Automated poultry farm chicken house

Today is a period of rapid development of poultry farming, the most obvious change brought about by this development is that more and more large farms instead of small-scale farmers become the main force in the food market. As we focus our attention on these new, modern, automated, intensive farms, automated poultry farm equipment has become a topic to be talked about.

The prevalence of fast food has greatly accelerated the rapid development of poultry farming, automated poultry farms chicken house equipment has also gone up.

the outside of large scale chicken house farming.

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Poultry framing equipment in automated chicken house

To create an automated poultry farming, you must have both automatic poultry farming equipment and a modern poultry farming concept. Automatic poultry equipment of chicken farming mainly includes: poultry cage system, automatic water supply system, automatic feeding system, automatic manure cleaning system, automatic egg collection system, automatic ventilation equipment, automatic system, etc.

The poultry cage system is one of the important poultry farming equipment in the chicken farm. It is suitable for laying hens, broilers, chicks, breeders, etc. The poultry cage system of chicken farm on the market mainly include A-type chicken cage and H-type chicken battery cage. It can reduce labor, improve the space utilization rate of the chicken house and the efficiency of poultry breeding.

The automatic poultry drinking water system is the most ideal type of water supply equipment. It not only saves water but also prevents bacterial contamination. A water tank is installed at the source of the chicken coop, and the water pipes connected with the water tank are interspersed in the whole row of chicken battery cages. Install drinking nipples on water pipes. There are 2 in each poultry chicken cage door, which can ensure that the poultry can drink enough clean water.

Automated poultry feeding system allow poultry to eat fresh feed. The automatic feeding equipment spreads the feed evenly in the trough. He is able to increase feeding efficiency and reduce feed waste.

The automatic poultry manure cleaning system has good achievements in reducing the required labor force, and helps to maintain a good indoor air environment, so that poultry have a suitable living environment.

Automatic Poultry Chicken Farm Layer Battery Cages For Sale

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The automatic poultry egg collection system can collect eggs efficiently and safely with an ultra-low breakage rate. It is one of the favorite equipment for poultry farmers. It has a relatively high degree of mechanization and is suitable for medium and large poultry farms.

The automatic ventilation system mainly consists of three major equipment: small windows, fans, and wet curtains. They are suitable for medium and large poultry farms, and play an important role in helping chicken houses reduce temperature and humidity and allowing poultry to grow in a suitable temperature.

An automated lighting system keeps the house bright, encouraging the birds to eat more feed and produce more eggs. Using ordinary light bulbs for lighting, the development trend is to use energy-saving lamps. Many chicken farms install timing automatic control switches to replace manual switches to ensure accurate and reliable lighting time.

The role of automated poultry farming equipment in the chicken house

First, automated poultry farming now focuses more on machines than on manpower. It is a well-known fact that manpower is relatively more expensive than others, and poultry farming, a social activity that once required considerable human input, has now been replaced by machines and very few people. Therefore, the extent of automated farms for poultry farming is high.

Automated poultry farms chicken house have the ability to artificially control day to day heating, ventilation, feeding times and lighting times, all controlled by a central control machine, because of the precise controls and farm’s data. So poultry productivity is high, disease transmission rate is reduced.

Automated poultry farm sheds are evolved form outdoor farming to highly automated chicken houses,and mechanization and automation play an important role in reducing production costs and increasing production capacity.

Automated poultry equipment plays an important role in chicken farms. Now many poultry farmers are more willing to choose automation equipment to free their hands and at the same time, they can get higher income.

Specifications of automated poultry farms

The installation of automated poultry farming equipment requires more than 5,000 birds in a chicken farm. Only then can they maximize their respective functions. Next, take 10,000 laying hens and 30,000 broileras an example. Let everyone know more about the installation and placement of equipment in automated poultry farms.


  • Cage Type: A type, 4 tier, 5 door, 160 birds/set.
  • Chicken Cage Layout: 3 rows/house, 22 sets/row, 66 sets/house.
  • Size of the Chicken House: 50M*12M*3.5M.
  • Total Capacity of One Chicken House: 10,560 birds/house.
H type layer battery chicken cages for sale
open house poultry farming bussiness


  • 10,000 Birds Layer Farm Equipment Lists: 1. A-Type layer chicken cage system: 66 sets in total.2. Automatic feeding machine: 1 set gantry feeding machine, one set controls 3 rows.3. Scraper manure removing system: 1 set, one set drives 3 rows.4. Automatic egg collecting system: 3 sets in total, 1 set/row.5. Ventilation system: 1 set, cooling fan, cooling pad and samll side windows.6. Automatic environmental controlling system: 1 set.
  • Providing Customization Services: according to customer’s breeding quantity or chicken house size.

