Excellence of LIVI Layer Chicken Cages – A Special Email

A special email to LIVI Machinery

In July 2023, LIVI poultry equipment supplier received a special letter. We are proud and honored to receive this letter.

Dear LIVI Team,

I hope this email lets you know how grateful and content I am. I am your loyal customer from Nigeria. A few months ago, I purchased 188 sets of 4-tier A-type layer cages to raising 30,000 birds. I am happy to tell you that these layer chicken cages are already in use. Advanced automatic layer cages create a comfortable and clean environment for my chicken farm. I am writing this letter to express my thanks.

Firstly, your team served me kindly and responded promptly when I contacted LIVI. Then, LIVI provided me with professional advice and a purchase plan for layer chicken cages. High yields and quality products allowed me to start my laying hen farming business right away. Finally, I am very satisfied with your after-sales service.

It is a wise choice to choose LIVI poultry farming equipment. I look forward to further cooperation with U.

Thank you very much!                                             

Your customer


We are also quite excited to receive this letter from the customer, because it has been recognized by the customer. We sincerely thank you for your company and support along the way! LIVI’s business covers more than 80 countries and regions around the world, with annual sales exceeding 10 million sets. The sales market of layer chicken cages is vast and has been continuously recognized by everyone.

layer chicken farm project in NIgeria
4 Tiers A Type Layer Chicken Cages In Anderson’s Farm

LIVI company has been committed to providing high-quality layer chicekn cage products and excellent service. Customer satisfaction is our greatest motivation and glory. His letter touched us deeply and further strengthened our determination to continue improving and innovating.

Whether it is with our customers around the world or with each partner, we always maintain a friendly, professional attitude and strive to provide the best solution for every need. Choosing LIVI layer cages means choosing high-quality, durable and efficient chicken farming equipment, which will bring long-term value and returns to your farming business.

Reasons for recommending customers to use A-type layer cages

The reason why customers like the 4-tier A-type layer cages so much. Mainly because they have many advantages and features that can bring many benefits to the customer’s chicken farming business.

1. The chicken cage design is simple and practical. The 4-tier A-type layer cage is simple in design, easy to operate and easy to maintain. They provide customers with a high-efficiency feeding method and reduce the tedious operations in the process of raising chickens.

2. Economical. The 4-tier A-type layer cage has a lower investment cost and a faster return on investment. This is an ideal option for customers who are just starting a chicken business or have a limited budget.

3. High output. A Type chicken cages can achieve a high degree of automation, equipped with automatic feeding and drinking systems, which greatly improves the feeding efficiency and enables customers to obtain higher output.

poultry cage for layers
Hot Sell A Type Layer Chicken Cage

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4. Meet the needs of chickens. The design of the inclination angle of the bottom net is 7°, which is more suitable for raising laying hens, effectively reducing the egg breaking rate and improving the quality of eggs.

5. Durable and reliable. The mesh of the layer chicken cage is made of high-hardness Q235 international steel wire, and it is hot-dip galvanized, which makes it have excellent durability and has a service life of up to 15-20 years.

6. Safe and comfortable. The welding process ensures the firmness and safety of the cage without harming the chickens. A comfortable and clean housing environment helps to improve the performance of laying hens.

The 4-tier A-type chicken cage is a high-quality, high-efficiency, durable and reliable chicken breeding equipment, which perfectly meets the needs of customers for chicken farming business. Therefore, customers have a soft spot for this layer cages and have started a successful chicken farming business based on them.

Why do they trust and buy layer chicken cage?

  1. Lifetime of up to 15-20 years: The layer chicken cage mesh is Q235 international steel wire with high hardness. Cages mesh uses high tensile strength and the material of cage mesh adopts a hot dip galvanizing process that is generally 3-4 times the service life of could galvanizing, and have a lifetime of up to 15-20 years.
  2. Creating a strong and safe layer cage: the cage mesh welding process adopts automatic welder welding which can reach 500N tension without peeling. Meanwhile, welding is clean without welding slag. High welding strength and no solder joints, will not scratch the chicken.
  3. Automatic system: Our layer chicken cages are equipped with automatic drinking and feeding systems. High automation makes the farm labor-saving and easy to operate.
  4. Low broken egg rate: After a lot of experiments and breeding experience, our bottom mesh tilt Angle is 7° which is more suitable for layer breeding and greatly reduces the broken egg rate.
poultry cage manufacture
LIVI Poultry Equipment Supplier

After-sale serve and great poultry equipment supplier

  1. Installation and maintenance: LIVI offers installation and maintenance except for the installation, we will also offer your workers more guidance on the use and maintenance of the equipment.
  2. Customized service: LIVI will provide customers with the most reasonable solution according to their budget and land size. Giving the most suitable solution for customers, and it is free.
  3. Rich experience: As an excellent poultry equipment supplier we have more than twenty years of experience and improvement in the poultry farming equipment field. You can trust us. 

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