Poultry Egg Production and Processing Equipment-Automatic, Productive, Flexible

Poultry egg Collection system

In modern poultry layer rearing manufactures, most farmers wish to have an ideal production of eggs. For the porpuse of high product, the full automatic egg collection system and egg processing equipment  play an important part in layer chicken farming. Because only in this way, the production can reach to the perfect amount, and farmers will gain more profit than that before. The automatic egg collection system consists of egg collection machine, egg conveying belt and central egg collection system. Zhengzhou Livi can provide you with the highest requipment, with the features of gentle transpot of the eggs, high functional reliablility and easy to operate. Livi equip with good system of poultry farming equipment manufacturers management guarantees that this is an investment that pays off quickly. And for your individual requirements we will offer you the best solution to serve you.

egg collecting system
egg collecting system

Poultry egg Processing System

Another important equipment is egg processing system, including egg grading machine, egg grading and cleaning machine and egg grading and packing machine. When eggs coming from egg belt to the connected cleaning, graders and packers, and you will see the following advantages:

  • the ultrasound technology, in combination with hot water and a special cleaning unit.
  • graders and packers are incessantly loaded at full capability.
  • perfect egg quality due to a flexible and gentle transport of eggs.
  • automatic begining of the belts makes the egg floe stops directly at the packer.
  • collection system can be planned one day in advance.

If you want to improve your layer eggs production, you’d better think about these uesful accessories for you poultry farming, we are glad to serve you and offer you the best service.

The Introduction of Layer Chicken Cage Equipment in Poultry Farming Manufactures

There are two types of cage equipment used by farmers, A-Frame layer cages and stacked layer cages, which widely uesd in producing poultry cage system. Nowadays, stacked layer cages is more commonly used of chicken cages equipment in the past few years, A-Frame layer cages is the first implement  farming cages to raise layer chickens, each of them has their features to poultry farmers, now let’s know more about these two kinds of cages in Zhengzhou Livi industry manufactures poultry equipment system.

layer cage type

Stacked Layer Cages

  • Fully use of hot-dip galvanizing and corrosion-resistant process,  service life is up to more than 20 years.
  •  Save feeding land in a high-density  and save more than 70% of the ladder-type layer cages.
  • Save energy and resources in a ways of centralized management and reduce the incidence of avian disease. The unique design of cages door can prevent  the waste of chicken feed effectively when the chicken’s head up and down.
  • Apply advanced ventilation systems, lighting systems and automation control systems to layer cages can save save energy, improve labor productivity fully and improve the egg productivity.
  • Save coop’s space, so that the feeding density increased to 62/square meters. And the size of layers cages can also be adjusted according to the size of fields. Automatic poultry drinking water system can be install according to your demand.
  •  Use conveyor belt-type removal system reduce environmental pollution and improve the high utilization rate of chicken manure.

layer chicken houses

A-Frame Layer Cages

  • Ladder-type layer cage have the advantages of easy to operate and rugged reliability.
  • High density of cage mesh and bottom network effectively prevent the phenomenon of chickens peck feather and anus and reduce the rate of broken eggs and layer fatigue syndrome.
  • A whole set of cages adapt hot-dip galvanizing process and  apply  international Q235 steel with the characteristic of flexible and durability prolong the cages’ life.
  • The unique design of cage door make the cage space is more bigger, and the position of chicken feed  can change freely, which can effectively solves the problems when chicken feed  being crowded and guarantees the even feed for chickens.
  • Livi can provide you multiple choices according to the different requirements, which including  non automatic, semi-automatic, low configuration automation and high configuration automation equipment cages.

poultry manure removal system

Automatic Feeding System for Poultry Farming Equipment Manufacturers

poultry feeding

Introduction of Poultry Feeding System

Feeds tower is a kind of dry powder feed or granular feed storage equipment which is suitable for large scale and medium-sized farms, and it can feed the feeding equipment at the discharging port. Under the condition of keeping hens in good breeding and management environment, the poultry feeding system is very important to the performance of laying hens, so the farmers should choose a good and moddern layer cage manufacturers. Fully automatic cage is now the latest cage equipment and a new type of automation equipment, you can install automatic cleaning feces, pick up eggs and other equipment to achieve integrated feeding.By applying automatic poultry pages equipment in Livi Industry of automatic feeding system, it doesn’t need to require anyone to operate during the feed conveying and feeding process, all the process is totally automatic and easy to operate.