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Automatic broiler chicken cage


30,000 Birds Broiler Farm Equipment Lists:

H-Frame battery broiler cage system: 222 sets in total.2. Automatic feeding machine: 3 sets, Trolley-type, 1 set per row.3. Belt manure removing system: 3 sets, one set per row.4. Ventilation system: 1 set, cooling fan, cooling pad and samll side windows.5. Automatic environmental controlling system: 1 set.

Providing Customization Services: according to customer’s breeding quantity or chicken house size.


Cage Type: H type, 4-tier, 1-door, 136 birds/set.

Chicken Cage Layout: 74 sets/row. 3 rows/chicken shed. 222 sets in total.

Chicken House Size: 86*12*4m.

Total Capacity of One Chicken House: 30,192 birds/house.

poultry farm

Chicken farm poultry equipment

Modern poultry chicken farm equipment to modern science theory to regulate and improve all aspects of poultry production technology, rational use of poultry resources to establish a reasonable production structure to meet the growing social needs.

broiler breeding houses
poultry chicken farm equipment

The use of poultry farm equipment can greatly increase production efficiency and production levels. Through appropriate environmental control facilities, a suitable breeding environment for poultry can be created so that the poultry can be protected from seasonal and climatic conditions so as to provide a balanced supply market demand.
The mechanization of chicken farm poultry equipment and its automation can not only reduce the labor intensity of raising staff, but also improve labor productivity, increase the quantity and quality of products, and realize the large-scale production of chicken farms. It is the basis and guarantee for the modernization of aquaculture industry.
Poultry farming is a system engineering, composed of feeding system and disease prevention and control of poultry houses and equipment supply system, environmental control system and manure management system.
Automated poultry farm equipment is mainly used to automatically feed equipment instead of manpower, reducing the safety risks of cross-contamination and liquid viruses due to artificial feeding. The division of labor in the automation equipment is good and avoids the problem of human-fed virus transmission.
In order to improve the overall level of poultry farm and make it more competitive, we have made great improvements and innovations in various automation equipment so as to meet the needs of the people and reduce the sickness of the poultry farm.
The probability of reducing the burden on farmers, so that the chicken farm poultry equipment industry has shown a booming state.

Battery cage system of poultry farming

In recent years, with the increase in the degree of intensive poultry farming, poultry breeding cage in still the main mode of many countries. Allegedly, about 90% of the world’s chickens on feeding battery cage.
Generally speaking, there are two types of  poultry battery cage system in Livi. One is A Type laying chicken cage; the other is H Type chicken battery cage for sale.broiler chicken cages type
The ladder type breeding model can increase the income of the advantage is mainly divided into good ventilating and lighting effect, excellent environment, low mortality rate and chicken egg broken rate is low.
The cascade farming model can improve the land utilization rate, reduce the cost of feeding, and effectively avoid the spread of disease, is the development trend of large-scale and modern poultry farming.
The advantages of this model are clean, hygienic, easy to manage and better air quality in chicken houses.
The battery cage system of poultry breeding realized the daily breeding index of poultry, greatly reduced the harm caused by human factors, and improved the reliability and accuracy of poultry production performance.
The poultry farming’s battery system further reduces the incidence of chicken manure and poultry by reducing the contact between chicken manure and poultry while improving the sanitary conditions of the poultry house. On this basis, the poultry farming process can be further automated.
The automated poultry breeding system is beneficial to the growth benefit, reduces the chicken group disease, and improves the production performance. Therefore, it is hopeful that it will become an important modal of large-scale breeding in the future.

Chicken farming automatic equipment sale

Every success is a way, every failure is also a reason, if your poultry farming fails, in the final analysis, it is the failure of breeding techniques, when you don’t master the key technology of farming, do it quickly, in fact this is the main reason for your failure.
Poultry farming ibdustry has always been a relatively strong technology industry, mastered the breeding technology to start a business, not only can reduce the risk, but also allows you to achieve a stable desire to make money.
In order to help the farmers who are preparing to start raising chickens to achieve the dream, we are talking about chicken automation equipment today. I hope you have a certain degree of help and reference value.
First of all we have to know that the scale of farming profits relative to the small farmers farming high profits, the scale of farming use to increase the scale of your profits, establish a brand at the same time you can also raise the scale of science, raising benefits.

