Poultry Equipment Supplies Wholesale Layer Cages in Zimbabwe

Battery chicken cages imported from poultry equipment manufacturers have made it easy for farmers in Zimbabwe to raise chickens. Because the chicken cages imported from Chinese poultry equipment manufacturers are made of hot-dip galvanized wire, and the service life is as long as 20 years.

Differences from local chicken cages, Our layer cages have the necessary accessories for a comfortable life for layer hens. And there is no need for artificial water supply, feeding, egg collection and other work. Service life up to 20 years

Chinese poultry equipment manufacturers are selling layer cages to Zimbabwe wholesale chicken farms. Layer cages wholesale from poultry equipment supplies is of high quality and competitive price. 

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Wholesale chicken cages from poultry equipment manufacturers

Here at LIVI Machinery poultry cages manufactures, powerful and advanced layer cages for sale in Zimbabwe, it is now possible to take care of your livestock and run an efficient farm. These improved high efficiency layer cages sold in Zimbabwe are used in commercial farms.

Automatic and efficient layer cage for sale in Zimbabwe are excellent and can help you perform your daily labor with greater efficiency and precision. Our layer battery cages for sale in Zimbabwe are eco-friendly, made of strong material and last up to 20 years.

The layer cages we sell wholesale in Zimbabwe come in various types: A-type battery cages and H-type battery cages. Layer cages of different sizes: three-layer layer cages, four-layer layer cages, etc. Chicken cages of various materials: hot-dip galvanized chicken cages, hot-dip galvanized wire chicken cages, etc. You can choose the right product for your farm from a wide range of chicken coops.

And our wholesale layer cages are easy to install and use, which increases efficiency. Layer cages for sale in Zimbabwe are easy to clean and do not require such maintenance, thus saving labor costs.

LIVI Machinery offers you a wide range of battery cages for sale in Zimbabwe so that you can buy the best product within your budget and requirements. These products are sold as OEM orders and have passed ISO, CE, SGS certifications. You can also choose custom packaging for your shipment.

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Which chicken cage is the hot product in Zimbabwe?

Our wholesale chicken cages have been widely praised in Zimbabwe, especially the 4-tier chicken cages. Because they can effectively save land and labor costs, and let small and medium-sized farms also appreciate the convenience brought by battery chicken cages.

Each floor of a 4-tier layer cage has 5 doors, and each door has 4 chickens. A set of chicken cages can breed 160 birds. Each bird has plenty of space to move around, and food and water sources are adequate. The 4-tier layer cage is the best choice for intensive and large-scale farms.

If your breeding volume is less than 5,000, it is recommended that you choose battery chicken cages and automatic scraper cleaning. Drinking water can be automated. The scraper manure cleaner is the most affordable manure removal equipment, which can efficiently clean the manure out of the chicken house.

For farmers with high breeding volume, a full set of automation equipment is necessary. Battery cages for layers are equipped with an automatic system that is very efficient in poultry farms. Including automatic feeding system, automatic drinking water system, automatic egg collection system and automatic manure cleaning system.

For the purpose of raising layer hens, especially for commercial purposes. Poultry farming requires layer chicken cages because the importance of layer hen cages in poultry farms cannot be underestimated as it enhances the high quality production of eggs, etc. . Layer cages provide factories with high production efficiency and improve the overall competitiveness and economic benefits of the farm.

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Why are layer chicken cages in Zimbabwe used in farms?

1) A Type layer cages will save space and be reusable, saving money and effort.

2) Reduce disease – the manure falls directly from the cage net into the manure ditch. And the chicken does not touch the manure, so it will not cause serious health hazards.

3) The egg breakage rate is reduced to 0.03% – the chicken will not touch the eggs. The eggs will simply roll out and be uniformly collected to a certain place by the automatic egg collection equipment.

4) Reduced expenditure on hired personnel – automatic watering system and simplified labor-intensive feeding process, and use of manure removal system.

5) Long lifespan of laying hen cages. — The service life of chicken cages made of hot-dip galvanized wire is as long as 20 years. And farmers can develop poultry breeding projects with peace of mind.

6) Reduce waste. – The chicken feed is evenly placed in the trough, and the outside of the trough is high, which can avoid feed waste caused by chickens shaking their mouths when eating feed.

7) Convenient management – In the four-story chicken coop, the farmer can easily count his chickens at any time, and it is also easy to collect eggs at this height.

8) Cleaning up poop made easy – Unlike deep litter that is more pressurized, litter in a battery cage system is easier to get out. Pure manure can also be sold, adding an additional source of income.

In conclusion, wholesale layer cages are a good deal in Zimbabwe. In addition to high-efficiency layer cages, we also have broiler cages, brooder cages and other automated poultry equipment for you to choose from. We use the best service to guide you to choose the best solution for your farm on the basis of understanding the products.

And we are always happy to provide technical support for our customers and partners. You may want to know more products, please leave a message or send an email to: ends99@zzlivi.com