Specifiction and Features of Poultry Feeding System

Chicken feeding tower has three kinds of material: galvanized material, FRP material and carbon steel tower.Feeding tower mainly consists of main body, Flip, ladder, column and other components, the material tower is equipped with cylindrical, the lower cone, which with perspective hole, can see the material position. The material tower has a tonnage of optional 1 to 20t. Feed can be transported through the gantry feeding automatic system in the feeder, and feeding machine with the features of complete automatic feeding farms, safe and rapid feed without quality loss. Different materials and processes of the storage tower have a certain different characteristics and performance  , the storage tower volume size is also different.
poultry farming feeding tower system

The Main Process of Automatic Poultry feeding

The gantry feeding system outside the chicken house transport the feed into feed silos, and then the conveying device transport the feed to the traveling hopper according to the set time. Gantry feeding machine is usually equipped with a-type ladder cages. Support one-machine multiple-row feeding, a hen house is usually equipped with a feeder to meet the normal requirements of automatic feeding.  It adopts remote control switch to make remote control come true and adjust walking speed. The track is made of 3mm×5mm square steel and it’s road wheel is made of No.45 round steel amke sure that feeding evenly, low noise and save energy. Customer can adjust itself according to rearing conditions, effectively improve the efficiency and reduce feed consumption.

  For more detail and price, please feel free to contact us.

Battery Cages for Egg Laying Hens for Sales in Poultry farming Manufactures

Battery cages, also called the automatic poultry cages equipment in Livi industry,as the name suggests, are a housing system used for various animal production methods, but primarily for layer cages. The majority of hens in many countries are housed in battery cages, although the European Union Council Directive  has banned the conventional battery cage in EU states from January 2012. These are small cages, usually made of metal in modern systems, housing 3 to 8 hens. The walls are made of either solid metal or mesh, and the floor is sloped wire mesh to allow the feces to drop through and eggs to roll onto an egg-collecting conveyor belt. Poultry drinking system is usually provided by overhead nipple systems, and poultry feeding system is a mechanical chain providing food for chickens in a trough along the front of the cage replenished at regular intervals.

Chickens in battery cages

Layer chicken cage feeding system consist of two types, A-type and vertical H-type, which is applicable to various kinds of chicken house ( opened type, half-opened type, closed type ).A type chicken cage has the feature of simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, high option of the automatic equipment, lower input costs and reap fast, customer could choose the chicken cage only, cage with semi or high-automatic equipment according to your different requirement.H type chicken cage has the feature of high-automation, high-density, effectively save the land and labor cost, the separation of the chicken shed and people living zone avoids the disease spread, fully automatic manure removing system effectively decrease the environmental pollution, adding the intelligent environmental controling system, which is the best choice of the intensive & large scale poultry farm.Livi industry provide turnkey project for the medium and large scale poultry farming over 5,000 birds, and supply full set of the automatic equipment for the layer, broiler and pullet.

At present, our hot products like battery layer chicken cage system, broiler chicken cage system, baby chick cage system, and breeding chicken cage system is selling for customers at home and abroad, we have the lower price than our competitors and the highest quality for you.

Project on Poultry Farming in Chicken Farming Equipment Manufacturers

With the increasing competition of poultry farming manufactures market and the gradual improvement of farmers ‘ modernized consciousness, more and more farmers are transferring to standardized and large-scale rearing mode, and the cultivation of chicken cages has become a breeding way for farmers  , so how should farmers start the project on poultry cage system? Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd equipped with vast experience designing and manufacturing specialty, like layer cages, layer pullet cages,  broiler cages, breeder cages and poultry equipment supplies.

