Quotation for Full Automated A Type Layer Cage System in South Africa

Automated A Type layer cages in South Africa are available at affordable prices. The battery chicken cages are mainly used for chicken raising equipment. It is suitable for the cages required for the production of laying hens and broilers. A Type chicken cages are mainly suitable for poultry farms with a breeding volume of 5,000-30,000 birds.


battery chicken cage system for layer


Battery Layer Cage System Keeps Chickens Healthier

  1. Many poultry chicken farmers do not get good results from the traditional way of raising chickens, thinking that they have overlooked the advantages brought by layer cages. The use of battery layerchicken cages to start a poultry business is a very good way to promote egg production of laying hens.
  2. The automatic batterylayer cage system has the use of automatic feeding, drinking, manure cleaning, egg collection, ventilation and other equipment. It allows poultry farmers to manage 30,000 birds without employing staff. This not only saves labor, but also improves production efficiency.
  3. In addition, the manure will automatically leak out from the bottom of the chicken cage and be automatically transport out of the chicken house. This will keep chickens healthy and make raising chickens a task for poultry farmers.



Get the Chicken Cages Price List from Layer Cage Manufacturers – LIVI Machinery

Our factory’s layer cages have high capacity and can accommodate a large number of chickens in a limited space.

This means that layer cage will save you construction costs and help you maximize the space available. Many A-type chicken cages can hold 90 to 160 chickens or more per unit, depending on the size and model you purchase, and of course we also offer affordable prices.

Therefore, it is worth investing in poultry farming using chicken cages with high holding capacity.


You don’t need to look very far to find a very affordable and high-quality poultry battery cage. You’ll find quality and affordable poultry equipment at LIVI Machinery’s layer cage manufacturers. If you want to know more information about poultry farming equipment: layer battery cages, broiler cages, brooding chicken cages, as well as incubators, egg washers and other equipment, please leave a message.