors and five doors and is equippe with automatic drinking water system, automatic manure removal system, automatic feeding system and so on. One set of egg cages can hold 160 birds. The poultry farmer can use an automated laying cage for 11,000 chickens.

Livi machinery, poultry equipment manufacturers strong technical force. Advanced equipment. Has more than 20 sets of large advanced automation equipment. Annual output of chicken farming equipment 100,000 groups. Has more than 30 professional technical research and development team. Can provide customers with free technical consulting services in chicken farm planning, chicken house design, chicken house installation and many other aspects.

Below are our shipping pictures. If you are interested in automatic battery chicken cage systems, please leave a message. We will contact you within 24 hours.