Chicken cages for sale in China
Chicken cages for sale in China

broiler chicken cages type

The Good Project on Poultry Farming Plan for You

When you start this project, you should think about site selection, avoiding breeding intensive areas and water quality is better and selecting the  cage rearing mode.
 Chicken House construction:We recommended every chicken coop contains a large feeding scale, all the poultry equipment employ automatic drinking water, feeding, ventilation, cleaning and so on. The height of the hen house shall be determined according to the rearing mode, the way of cleaning excrement, the span and climatic conditions. What’s more, the amount of chickens in our layer cages is determined by the tiers of cage type. Our manufacture can also be customized according to the needs of farmers to give  you a suitable layer cage equipment.

Owning Livi poultry farming equipment, you will enjoy the lower investment, high density, high usege of land,and high intensive degree. Also,  automatic control of the environment can reduce labor costs to achieve  greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers and saving costs.We have gained a high popular for our many customers at home and abroad. If you want to know more about us, we hope you can contacy us immmediately.

System of Poultry Farming Equipment Manufacturers Management

Poultry feeding system is a traditional breeding project, due to continuous development of chicken industry and the large chicken eggs demand for market , so that many users are added to the ranks of farming chickens, the novice farmers want to manage the poultry faming better, which need to be more patient and scientific farming mathod, while how to raise the chicken scientificly to improve economic efficiency? Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd have rich experience on poultry farming welcome your inquiry and visit warmly.

First of all, make a good production plan before raising chickens.Because you need consider many problems before starting to raise chickens, how many chickens do you want to breed, where is the chicken farm location, as well as the feed purchasing, epidemic prevention,disinfection, cages cleaning and so on in the process of farming. Next,  make plans.  It can prevent disorder from various farming jobs.

layer growing cages

Then,Raise the consciousness of scientific poultry farming. farmers should  recognize the importance of scientific and modern poultry equipment, for example, the suitable specification of chicken cages for each type of chickens. There are laying cages, broiler cages and pullet rearing cages with A-frame and H-frame types.And each of them have their specific poultry equipment supplies. And these equipment can be desined automaticly. Such as the automatic egg collection system, which reduce the manpower and increase profit largely.

egg collecting system
egg collecting system

We believe that through superior production techniques, we are able to gain the competitive edge. What’s more, you choose us, we will give you a better future.

Merits of Using Layer Cages to Raise Chickens

In the present chicken farming industry, many farmers are using cage equipment for the poultry farming, chicken cages have many advantages, which can  save space of chicken coop and manage chickens  easily. But in the process of breeding, we must pay attention to some problems to achieve better results of farming. Now let’s talk about the merits of layer cages in detail.

Firstly, poultry feeding system used in the multi-layer cage, so it can raise three or four times times than flat farming chickens, so that farmers  can increase efficiency in quantity. And it will be more convenient  for farmers to manage the growth and production of poultry , as well as maintaining environment of chicken coop greatly.

poultry feeding equipment
poultry feeding equipment

Secondly, we sincerely recommend you our  product of  poultry manure removal system. Becauce in the process of poultry  farming , chickens will not contact the feces directly, so the cage can greatly reduce the disease caused by fecal infection and reduce the incidence of disease, and the feces can be dealt with easily thruogh our product of poultry manure removal system.

manure removal system
manure removal system

Thirdly, our poultry farming cages equipped with advanced filter, pressure regulator, doser and drinker can allow chickens’ feeding and drinking sufficiently and  ensure reasonable water and food of each chicken, what’s more, the equipment can also keep the poultry house dry and reduce the risk of disease infection.

Lastly, there are also many features of our cages, if you want to know more about it, we welcome you contact us and inquiry.

How to Start a Standard Chicken Farming?

