How to Start A Modern Poultry Farming?

If you are planning to start a modern poultry farming, keep chickens as a business. You must be willing to know how to get started.

Modern poultry farms cannot do without the use of automated battery cages. Adequate water sources, nutritious feed, and knowledge of poultry farming are also required to feed and manage them.

Along with pork, beef and fish, chicken products are one of the most common sources of nutrition on the table. Chickens have become an important part of people’s lives, and large-scale poultry production is enough to meet the nutritional needs of a family’s animals.

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Choose the Right Address

It is very important to choose a good farm location for your poultry farm. You should choose a location that has the necessary amenities and benefits your business. It needs to be far from the city center, but also easily accessible. Conducive to later transportation. This location also means that land and labor are relatively inexpensive.

In addition, poultry can be loud and emit unpleasant odors, which can easily spread disease. Therefore, it is necessary to consider not only the feelings of the surrounding residents, but also the safety of chickens. Build the coop away from residential areas.

Design of Chicken Farm

After choosing the location of your farm, design a comfortable house for your poultry. In modern poultry farming, battery cages are essential poultry equipment. You can go to some nearby farms to inspect the poultry cages and maybe get the idea.

The battery cage system for layer is to drop the bird in the cage. Chickens can be grouped in different cage compartments. Breeding friends no longer have to worry too much about drinking water and feeding, because there are feeders and drinkers in each compartment to ensure that each bird can drink water and food.

The design of any poultry project depends on scale. If you plan to raise 10,000 birds, then you probably need a chicken house with a length and width of 72m*8m. Of course, how your specific chicken farm is set up also depends on your budget, and how many chickens you plan to keep.

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Placing Battery Cages in Poultry Farming

The success of your poultry farm project largely depends on the quality of the battery cage equipment. Purchasing quality poultry equipment will allow your poultry to be more comfortably cared for.

Choose chicken cages that matches your breed. Broiler battery cages suitable for broilers cannot be used for laying hens. Layer battery cages suitable for laying eggs cannot be used to breed broilers, etc. So different breeds of poultry are paired with a different breed of poultry cage. It is necessary to purchase chicken battery cages that meets your poultry project.

The cages used to make the poultry cages are also very important. The steel needs to be strong and hard enough to withstand pressure. It also needed ductility so that the cage wouldn’t break even under stress. The durability of the trough is also worth testing. The PVC material used in the high-quality equipment trough. It can not only effectively prevent the chicken from throwing out the feed, but also save the feed.

Poultry Farming Equipment Supplier

LIVI Machinery provides poultry farming equipment (battery layer cages, battery broiler cages, brooder cages, etc.) to poultry farming friends all over the world. We can also provide customized chicken cages according to your requirements.

We have professional team and factory. With more than 30 years of experience, we can escort your poultry farming projects. Our battery cage system in poultry farms has been widely praised in more than 80 countries including Ghana, Zambia, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, United States, Sudan, Suriname, etc.

Layer Hen Cages for Sale

Layer cages are generally suitable for producing eggs for commercial use. Therefore, a poultry cage for layer is necessary if you plan to produce eggs for commercial use.

The laying hen cage for sale by LIVI Machinery are well-designed. It comes with large sliding doors, which means you have easier access to the chicken. The bottom of the cage has a 7° angle of inclination, which ensures that the eggs can be safely rolled out of the cage without being hurt. Eliminate the possibility of hens pecking eggs.

Our chicken cages for layer make better use of installations. A set of chicken hen cages is equipped with the required accessories, water tanks, troughs, pipes, valves, etc. 3-tier layer cages and 4-tier layer chicken cages are widely popular, and they are suitable for chicken houses with a height of about 3.5m.

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Broiler Chicken Cages for Sale

Broilers grow very fast, and by eating a certain amount of food, they gain slaughter weight in a very short period of time. They are usually used for mass production of meat. This also means that the purchased broiler cages have broad prospects for the development of intensive holiday farming.

Broiler cages provide a cleaner and healthier growing environment than deep litter systems while saving space and increasing production. We have 3-8 layers of broiler cages, the three-layer broiler cage is the most popular. It is also possible to configure your farm with an automated feeding system so that every bird has access to feed, ultimately increasing profits. In addition, the automatic manure removal system is also one of the necessary chicken raising equipment, which can effectively prevent chickens from getting sick.

All chicken cage equipment of LIVI Machinery Poultry Equipment Manufacturer are made of high-quality Q235 international steel wire and galvanized for corrosion resistance. Our company’s battery cage system equipment has been verified and praised by poultry farming friends all over the world. We also have automatic feeding equipment, automatic egg collection equipment, automatic manure cleaning system, automatic manure cleaning system, etc.

Questions About Starting Poultry Farming Project

  1. Which type of poultry makes the most money?

From the perspective of development, the laying hen farming project is the most profitable poultry farming project. Eggs can be sold when they can lay eggs. The hens can still sell chickens after the laying period. earn more profit.

  1. Can you make money raising chickens?

Poultry farming is perfect for people who love animal husbandry, keep birds and enjoy farm life. Poultry farming is a highly profitable business if you can properly operate it under acceptable methods and conditions that are conducive to the poultry.

  1. What poultry equipment is needed for intensive farming?

To start a successful poultry farm, you need to install good poultry equipment for your poultry farm. For example: feeders, drinkers, battery cages, egg handling equipment, and vaccination programs.