The equipment needed for poultry farms

broiler chicken cages for sale
broiler chicken cages for sale

The most basic we have to know the classification of poultry farming cage, and then determine the breeding of poultry for which kind of cage, in order to bring us benefits.
Then you need to understand the egg collection system in the chicken breeding, as well as the main parts of the egg picking machine instructions. After the initial understanding will not be in the depth of understanding when confused.
The drinking water system of chicken breeding automation equipment is also necessary to know, and from the composition of the drinking water system to its various parts we need to know a little. In this case, when others introduce us to this, we know how to ask some specific and comprehensive questions.
Poultry automation equipment on the feeding system to introduce us to the trough, tray feeding machine and horizontal oblique feeding device, which is the focus of our understanding. If you want to understand the specific instructions of each component, you can look at our previous article, which details the relationship between the various components and characteristics.
Clear fecal system and environmental control system, we have to know its various parts of the operation of the chain relationship, to make the farm more and more large-scale.
Today’s article is about to end here, and if you have any doubts or want to learn more about chicken breeding automation equipment can contact our customer service staff, we will answer all your doubts.

Poultry farm production line farming equipment

In recent years, poultry production around the people gradually increased demand, poultry farming has entered a rapid development stage, the market has gradually scale.
poultry farm production equipment classification is a knowledge that poultry farmers must understand, and poultry farming equipment is also an indispensable necessity.
Currently sold poultry farm farming equipment mainly include: cage system, egg collection system, drinking water system, clear manure system, environmental control system, etc.
Our company is committed to poultry farming equipment exports for many years, has a wealth of experience and quality pre-market after-sales service, poultry breeding equipment also continue to make more perfect adjustment.poultry farming equipment
Poultry farm farming production line equipment is conducive to small-scale farms of the operation and management, is conducive to large enterprises to gradually improve the distribution of the interests of each chain,large-scale construction of the farms will be more perfect.The scale is getting bigger and bigger.
Poultry farms use the latest technology to ensure that poultry health and comfort conditions, the various production systems interact to form a complete poultry breeding production line.
At present, with the development of modern poultry breeding industry, there have been labor shortage or expensive, labor intensity and pollution and other issuse, cage system according to the size of poultry to study different types of cages.
Poultry farming drinking water system not only eliminates manpower, improves labor efficiency, more importantly, saves feed and water resources, and also ensures poultry feeding and drinking water sanitation.

poultry farm production line farming equipment

The egg collection system in the poultry farm farming equipment has the function of preventing the egg from falling and breaking, effectively reducing the egg breaking rate, thereby reducing the human and material expenditure, greatly improving the production efficiency.

egg collecting system
egg collecting system

Farm farming feeding system is characterized by direct push material, safe and convenient energy-saving no noise, no impact on the poultry, the feeder can automatically forward or backward, and there is less waste of feed, the advantages of uniform feeding.
The fecal equipment in poultry farm equipment is made of special materials, and its thickened scraper ensures the long service life of the machine.
Environmental control system can effectively discharge the indoor air pollution quickly, outdoor air purification after the natural balance into the room, the formation of indoor and outdoor air exchange, to maintain indoor air quality, effectively reduce the temperature inside the house, so as to ease the heat of the chicken coop, to prevent the occurrence of various diseases.

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What is happiness? Maybe different people have different ideas, but to a poultry farmer and businessman, a set of top quality poultry cages with scientific equipment design is a kind of happiness. There is no doubt that poultry farms can improve the efficiency of poultry breeding after they have chicken cages, improve the space utilization of chicken houses, and obtain higher income.

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LIVI poultry breeding equipment is a poultry cage manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience. We focus on the research, design and manufacturing of poultry cage equipment. Our products mainly include: egg cage, broiler cage, brooding cage and automatic auxiliary equipment. Professional R&D, manufacturing, sales, technical support, after-sales team, etc., enable us to have a cooperative relationship with 3000+poultry breeding friends in more than 80 countries.

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Intensive animal farming or industrial livestock production, also called factory farming, is a modern form of intensive farming that refers to the keeping of livestock, such as cattle, poultry (including in “Battery cages”) and fish at higher stocking densities than is usually the case with other forms of animal agriculture — a practice typical in industrial farming by agribusinesses.The main products of this industry are meat, milk and eggs for human consumption. And chicken farming is the most one to invest.

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