The Automatic Poultry Farming Battery Cage Equipment

Livi engages in providing different types of equipment for chicken cage system for poultry equipment manufacturers. Poultry chicken cage system is designed for farming work in poultry factory at a large number of chickens. Using advanced technology of electrostatic spraying craft, Livi cage mesh of poultry farming equipment can save manpower and reduce labor cost as well as improve work efficiency.

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Hot Battery Cage System

Livi industry offers broiler battery cage and layer battery cage. Also, the broiler battery cage and layer battery cage can be divided into A-type chicken battery cage and H-type chicken battery cage. Customers can choose those cages with automatic equipment according to their chicken farms’  plan. All of the battery cages are made of automatic electrostatic spraying craft material to make sure the long time usage.

broiler pullet cage

Broiler Baby Chick Cages

Broiler baby chick cages are the professional chicken farming equipment for baby broiler. Baby chick is an important role in ...
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broiler cage for sale

Broiler Cages

Broiler Battery Cages - Poultry Equipment Manufacturer in China Livi broiler battery cages are mainly designed for the broiler farming ...
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layer pullet cages

Layer Baby Chick Cages

Layer Baby Chick Cages Manufacturers- Battery Poultry Farming Equipment The layer baby chick cages contain cage rack, cage body, feed ...
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layer cages

Layer Cages

Layer Battery Chicken Cages Manufacturers Layer battery chicken coop in Livi has the standard and special layout which is similar ...
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Automatic Chicken Farming Equipment Supplies For Sale

We also have other supplies equipment used in chicken farms for sale like chicken feeding system, chicken watering system, poultry climate control system or environmental control machine, egg collection system,  chicken waste disposal system and central management systems, etc. Our products of chicken farming equipment supplies are not only with high quality, but also with low cost, which can be suitable for large and medium scale chicken farming mode and bring about you more profit.

poultry equipment supplies

Poultry Equipment Supplies

Chicken battery cages Supplies-For layer and broiler Livi provides excellent poultry equipment supplies to farmers all over the world. For ...
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poultry management system

Poultry Management System

You Should Know More About The Central Control System The poultry management system for sale in Livi is full-automatic and ...
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ventilation system

Poultry Climate Control System

Perfect Environmental Control Equipment Now if poultry farmers wants to farming chickens in a large-scale, the poultry climate control system ...
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manure removal system

Poultry Manure Removal System

We Can Guarantee You a Effective, Clean Chicken Farm With the lager and lager scale in poultry farms nowadays, a ...
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egg collecting machine

Egg Collection System

Livi egg collection machine is dual-use, suitable for both the A-type battery layer cages and H-Type battery layer cages. And ...
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poultry water drinking system

Poultry Drinking System

The Necessary Equipment For Chicken Waterer Poultry drinking system is one of the most essential equipment equipped with poultry farming ...
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poultry feeding system

Poultry Feeding System

Equipment of Chicken Feeders For Sale Catering to the specific expectations of poultry farming users, we can provide our clients ...
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Get great deal for poultry farming equipment supplies? Plan to own some?

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