Choose Advanced Poultry Farming Equipment

Beside the standard chicken coop, you have to concern about the farming cages, that is layer automatic chicken cages. There are two types of cages for you to consider,A-type and H-type layer cages manufactured by  Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, which fit for high density and large scale farming. It is very vital to choose the poultry cages with our popular layer equipment. It has gone for the time of old-fashioned chicken coop and chicken’s dung scattered everywhere, layer cages equipment just adapt to the modern society, because chicken manure can be made into organic fertilizer through automatic pollution-free manure ramoval system.

Then you may ask some questions for yourself. Does the equipment supplier have the experience or history of completing this farming scale? If not, this project will have a lot of risk due to insufficient experience of the equipment supplier. Does this supplier understand the importance of farm design and biosafety? If not, the design and construction of this farm will likely increase the risk and economic loss of the disease. Does this equipment supplier know how to raise chickens and understand the good management of poultry farming? If not, they will not be able to advise you how to perform the best performance of the equipment. Does the equipment supplier have enough after-sale service teams to train your staff and support your projects? If not, you will have the risk of equipment malfunction and misoperation. Does this equipment supplier have the high level of technology needed to monitor the production of large layer projects? If not, the highest production performance will be difficult to achieve.

The Best Poultry Farming Service for you

We have a professional research and development team, often learn to raise chickens technology in the real chicken coop, to find and improve the use of equipment. We have our own breeding base, has 1 million feather layer farms,  inspecting their products using condition. we are  relying on a strong team to achieve today’s successful.

A Successful Poultry Farming Business Plan in China

A Panoramic Poultry Equipment

A successful poultry farming must based on rich experienced guidance. You may possess  the automatic poultry cages equipment, containing automatic chicken drinking system, poultry feeder, chicken house ventilation system, egg collector system, manure removal system and other accessory products. And all these products will be provided for you in China Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, now let’s talk about the main features of our poultry farming equipment.


A Complete Suppliers

Refers to the successful poultry farming, we have to concern the smart and automatic management system like we use our smartphone, we can control the temperature, the brightness of light, humidity of henhouse and the amount of feeds whenever you want in a electrical cabinet, thus it will save much energy of you  help you to farm scientifically. At the same time, what you will gain is much higher than that before.


Then we will talk about the main featuers of poultry farming cages. Adopting new galvanizing process can prolong the life expectancy and it is more than 5 times longer than the similar products. The  design of cages combines the standards of international poultry farming equipment, through reducing the diameter of steel wire and increasing the density of steel wire, the high-density bottom net help to reduce the bottom of the chicken coop slope, making eggs go into the egg trough smoothly.Testing proves production rate of the egg improves more than 5%, the death rate of choicken reduce  more than 50%, and all types of poultry diseases can effectively reduce.


If you are interested in our equipment, we will afford you the best service to be a successful poultry farmer.

The Latest Technology in Layer Chicken Farming Equipment in China

When we speaking of the latest technology in layer poultry farming field in modern society, we must refer to the features and its new characteristics.For example, whther the chicken cages employ the latest high-tech metal spraying process of electrostatic spraying or not, wherther the poultry cage system equipt with full automatic cages and theirs accessories or not. Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd has all those farming equipment with the latest technology for sale.

What does the set of layer chicken farming brings you about?


Don’t worry about how to operate all the equipment, we will teach you hand by hand carefully. And then you will find it very easy to assembly and operate. When you are accustomed to this kind of farming pattern, it will save manpower and manufactured feeds, for our automatic feeding machine can make sure the transmission is steady and the running is even. Moveover,the poultry management system with the features of full-automatic, lower cost, high efficient and so on can lead you a new life of poultry farming. Undoubtedly, your profit is unprecedentedly high when you use our company’s cages.

Our company has a number of qualified technical experience of engineering personnel, offering the service of  site selection, free technical advice and other full-service  designed for customers. Heartfelt thanks to the vast number of users of our company’s full support.